Institutions Directory

Agency Directory WordPress Plugin Woocommerce Payment Gateway Integration

You can use any woocommerce payment gateway, including woocommerce registration


Fully synced with Stripe subscription plans.


Fast payment via PayPal for all options.

meet demand

The Institutional Directory WordPress plugin will work no matter what device you use.

SEO friendly

This is a custom post type, so you can use anySEO pluginFor example, all in SEO,Yoast.

mailChimp is integrated

The new user's email will be stored in the mailChimp list for future use.

Unlimited subscription

You can create any type of plan i.e. daily/weekly/monthly/yearly subscription, free trial, paid trial, one-time payment. Users can upgrade or downgrade or cancel subscriptions.

Make money with plugins

You can charge for any of the following:

  • add list
  • request list
  • Make money by bidding
  • View list
  • visit website



WPML compatible

plugin isWPML Compatible

can translate

The 13 language files can be found in the languages ​​folder inside the plugin.

Documents: Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Farsi, Arabic, Swedish

Interact with my favorites

Users can add notes and contact list owners.

Interaction who cares

Users can see who is interested in their lists and can contact them.

Responsive touch slider

The listing details page is included in a responsive touch slider for mobile devices.

Features Agency Directory WordPress Plugins

  • payment gateway
    • a) PayPal [Express Checkout]
    • b) Stripe [full sync with Stripe Plan]
  • Mailchimp archives emails for new subscribers
  • WPML
  • 15 language files within the theme
  • University/College/School Directory/Listing
    • 1) Add/edit lists from the My Account UI
    • 2) Mis favoritos
    • 3) Prices
    • 4) Enlaces minoristas
    • 5) Manufacturer's video
    • 6) Manufacturer's photo
    • 7) Profesional
    • 8) Who is interested in my presentation
    • 9) Lista de verificación de reclamaciones
    • 10) Contact List Owner
    • 11) Control deslizante de imagen
    • 12) Listing activities
    • 14) List read/write permissions by user role
    • 15) Admin can add new fields
    • 16) Image set category map marker
    • 17) Can publish user list or wait for approval
    • 18) Perfiles sociales
    • 19) Compártelo
  • Autocomplete search fields
  • Type of membership
    • a) Free account
    • b) One-off payment
    • c) recurring payments
    • d) Free trial
    • e) Paid trial
    • e) Payment plan changes
  • Price table
  • Registration Type
  • my account
    • user settings
    • User's social profiles
    • User Privacy Settings
    • User changes password
    • User all posts
    • User Posts: Custom Fields
    • User inserts post
    • User edit post
    • Subscription upgrade
    • Subscription downgrade
    • unregister
  • registration ticket
    • Package Coupon
    • Set coupon limit
    • Set the validity period of the coupon
  • Create bundled user roles
  • Website settings
  • ಇಮೇಲ್ ಟೆಂಪ್ಲೇಟ್
    • User Welcome Email Template
    • Example Email User Forgot Password
    • User Order Email Template
    • Admin order sample email
    • Contact List Email Template
    • Contact List Email Template for CC Admin [Admin Settings]
    • Request sample email
    • Sign up reminder email template
    • Contact Us Autoresponder Email Form
    • Contact Us Admin Email Form
  • User Public Profile
  • payment history
  • that report
    • 3D Image Chart
    • line chart
    • hide admin bar
  • user directory
  • There are many other settings..

Changelog: Institutions Directory WordPress Plugin

v1.3.0 (2021.08.13)
- -Bug fix: Ajax contact form

v1.2.9 (2021.03.15)
- -Add Course
- -Add New archive listing style

v1.2.0 (2019.02.21)
- -Update code for the latest WP & PHP version

Version 1.1.9(2018.11.19)
- - Add metabox for adding listing full data from dashboard