Hummingbird Pro v3.3.0 – WordPress Speed ​​Optimization

Recommended by WPMUDevHummingbird As a demo enhancement plugin.

Once activated,Hummingbird Pro will scan your site for potential speed improvements and provide appropriate settings for logging stress, minification and program saving.Hummingbird can speed up your website while also helping you improve your Google PageSpeed ​​Insights ranking!

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Features WpMudev Hummingbird Pro WordPress Performance Plugin

  • Cloud Cache Management: Hummingbird Pro has quick controls for handling Cloudflare browser caching.
  • File optimization just got easier: For faster execution, use WPMU DEV's super fast and secure CDN.
  • Progress of the image:A Smush Pro membership allows you to adjust, compress and improve all your photos.
  • Monitor uptime: Track your website's response time to know when holidays are closed.
  • Data Center Security Management: With the Hub, you can track security issues, updates, and reinforcements across all your locations.

Changelog Hummingbird Invalid Free

= v
3.3.0 ( 2022-01-11 ) =
- New: Font optimization is now part of automatic asset optimization mode
- New: Notification email designs
- New: Plugin icon
- Enhance: Add file size limits for inlining assets in asset optimization module
- Enhance: Status of assets in asset optimization module
- Enhance: Updating of exclusion list in asset optimization UI
- Enhance: Page types exclusions in page caching
- Enhance: PHP 8.1 compatibility
- Fix: Clearing page cache on subsites in a network sub-directory installs
- Fix: Page caching module not showing for site admins
- Fix: Browser caching module not showing on subsites with Cloudflare integration
- Fix: Cached files counter when purging cache
- Fix: Infinite loop with orphaned assets when page cache integrations are enabled
- Fix: Cases when asset optimization breaks CSS with background SVG images
- Fix: Asset optimization auto selecting files in auto mode
- Fix: Cloudflare integration when a site is installed in a sub-folder
- Fix: Missing notification modules and translations
- Fix: Errors when purging Varnish cache
- Fix: Fatal error when scheduling database reports
- Fix: Fatal error with WP Ultimo 2.x

November 24, 2021 - v3.2.1
Fix: Sync issues with WPMU DEV Hub

= v3.1.4 ( 2021-11-04 ) =
- Enhance: White labeling support
- Fix: Double notices on Dashboard page
- Fix: Translation strings

October 31, 2021 - v3.1.3
Enhance: Minor performance improvements

= v3.1.2 ( 2021-10-19 ) =
- New: Option to hide average response time from Uptime reports
- Enhance: Database cleanup drafts processing - drafts are now moved to trash instead of removed completely
- Enhance: Asset optimization processing - to prevent infinite processing loops, assets that use timestamps for versions will no longer be tracked
- Enhance: Asset optimization purging orphaned data entries
- Enhance: LiteSpeed server browser cache instructions
- Enhance: Compatibility with WPMU DEV hosting FastCGI
- Fix: Asset version changes not triggering asset optimization updates
- Fix: Page cache not clearing out cache when menu is updated
- Fix: Page cache not working on a page/post if the slug is 'mobile'
- Fix: PHP undefined offset warnings
- Fix: Hidden CPTs clearing out page cache
- Fix: Configs not working for subsite admins
- Fix: PHP warnings on Dashboard page when Smush was previously installed and removed
- Fix: Performance optimization guide link

= v3.1.1 ( 2021-09-07 ) =
- New: Import/export of asset optimization settings on network subsites
- Enhance: Page caching warnings and errors
- Enhance: Compatibility with PHP 8.1
- Fix: PHP warning in Asset Optimization module
- Fix: Error with [object Object] in Gzip module
- Fix: Page cache status when disabling the plugin on the network
- Fix: Preload key requests audit in performance test
- Fix: Performance scans not always starting in Firefox
- Fix: Cloudflare integration not detecting mapped domains on subsites
- Fix: Cloudflare modal not properly closing
- Fix: Overlapping tooltips on Asset optimization page

= v3.1.0 ( 2021-07-20 ) =
- New: Asset optimization preload option
- New: Asset optimization async option for external assets
- New: Add prefix to Redis cache via the WP_REDIS_SALT define (possible to store cache for multiple sites in a single database)
- New: DNS prefetch for asset optimization CDN
- New: Filter relevant audits in the performance test
- New: Connect to Cloudflare via API token
- Enhance: Allow setting crossorigin attribute for preconnect resources
- Enhance: Performance test score metrics weights (inline with latest Lighthouse changes)
- Enhance: Performance test tooltips
- Enhance: Make sure logging is active only when both WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG are set
- Enhance: Set the cache by device type option in Cloudflare APO for new installs
- Enhance: White labeling support
- Enhance: Processing of configs from other plugins
- Fix: Do not preconnect to Google fonts servers if no fonts are being optimized
- Fix: Broken purchase link in Cloudflare APO integration
- Fix: Page cache module not always showing on subsites
- Fix: Redis not connecting to external servers via hostname
- Fix: PHP warnings for undefined index original_size
- Fix: PHP warnings when doing performance scans from Dashboard
- Fix: PHP warnings array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array
- Fix: Saving/applying settings via configs for Page Caching module on network installs

= June 17, 2021 - v3.0.1 =
New: Configs
New: Define for controlling Redis exclusion groups
New: Allow adding admin bar shortcuts for purging various caches
Enhance: Move admin bar cache controls settings to the Settings - General page
Enhance: Performance test informative audits UI
Fix: Dashboard and Gzip compression module layout issues on mobile devices
Fix: White pages when page cache is removed without header files
Fix: Asset optimization empty debug link on subsites
Fix: Documentation links
Fix: Skip performance test button styles
Fix: Skipping performance tests on subsites

= v2.7.3 ( 2021-03-12 ) =
- New: Tutorials module
- New: LiteSpeed instructions for Browser Caching module
- Enhance: Update the Plugin Health module UI/UX
- Enhance: REST API endpoints now require at least edit_posts capability
- Enhance: Uptime reporting description
- Enhance: Improve export/import description
- Enhance: CSS above the fold description
- Enhance: Privacy mode detection in GZIP compression module
- Enhance: Asset Optimization UI/UX
- Enhance: Asset Optimization processing of compressed assets
- Enhance: Asset Optimization switching between modes
- Enhance: Support for RGBA when optimizing CSS files
- Enhance: Fallback to siteurl if HTTP_HOST is not defined when clearing cache
- Fix: Recursive loops in Page Caching preloader
- Fix: Asset Optimization not rewriting relative paths for inlined assets
- Fix: Remove unused expiry time option for IIS servers in browser caching module
- Fix: Page caching not properly detecting Asset Optimization CDN status
- Fix: Page caching clearing all cache when static page is set as home page
- Fix: Selects overlapping other DOM elements
- Fix: PHP notice when re-checking browser caching status
- Fix: PHP notice for undefined index db_frequency
- Fix: Performance test notices on mobile

= v2.7.2 ( 2021-02-25 ) =
- New: Redis support for unix sockets
- New: Select database for Redis integration
- New: Add support for WOFF2 fonts in Browser Caching module
- New: Support for LiteSpeed server in Browser Caching module
- New: Clear Cloudflare cache from admin bar
- Enhance: Asset Optimization notifications
- Enhance: Asset Optimization support for RTL assets
- Enhance: Integration with Varnish cache
- Fix: Asset Optimization combining assets on Basic mode
- Fix: Asset Optimization not being able to inline remote assets in rare cases
- Fix: Asset Optimization duplicating inline scripts during processing
- Fix: Asset Optimization improve handling of core WordPress scripts
- Fix: Asset Optimization compatibility with Oxygen builder
- Fix: Asset Optimization compatibility with Bimber theme
- Fix: Browser Caching module overwriting individual expiry values
- Fix: High contrast icons in Asset Optimization module
- Fix: 500 server error when clearing Varnish cache from the dashboard
- Fix: Tabs navigation on mobile devices

= v2.7.1 ( 2021-01-18 ) =
- New: Integration with ACF - page cache will be auto purged on changes in ACF options
- New: Select what cache to clear from the dashboard page
- Enhance: PHP 8.0 compatibility
- Enhance: Asset Optimization handling expired assets
- Enhance: Allow hiding Asset Optimization modals
- Enhance: Remove unused assets from plugin package
- Enhance: Plugin health module descriptions
- Enhance: Performance in wp-admin
- Enhance: jQuery 3 compatibility
- Enhance: Compatibility with object cache
- Fix: Cloudflare integration breaking Gzip server value on the Hub
- Fix: Compatibility issues with Themeco Pro theme page builder
- Fix: Asset Optimization not respecting order for some inlined assets
- Fix: Do not auto enable Asset Optimization on new subsites in a network
- Fix: Disable Asset Optimization on login pages
- Fix: Cloudflare integration wizard UI
- Fix: Cloudflare re-check status returning incorrect values
- Fix: Browser cache returning false status
- Fix: Page caching status on subsites
- Fix: Notices on image optimization meta box on the dashboard page
- Fix: Toggling page caching module from Hub

= v2.7.0 =
- New: Site Health module
- New: Clear page cache for all subsites from network admin
- Enhance: Asset Optimization on WPMU DEV hosting staging
- Enhance: Asset Optimization "How does it work?" section
- Enhance: Gzip configuration UI/UX
- Enhance: White labeling support
- Enhance: Nginx instructions for browser caching and gzip compression
- Fix: Rare instance of fatal PHP error in Page Caching module in multisite
- Fix: Database cleanup removing drafts that are not from WordPress posts/pages
- Fix: Cloudflare configuration wizard
- Fix: Upgrade page buttons hover state
- Fix: Elements with non-unique IDs in Asset Optimization module
- New: Integration with WPMU DEV hosting FastCGI cache
- New: Allow removing query strings from assets network wide
- New: Allow removing Emoji scripts and styles network wide
- Enhance: Show OpCache notice on WPMU DEV hosting
- Enhance: Page cache preloader description text
- Enhance: Page cache sitemap detection
- Enhance: Asset Optimization "How does it work?" section
- Enhance: Automatic Asset Optimization UI/UX
- Enhance: Upgrade scripts on network installs
- Enhance: White labeling support
- Enhance: Integration with Cornerstone builder
- Fix: File change detection notice on multisite
- Fix: Asset Optimization logs on network subsites
- Fix: Missing downtime in Uptime reports
- Fix: Minor accessibility issues with toggles and icons
- Fix: Include/exclude icons in Asset Optimization
- Fix: Clearing mobile cache on page/post edit
- Fix: Error when clearing Cloudflare cache
- Fix: Log cleanup
- Fix: Redis connect modal