Green Popups v7.32 - Popups Plugin for WordPress (formerly Layered Popup)

The web is full of exhausting promotions. So this is an ideal opportunity to break this pattern. Here's whygreen popup(used to layer popups in the past) was conceived.

With this module, you can practice your creative thinking and make your own extraordinary layered vivid popups, or use over 200 professionally curated pre-made formats from the Green Popups library.

You can install AJAX member/contact structures for use with various presentation and announcement frameworks.You can expand popups on page load, vacation planning, overhead, when customers are idle, recognize AdBlock, or show it when customers click on something.Also, you can use any popup as a function of your post/page content or as a sidebar widget. Make your website more attractive with green popups.

Using the Advanced Positioning Framework, it's not hard to change how and where popups appear.Most likely posts, pages, projects, and surprisingly any custom post ordering filtered by any accessible scientific taxonomy, date, client work, etc. Very adaptable, right?


Feature Popup Plugin for WordPress - Green Popup (Formerly Layered Popup)

  • Drag and drop popup maker: Create popups with the easy-to-use, intuitive Popup Builder. No encoded information is required.
  • 20+ popup components: This mod has all the expectations for making special popups. Your creative thinking has no limits.
  • various visibility: Popups pop up when client clicks on any HTML component, leaves target, view, inactive and page loads.
  • Framework-centric progress: Adjust how and where popups appear. It tends to be a sorting of posts, pages, projects, custom posts separated by any accessible scientific category.
  • A/B campaigns: Create an unlimited number of A/B test crusades, get measurements for every occurrence, and choose the best ones based on your motivation.
  • spring gallery: Unlimited access to the ever-growing Popups Library of over 200 formats curated by Green Popups.
  • Popup and inline mode:Use any popups as regular popups or effectively embed them in the page content (embedding the applicable shortcode or widget).
  • or with a reason:Execute activities on pop-up fields and components based on customer information and decisions.
  • Mathematical expression:Execute amazing continuous digital expressions based on customer information and decisions.
  • Smart Popup: Green Popups can collaborate with customers by showing customer input step-by-step.
  • Email notification:Send custom email alerts and customer confirmation messages. If it matters, use restrictive reasons.
  • outsider integration: Automatically submit customer information and selections for well-known CRM, promotions and brochure management.
  • Installment payment popup: Ask customers to pay cash and take action after productive installments.
  • Distance usage:Easily plant any popup in external sites (just copy glue instead of lots of JS/HTML snippets).
  • HTML form integration: Automatically submit client information and decisions to an external HTML structure provided by professional organizations.
  • Estadístiques emergents:Statistics for any incoming views, entries, confirmations and installments for any period.
  • Custom JS Administrator:Execute custom JavaScript code when a structure is effectively imported or submitted.

Changelog Green Popup - Popup Plugin for WordPress Free Invalid

[2021-11-01 - version 7.32]
- Updated Mailwizz integration module.
- Fixed typos.

[2021-10-13 - version 7.31]
- Added “Submit on select” option to several form elements.

[2021-09-21 - version 7.30]
- Added integration with Encharge.

[2021-09-15 - version 7.29]
- Improved Stripe integration.

[2021-06-15 - version 7.27]
- Added Italian language to date picker.
- Fixed error related taking value of radio-buttons and checkboxes in Custom JavaScript Handlers.
- Improved feature to handle repeated submission from the same IP.

[2021-04-27 - version 7.25]
- Added option to disable page scrollbar when popup is visible.
- Added integration with Pabbly Email Marketing.

[2021-04-13 - version 7.24]
- Added integration with E-goi.
- Added feature to bulk removal of log records.
- Added feature to bulk removal of transactions.

[2021-04-05 - version 7.23]
- Increased a number of available popup elements (added video-element).
- Fixed minor JS bug.

[2021-03-22 - version 7.22]
- Added integration with Email List Validation.
- Updated Stripe library.

[2021-03-15 - version 7.21]
- Improved math calculations with multi-options fields.
- Improved conditional logic with multi-options fields.

[2021-02-18 - version 7.20]
- Added integration with INBOX (UseINBOX).
- Upgraded Stripe integration.

[2021-02-03 - version 7.18]
- Fixed issue with font parameters of label elements.
- Fixed issue with saving hidden fields.

[2021-01-25 - version 7.16]
- Added integration with FluentCRM.

[2021-01-12 - version 7.15]
- Added integration with VerticalResponse.
- Added option to enable/disable PHP session.
- Fixed issue with special HTML characters in FROM-headers.

[2020-12-14 - version 7.14]
- Added integration with EmailOctopus.
- Integration with WP Personal Data Tools.
- Improved Alpha and Alphanumeric filters.
- Improved Alpha and Alphanumeric validators.

[2020-11-26 - version 7.12]
- Added option to use custom local fonts.
- Fixed issue with targeting settings.

= v7.11 =
- Added targets based on URL keywords.
- Fixed Ontraport integration issue.
- Fixed issue with “Once per period” length.
- Added maxlength attribute to textarea field.
- Updated Clearout integration to API v.2.
- Improved Drip integration.
- Updated Airdatepicker module.
- Removed debug info from console output.
- Fixed minor issue in admin.js.