HBook v2.0.5 – Hotel booking system – WordPress Plugin

HBook - Hotel Booking System - WordPress PluginWill allow you to easily enable online booking on your WordPress site.It's perfect for anyone with a business in the hospitality industry: hotels, B&Bs, holiday apartments, campsites...Thanks to HBook, you will be able to add your calendars, price lists and booking forms on their website in seconds!


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Specially developed HBook theme - hotel reservation system - WordPress plugin andWordPress pluginFor the hospitality industry, we understand your requirements very well.Tailored to your needs, our products are ideal for hotels, motels, B&Bs, apartment rentals, campsites...

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HBook Theme - Hotel Booking System - WordPress Plugin

The theme you choose for your WordPress site is like a hotel lobby. It needs to be perfect to make a distinctive first impression.

Our responsive themes look great on any device and are designed to highlight your assets. They will allow you to create a website that will impress your visitors and get them to book with you.

Changelog: HBook – Hotel booking system – WordPress Plugin

v2.0.5 — 2021-12-02
improved multiple accommodation search algorithm
added an option to show number of available accommodation left
added an option to choose between normal occupancy suggestions or maximum occupancy suggestions in multiple accommodation booking
added [resa_accom_list_price_per_night] variable
fixed small display issues in the back-end reservation calendar
fixed reservation options not properly saved in the reservation details section
fixed bulk action issue in reservations list
fixed season priorities bug in Booking rules

Version 2.0.4 — 2021-10-27
added [resa_ids] variable
fixed deposit per night issue
fixed multiple accommodation results appearing when multiple accommodation is disabled
fixed accommodation number issue in the summary
fixed automatic emails not sent

v2.0.3 — 2021-10-19
added saving sorting preferences in Reservation admin page and Customers admin page
added an option to choose between importing only new strings or overwriting all strings
fixed float percent amount issue on Rates page
fixed translation issues
fixed vertical search form issue

Version 1.9.5 — 2021-08-22
fixed translation issue in admin
fixed JavaScript coding standard issues
fixed WordPress 5.8 debug notice

Version 1.9.4 — 2021-03-15
updated ical sync to fix bug
fixed WordPress 5.7 debug notice

Version 1.9.3 — 2020-02-14
added the capability to edit extra services of a reservation
added NAD currency
enhanced iCal import
fixed a bug that affect emails sending trigger
fixed a scroll issue when returning from external payment

Version 1.9.2 — 2020-01-16
added a language field for reservations created from admin
fixed deposit not updated on price change
fixed an issue preventing invoice tables translation when using WPML
fixed free extras not properly saved

Version 1.9.1 — 2019-12-31
added a language option for Documents
added iCal settings
added [resa_persons],[resa_payment_type], [resa_payment_gateway], [resa_coupon_code], [resa_coupon_amount] variables
added number of nights, payment type, payment gateway, coupon code, coupon value in reservations export
fixed Stripe 3DS bug
fixed new reservation from admin bug

Version 1.9 — 2019-12-05
added Invoices and Documents templates
added features to Fees
added attachments to email
added preparation time
added use count, maximum use, and date limit to coupons
added price update when modifying a reservation from admin
added the possibility to let customers choose their accommodation number
added an option for reservations archiving delay
added KES currency
enhanced image resizing
fixed confirmation message bug on Accommodation list page
fixed availability calendar reloading bug
fixed compulsory check boxes bug

Version 1.8.10 — 2019-08-28
updated Stripe integration for SCA requirements

Version 1.8.9 — 2019-06-17
fixed extras not showing for reservations added from admin
fixed "thanks message" duplicated (screen confirmation)

Version 1.8.8 — 2019-05-28
added settings import/export
added Reservations archives
enhanced [hb_accommodation_list] shortcode
fixed datepicker display issue on small screen in Chrome

Version 1.8.7 — 2019-01-14
improved the way fees are handled
added an option to choose reservation status for new reservations received from website
fixed template choice not displayed on Accommodation post alternative language
fixed month step issue on availability calendar (when using customized sizes)
fixed scroll issue after external payment

Version 1.8.6 — 2018-11-30
added LBP and SYP currencies
improved Stripe payment form
fixed bug preventing the use of templates that are declared in child themes
fixed iCal cancellation bug

Version 1.8.5 — 2018-09-25
fixed an issue with strings translation on multi-languages websites

Version 1.8.4 — 2018-09-24
added blocks for WordPress Gutenberg plugin
fixed compatibility issues with WordPress Gutenberg plugin
modified iCal schedule and added a filter
added filters for Reservations reader and Reservations manager roles ("hb_resa_reader_capabilities" and "hb_resa_manager_capabilities")
added export by check-out date
availability calendars are now centered
added currencies: BWP, LKR, PAB, PEN
first name, last name and email are now translatable in admin
reservation language is now editable
improved Price / Payment section in admin reservations list (now take into account if reservation is past or not to whether or not include the security deposit)
fixed iCal reservations imported without language
changed JavaScript form validator to avoid issue with number and email in non required fields

Version 1.8.3 — 2018-05-20
added a Privacy Policy check-box to the booking form
moved iCal settings under iCal sync page
added an option to iCal settings to include/exclude blocked accommodation in the export
added customizable iCal summary and description
added filtering reservations list by status and by accommodation
enhanced [hb_rates] shortcode
fixed a bug when sending non automatic emails from Reservations page

Version 1.8.2 — 2018-02-23
updated translation files
improved security bond handling (added variables in Email Templates and improved "Price / Payment" section in Reservations page)
fixed bug when sending non automatic emails from Reservations page

Version 1.8.1 — 2018-01-26
fixed bug in the calendar of reservation
fixed bug with discounts
updated .pot file

Version 1.8 — 2018-01-19
added coupons
added security deposit
added one-night deposit
added possibility to send emails from the Reservations admin page
added Stripe refunds from the Reservations admin page
added an accommodation short name for the Reservations admin calendar
accommodation in the Reservations admin calendar are now ordered by accommodation published date
added more filters for the list of reservations in the Reservations admin page