Gwangi v2.3.10 – PRO Multi-Purpose Membership, Social Network & BuddyPress Community Theme

Gwangi - PRO Multipurpose Membership, Social Network and BuddyPress Community ThemeUnlimited website customization with unlimited use of colors, fonts, spacing, buttons, blocks, parallax sections, video hero backgrounds, galleries, menus and more.Everything can be customized with just a few clicks and doesn't require any coding skills.

Five kids themes to get started quickly! All our code is WP standards friendly: no bad SQL code, no greedy queries for top PHP performance.

Developer friendly: Hundreds of hooks, filters and actions to extend themes, subthemes and plugins.


Demo: Gwangi – PRO Multi-Purpose Membership, Social Network & BuddyPress Community Theme

Username: demo

Password: demo_GWANGI% themeforest

  • Guangyi Community
  • Broad base optimization
  • Broad based dating
  • Broad Base Classic
  • Broad-based learning
  • Broad-based tutor
  • Guangyi nightlife
  • Broad base spirit
  • Guangyidian

All features of Gwangi

  • All our code is SEO friendly.
  • All our code is fully translatableWPMLCompatible.
  • Live edit all changes with WordPress Customizer.
  • No cumbersome page builders. Use only core WordPress features like pages, widgets and menus: No time to learn how page builders work (or not...)!
  • A custom widget created specifically for live deployment.
  • The power of BuddyPress is unleashed with a beautifully redesigned UX such as member folders, team folders, site-wide activity list and many more views.
  • Create custom member folders (including birthday, town and country fields!) with filters based on custom member profile fields.
  • Site-wide global search in AJAX with sorted and correct results.
  • Direct pairing on member profiles and directories.
  • Exchange member view: Browse members such as Tinder.
  • Create an e-learning communityLearnDash.
  • Shared friends appear in member profiles and directories: Increase your community connections.
  • Members can upload media to their profiles, team profiles, and all activity streams.
  • Members can create blog posts + manage admins.
  • Beautiful and redesigned BBPress forum view with user post count and statistics.
  • Login via AJAX + full and user-friendly registration based on custom fields.
  • Beautiful community store with WooCommerce filters based on categories, labels and custom product features.
  • Monetize Your Platform: Manage Your Platform's Subscription and Payments Ecosystem with WooCommerceWooCommerce Subscriptions
  • (sold separately).
  • A great ecommerce experience with features like infinite scrolling, product quick view, wishlist and live product image flipper on hover.
  • Create great events with the power of an event calendar such as recurring events, organizers, and locations.
  • A masonry grid blog with infinite loading like Pinterest.
  • 7 Event layouts like masonry grid, list, calendar or map views.
  • Sell ​​tickets to future participantsEvents Calendar Tickets Plus(sold separately).
  • Import your events from Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar and more using the Events Calendar (sold separately).
  • Add ads to your website with AdRotate Banner Manager.


  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • pixel video
  • Pixabay
  • Goodfreephotos
  • Flaticon
  • Smashicons
  • Webalys
  • WordPress Community
  • Graphic burger

Compatible plugins

  • BuddyPress's best WP plugin for community building.
  • Youzer BuddyPress Community and PluginsWordPress user profile. (sold separately)
  • Affiliate Bp Maps Easily add affiliate locations and maps to your BuddyPress site. (sold separately)
  • Paid Membership PROCreate premium content sites, clubs/associations, subscription products, and more! Plugins add new revenue streams to your website.
  • Match me for BuddyPress Live contests between members.
  • rtMedia allows users to upload pictures, media, music and organize all their media.
  • BuddyPress AJAX Global Search Search the global web.
  • BP Profile Search Customize member directories and search filters.
  • BP xProfile Location BP Custom Member Location Field.
  • As an alternative to standard BuddyPress messages, BP messages are superior to AJAX.
  • BuddyPress Follow your BuddyPress members.
  • BuddyPress Poke allows members to "poke" other members.
  • Author Avatar List
  • BuddyPress member list.
  • Mutual best friends contact mutual friends.
  • React for Buddypress Facebook React is like emoji.
  • BuddyPress Member Comments Allows users to add comments to site members.
  • bbPress Community Forum.
  • LearnDash uses the most trusted LearnDash WordPress LMS to create and sell courses, deliver quizzes and issue certificates.
  • Show the number of posts by the author on the forum.
  • Social Post members can create posts.
  • BP XProfile WordPress User Sync Sync WordPress name field and BP
  • BuddyPress progress bar scoring system showing progress bar for completed member xprofile fields
  • Log in with Ajax and reset your password.
  • Inviters Added the ability to invite members to the site via email, members can invite people who are not friends to join the group
  • Menu Image The image field for the menu item.
  • Events Calendar
  • Advanced features of Event Calendar PRO Events (sold separately).
  • Book event tickets.
  • Partner with WooCommerce to sell your event tickets (sold separately).
  • WooCommerce eCommerce, sell your products online.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Membership
  • WC Secondary Product Thumbnail
  • WooCommerce Quantity Increase
  • YITH infinite scroll
  • YITH WooCommerce Quick View
  • YITH WooCommerce Wish List
  • YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search
  • WordPress Social Login allows users to register/login with their social accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Login and registerNextend Social Network
  • Barra lateral fácilmente personalizable
  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • Contact Form 7
  • Google Maps Create Google Maps easily.
  • Show/hide menu items based on BuddyPress roles and functions.
  • Display your Instagram feed anywhere.
  • JetpackVia WordPress. com for your website, galleries, carousels, website stats, etc.
  • AdRotate Banner Manager Ads and Earnings.
  • Slider Revolution: Create impermissible sliders and dynamic banners (sold separately).
  • Yoast SEO: Manage your website's SEO.
  • Kirki: Component library to give you lots of options in WP customizer.

Required plugins:

  1. BuddyPress
  2. Grimlock
  3. Kirki
  4. Easily customize the sidebar

Premium plugins explained in our demo (not included):

  1. Youzify
  2. Member's BP Map
  3. LearnDash + Course Grid Add-on

All our themes and plugins are handcrafted using WordPress coding standards. So any plugin should be compatible.

Changelog: Gwangi – PRO Multi-Purpose Membership, Social Network & BuddyPress Community Theme

v2.3.10 – 23 December 2021
ENHANCEMENT : Compatibility with BP Members/Groups reviews plugins
FIX : Various CSS bugs
FIX : Compatibility with several Grimlock plugins suite

v2.3.9 – 29 November 2021
IMPROVE: Streamline demo content and remove unnecessary plugins from demos.
FIX: Misc. styles fixes

v2.3.8 – 19 October 2021
FIX: Fix attachment download issue during demo import caused by expiration of root SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.

v2.3.7 – 4 October 2021
FIX: Fix demo import issue caused by expiration of Let's Encrypt root SSL certificate.
FIX: Minor style issues.

Version 2.3.6 – 27 Augustus 2021
FIX: Fix a warning with change_section_widget_background_image_size() function

v2.3.3 – 14 January 2021
NEW: Add integration with SportsPress
NEW: Add integration with Full Screen Search feature from Grimlock
NEW: Add integration of new Grimlock layouts for Posts and Query Section
IMPROVEMENT: Add new page template to better support Gutenberg features
IMPROVEMENT: Better support for sidebar page templates with Gutenberg blocks using Alignwide and Alignfull alignments
IMPROVEMENT: Migrate legacy page templates into Grimlock
IMPROVEMENT: Migrate Megamenu integration styles into Grimlock
IMPROVEMENT: Better accessibility with tab key for navigation menus
FIX: Correct cards for event organizers and venues from The Events Calendar
FIX: Remove Testimonials by WooThemes from theme setup
FIX: Correct styling for Continue Reading link and More tag
FIX: Correct archive page titles
FIX: Refactor post styling to improve integration with custom post types
FIX: Refactor legacy PHP functions
FIX: Correct minor CSS bugs

v2.3.2 – 02 November 2020
FIX: Fix color issue with features in Grimlock menu section
FIX: Fix alignment of the custom header on cell phone
FIX: Fix avatar problem for Youzer plugin
FIX: Fix a bug when importing Elementor templates
FIX: Remove warnings & notices in the search screen
FIX: Don't force the 'full' image size anymore for the background images of the sections.
ENHANCEMENT: Remove unnecessary code
ENHANCEMENT: Update compatibility with Grimlock for The Events Calendar plugin

v2.3.1 – 04 June 2020
FIX: Request invitation states for friends feature
FIX: Grimlock for Elementor plugin might not install properly
FIX: Compatibility issue with Elementor Theme styles
FIX: Small bug with sticky navigation

v2.3.0 – 19 May 2020
IMPROVEMENT: Compatibility code refactoring with Grimlock suite plugins, please update all necessary plugins
IMPROVEMENT: New Grimlock for Paid Memberships Pro add-on plugin. Please install this plugin if you want the display compatibility
IMPROVEMENT: Improvement of shop views display (WooCommerce)
IMPROVEMENT: Improvement of forums views display (bbPress)
IMPROVEMENT: Improvement of community views display (BuddyPress)
IMPROVEMENT: Better RTL compatibility
FIX: Various CSS and JS minor bug fixes

Version 2.2.3 – 09 Apr 2020
FIXED : Import was not complete with Dating demo and Elementor page builder

Version 2.2.2 – 02 Mar 2020
FIXED : Deactivate Events Calendar new views during import
FIXED : Minor CSS fixes

v2.2.1 – 11 Feb 2020
IMPROVEMENT : Compatibility with the Grimlock and Grimlock for BuddyPress plugins
FIXED : Minor CSS fixes

Version 2.2 – 17 Jan 2020
NEW: Add geoclocalisation feature with the BP Maps for Members plugin compatiblity
NEW: Add BP Checkins plugin compatiblity
FIXED: Fix issue with template hierarchy when using a child theme (Grimlock BuddyPress plugin)
FIXED: Rtmedia improve styles