Instantify is an AIO plugin that integrates Progressive Web Apps, Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles for better user experience and performance on all platforms. perhaps.

Instantify Making your website mobile-friendly and loading faster is easy, ensuring you get top Google search results, more free traffic, and higher conversion rates without requiring any special knowledge or abilities.

The Instantify The plugin works with any WordPress installation. With a powerful administrative control panel, you have full control over every parameter.


Features Instantify - PWA & Google AMP & Facebook IA for WordPress

  • Turn your website into a faster, safer and lighter mobile friendly website for top rankings and more traffic
  • Make your website offline available to visitors
  • Make your website Google compliant, boost SEO and rank higher in search engines, which means lots of free traffic
  • Monetize your website with Facebook Ads and Google Adsense and make easy money without any effort
  • Convert more visitors into buyers and put more money in your pocket immediately

Changelog Instantify - PWA & Google AMP & Facebook IA for WordPress Nulled Free

v6.2 – 25 January, 2022
ADDED - Option to control enabled platforms for PWA and AMP
IMPROVED - AMP feature
FIXED - Push notifications stats
FIXED - Deactivate license issue

v6.1 – 29 November, 2021
FIXED - Minor bugs

v6.0 – 27 November, 2021
ADDED - ID property to Manifest
ADDED - URL protocol handlers option
ADDED - PWA installation stats
ADDED - Credit card payment option in native mobile app generators
ADDED - Search functionality to the admin settings
IMPROVED - PWA values can be defined on each page separately
FIXED - Minor issue on admin side
FIXED - PWA analytics resetting on deactivate

v5.9 – 9 November, 2021
ADDED - Push notification subscribers statistics
IMPROVED - Added tooltip descriptions for pricing tables
IMPROVED - Prealoders performance
FIXED - Passwordless login feature

Version 5.8 – 5 November, 2021
ADDED - Passwordless login via Touch ID, Face ID and Windows Hello
ADDED - Automated push notifications for Ultimate Member
ADDED - Remastered native mobile app pricing table and added iOS option
IMPROVED - Subscribers won't be deleted after plugin uninstall
FIXED - Screenshots failed generation
FIXED - JS optimization compatibility

v5.7 – 27 October, 2021
ADDED - Country segment in sending push notifications
ADDED - Push notifications settings section
ADDED - Push notifications vibrate option
ADDED - Fixed push notifications option
ADDED - Support for Edge browser
IMPROVED - Push notifications service performance
IMPROVED - User agent detection on client side
IMPROVED - Ajaxify option algorithm
IMPROVED - Font loading performance
IMPROVED - Now support ticket form supports attachments

v5.6 – 11 October, 2021
ADDED - Mobile screenshot for Manifest
ADDED - WooCommerce order status update automated push notifications
IMPROVED - Inactive Blur feature performance
IMPROVED - ServiceWorker with updated workbox module
FIXED - Plugin activation issue with SSL

v5.5 – 4 October, 2021
ADDED - Maskable icon support
ADDED - iOS special installation overlay
ADDED - WooCommerce promo code rewards installation overlay
IMPROVED - Admin area options performance
FIXED - Minor bugs on admin side

Version 5.3 - 6 August, 2021
ADDED - Scroll progress bar feature
IMPROVED - Inactive blur effect is now in options

Version 5.2 – 4 August, 2021
ADDED - Blur effect when the website is not focused on mobiles and tablets
IMPROVED - Installation button now supports desktops
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility
FIXED - Dark Mode not working on desktops
FIXED - Manifest and ServiceWorker outputting HTML tags sometimes

v5.1 – 16 June, 2021
ADDED - Option to add custom FBIA transformation rules
IMPROVED - Manifest and ServiceWorker outputs faster now
IMPROVED - Pull down navigation
IMPROVED - FBIA article transformer

Version 5.0 – 4 June, 2021
ADDED - Option to disable PWA for individual pages
ADDED - Option to export/import plugin settings
IMPROVED - Manifest and ServiceWorker output stability
IMPROVED - Pull down navigation performance
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility
FIXED - App shortcuts icon size issue
FIXED - FBIA Copyright text not appearing in articles
FIXED - FBIA output invalid HTML chars in feed

= v4.8 – 17 April, 2021 =
ADDED - PWA general options
ADDED - Related articles for FBIA
ADDED - Custom embed ad type for FBIA
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3-rd party plugins

= v4.7 – 5 April, 2021 =
ADDED - Ability to control features by device and platform
ADDED - IARC Rating ID property in Manifest
ADDED - Date range selectors for PWA installation analytics
IMPROVED - PWA installation analytics now counts all installs
IMPROVED - AMP and Google Fonts caching
IMPROVED - AMP functionality
FIXED - Navigation Tab Bar settings not saving sometimes

= Version 4.6 – 6 March, 2021 =
ADDED - Dark Mode support
ADDED - ServiceWorker cache expire time option
IMPROVED - PWA browsing detection
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3-rd party plugins
FIXED - Facebook in-app browser issues
FIXED - Push Notifications segmentation issue

= v4.5 – 28 February, 2021 =
ADDED - Snackbar installation overlay
ADDED - In feed installation overlay
IMPROVED - Installation overlay options
IMPROVED - AMP Compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
IMPROVED - Compatibility with WP Rocket

= v4.4 – 21 February, 2021 =
IMPROVED - Changelog in support section
IMPROVED - User agent detection
IMPROVED - AMP compatibility with 3rd-party plugins

= v4.2 – 4 February, 2021 =
- Improved AMP compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
- Fixed installation prompts not showing sometimes

= Version 4.1 – 3 February, 2021 =
- Added option to skip first time visit for installation overlays
- Added option to set labels separately for icons in navigation tab bar
- Improved navigation tab bar with Font Awesome icons
- Improved AMP compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
- Fixed AMP sidebar menu not working on some themes
- Fixed Mozilla firefox fullscreen prompt pointer

= v4.0 – 26 January, 2021 =
- Added new fade preloader style
- Added PWA support for Opera browser
- Added AMP sidebar menu option
- Added AMP markup validation control and reports
- Added custom CSS option for AMP
- Added option to suppress certain plugins on AMP
- Improved PWA Chrome installation experience
- Improved AMP compatibility with 3rd-party plugins
- Improved overview section with more information
- Improved Ajaxify feature with pure JavaScript
- Improved AMP Mode option
- Improved Manifest and ServiceWorker names
- Fixed link preventDefault on PWA
- Fixed unexpected deactivation issue
- Fixed color inputs not working
- Fixed Firefox installation prompt issue

= v3.9 – 11 January, 2021 =
- Added automatic notifications for Peepso
- Added option to filter push subscribers in list
- Improved new content detection for auto push notifications
- Improved push subscriber automatic updating
- Improved compability with PHP 8
- Fixed BuddyPress automatic notifications issue

v3.6 – 21 November, 2020
- Added automatic cache update
- Added 5 new icons to navigation tab bar
- Improved skeleton loading
- Improved AMP
- Improved offline fallback page caching
- Optimized plugin assets
- Fixed native Chrome prompt not showing