iMediamatic v1.8.7 - Social Media Importer/Exporter Plugin for WordPress

iMediamatic (Instamatic) Auto Post Builder & Instagram Auto Poster Plugin for WordPress is a cutting edge Instagram to WordPress and WordPress to Instagram post importer plugin, perfect for automated blogging and Instagram post publishing.It utilizes Instagram public material to turn your website into an automated blog or a money making engine!
It can also be used to automatically post Instagram photos or videos to your Instagram profile when you publish a new blog post.
You can use this plugin to generate posts based on a set of predetermined rules. These rules can create posts from the following sources:

  • Insert username to get his recent photos and videos.
  • Insert a valid Instagram post URL to get the full content of the post.
  • Insert username to get his recent photos and videos.
  • Latest Media Tags -> Enter a hashtag to get the latest related Instagram posts.
  • Tag popular media -> enter hashtags to find popular Instagram photos
    Latest Media Press Location ID -> Enter Location ID to receive the latest Instagram posts from that location.
  • Top Media by Location ID -> Enter Location ID to get a list of top Instagram posts from that location.

Demo: https://code fuck-propose-automatic-post-generator-valium-Instagram-auto-poster-plugin-fo-ru-WordPress/19648561

Features: iMediamatic – Social Media Importer/Exporter Plugin for WordPress

  • Ability to capture screenshots of social media messages and incorporate them directly into created posts - video description
  • An automatic Instagram post generator is generated every time you publish a new article on WordPress.
  • Support for Google Translate - select the language in which you want to publish your content.
  • Content Spinner Support - Automatically change created text by replacing terms with synonyms - Built-in, Best Spinner, SpinRewriter, WordAI and more - Great SEO value!
  • Generated post status can be customized (Published, Draft, Pending, Private, Trash)
  • Automatically generate post categories or tags from marketplace items
  • Projects must explicitly assign post categories or tags.
  • Import generated post comments
  • Create a post or page
  • [instamatic-media] is a short code that allows you to embed Instagram videos on your website.
  • Establish posting constraints: don't post articles without photos, posts with short/long titles/content, etc.
  • Automatically generate featured images for articles
  • Enable/disable comments, pingbacks or trackbacks for created posts
  • Change the title and text of posts (including various related post shortcodes)
  • "Keyword Replacement Tool" - Its goal is to specify keywords that are automatically exchanged with your affiliate links, no matter where they appear in your site's content.For example, you could define the keyword "codecanyon" and replace it with a link to name that appears anywhere in your website content.
  • "Random Sentence Generator Tool" (Related Phrases - Defined by You)
  • Comprehensive monitoring of plugin activity
  • Planned Rule Execution
  • Post title length limit (max/min)
  • Post content length limit (max/min)
  • Only add posts if preset necessary keywords are present in the title/content.
  • Only add posts if no preset prohibited keywords are found in the title/content.

Changelog: iMediamatic – Social Media Importer/Exporter Plugin for WordPress

Version 1.8.7 Release Date 2021-07-31
Posting to Instagram working again, plugin updated to match latest Instagram changes

Version 1.8.6 Release Date 2021-04-25
Added option to copy images from content, locally to server

Version 1.8.5 Release Date 2021-04-19
Updated to match latest Instagram changes

Version 1.8.4 Release Date 2021-01-16
PHP 8 compatibility update

Version 1.8.3 Release Date 2020-05-11
New features added for content templates
Bugfix update

Version 1.8.2 Release Date 2020-04-28
Working with latest Instagram changes

Version 1.8.1 Release Date 2019-11-15
WordPress 5.3 compatibility update

Version 1.8.0 Release Date 2019-08-15
Added the ability to embed screenshots of social posts into generated post's content

Version 1.7.9 Release Date 2019-04-19
Security updateVersion 1.7.8 Release Date 2019-03-07
Updated to match latest Instagram changes

Version 1.7.7 Release Date 2019-02-13

Version 1.7.6 Release Date 2019-01-13
Added support for Gutenberg blocks and sidebar widget

Version 1.7.5 Release Date 2018-12-16
Added nested importing support - import mixed content into a single post, from multiple plugins created by CodeRevolution

Version 1.7.4 Release Date 2018-12-06
Fix photo uploading when file name contains non-ascii characters

Version 1.7.3 Release Date 2018-12-01
Plugin will attempt to automatically rescale images that are not in Instagram supported aspect ratios

Version 1.7.2 Release Date 2018-11-20

Version 1.7.1 Release Date 2018-11-09
Bugfix release

Version 1.7.0 Release Date 2018-11-06
Fixed uploading to Instagram, to match latest changes

Version 1.6.9 Release Date 2018-05-23
Fix to match latest Instagram changes

Version 1.6.8 Release Date 2018-05-22
Added the ability to not copy post featured images locally

Version 1.6.7 Release Date 2018-05-21
Added the %%item_show_all_media%% shortcode to display all media from a specific post (if there are multiple medias attached to the post)