GravityView v2.14.1 - Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

GravityViewis a set of plugins to make it easierGravity FormThe item on the WordPress site to display.

GravityView is a Gravity Forms plugin that integrates with third-party services or provides basic additional functionality and functionality. This plugin offers more functionality than add-ons.


Features: GravityView – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

  • Opinions are limitless: Check out as many as you can until you float away. There is no limit to how much you can do.
  • Approve and disapprove entries: Please give your approval before each entry goes live. This also applies if you wish to accept all submissions.
  • From the front end, edit the entry: You can modify entries in the original Gravity Forms form without using the admin dashboard...and allow users to change the entries they make.
  • Compatible with Gravity Forms add-on: GravityView is compatible with all Gravity Forms add-ons. We have a great partnership with the Gravity Forms ecosystem.
  • Multilingual: Languages ​​supported by GravityView include English, Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese and Romanian. Can't see your native language?Make a translation contribution!
  • Can import CSV files: Want to import data from a CSV file using Gravity Forms? no problem! Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin is available.
  • Items highlighted:Do you want certain entries to always appear first? Just mark them as "starred" in the admin page and you're done!
  • Excellent support from Rafael, Kiefer and Zac: We are here, we are sincere, we are happy. We keep updating the plugin and thank our customers. In our responses, we often use emojis.Contact us with any questions or just to say hello!
  • This is ideal for paid catalogs:Use the Gravity Forms payment plugin, customize your view, and you've got a paid directory!
  • Edit entries in the front end: On the front end of your website, in the original Gravity Forms form, edit the entry. Users can also update their own entries in GravityView!You decide who has access to edit and to which fields they have access.
  • Integration of data sheets: DataTables is the best script for working with tabular data and it is tightly integrated with GravityView. With real-time updates, you can browse, filter and sort entries.Included in the Galactic or Interplanetary license level.
  • GFChart, Gravity Flow and Gravity PDF: To do more with form data, GravityView works well with GravityFlow, Gravity PDF and GFChart.
  • keep improve: Last year, we averaged 13.85 changes to GravityView per week. Over the last month, GravityView has seen over 60 enhancements.This is real time data and we are still going strong!

Changelog: GravityView – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website

= v2.14.1 on January 25, 2022 =
* Tested with WordPress 5.9
* Improved: The [Members plugin]( now works with No-Conflict Mode enabled
* Improved: Performance when saving Views with many fields
* Improved: Performance when loading the Edit View screen when a View has many fields
* Fixed: Gravity Forms widget used in the View editor would initialize on all admin pages
* Fixed: PHP notice when editing an entry in Gravity Forms that was created by user that no longer exists
* Fixed: Error activating on sites that use the Danish language
* Fixed: Entry approval scripts not loading properly when using Full Site Editing themes in WordPress 5.9
* Updated: TrustedLogin client to Version 1.2, which now supports logins for WordPress Multisite installations
* Updated: Polish translation. Thanks, Dariusz!

= v2.14.0.1 on December 30, 2021 =
Fixed: Deprecated filter message when adding fields to the View

= v2.14 on December 21, 2021 =
This would be a minor version update (2.13.5), except that we renamed many functions. See "Developer Updates" for this release below.

* Added: `{is_starred}` Merge Tag. [Learn more about using `{is_starred}`](
* Fixed: Media files uploaded to Dropbox were not properly embedded
* Fixed: JavaScript error when trying to edit entry's creator
* Fixed: Recent Entries widget would cause a fatal error on WP 5.8 or newer
* Fixed: When using Multiple Forms, editing an entry in a joined form now works properly if the "Edit Entry" tab has not been configured
* Fixed: View settings not hiding automatically on page load

__Developer Updates:__
We renamed all instances of `blacklist` to `blocklist` and `whitelist` to `allowlist`. All methods and filters have been deprecated using `apply_filters_deprecated()` and `_deprecated_function()`. [See a complete list of modified methods and filters](

= v2.13.4 on November 4, 2021 =
* Fixed: View scripts and styles would not load when manually outputting the contents of the `[gravityview]` shortcode

__Developer Updates:__

* Added: `gravityview/shortcode/before-processing` action that runs before the GravityView shortcode is processed
* Added: `gravityview/edit_entry/cancel_onclick` filter to modify the "Back" link `onclick` HTML attribute
- Modified: `/includes/extensions/edit-entry/partials/form-buttons.php` file to add the filter

= v2.13.3 on October 14, 2021 =
* Fixed: Edit Entry would not accept zero as a value for a Number field marked as required
* Modified: Refined the capabilities assigned to GravityView support when access is granted using TrustedLogin. Now our support will be able to debug theme-related issues and use the [Code Snippets]( plugin.

= v2.13.2 on October 7, 2021 =
* Fixed: Entry Approval not working when using DataTables in responsive mode (requires DataTables 2.4.9 or newer).
* Modified: Refined the capabilities assigned to GravityView support when access is granted using TrustedLogin. Now our support will be able to debug theme-related issues and use the [Code Snippets]( plugin.

__Developer Updates:__

* Updated: Upgraded to [Fancybox 4](
* Updated: [TrustedLogin Client]( to Version 1.0.2.
* Modified: Added Code Snippets CSS file to No Conflict allow list.
* Modified: Moved internal (but public) method `GravityView_Admin_ApproveEntries::process_bulk_action` to new `GravityView_Bulk_Actions` class.

= v2.13.1 on September 27, 2021 =
* Improved: Views now load faster due to improved template caching.
* Added: Ability to configure an "Admin Label" for Custom Content widgets. This makes it easier to see your widget configuration a glance.
* Fixed: Issue where non-support users may see a "Revoke TrustedLogin" admin bar link.

= v2.12.1 on September 1, 2021 =
* Fixed: The Gravity Forms widget in the View editor would always use the source form of the View
* Fixed: The field picker didn't use available translations
* Fixed: Importing [exported Views]( failed when Custom Content or [DIY Layout]( fields included line breaks.
* Fixed: When first installing GravityView, the message was for an invalid license instead of inactive.
* Fixed: The "Affiliate ID" setting would not toggle properly when loading GravityView settings. [P.S. — Become an affiliate and earn money referring GravityView!](
* Tweak: Changed the icon of the Presets preview

= v2.12 on July 29, 2021 =
* Fixed: Add latest Yoast SEO scripts to the No-Conflict approved list
* Fixed: Updating an entry with a multi-file upload field may erase existing contents when using Gravity Forms 2.5.8

= v2.11 on July 15, 2021 =
* Added: Settings to customize "Update", "Cancel", and "Delete" button text in Edit Entry
* Improved: Much better Gravity Forms Survey Add-On integration! [Learn more in the release announcement](
- Ratings can be displayed as text or stars
- Multi-row Likert fields can be shown as Text or Score
- Improved display of a single row from a multi-row Likert field
- Single checkbox inputs are now supported
* Improved: Search widget clear/reset button behavior
* Improved: Allow unassigning an entry's Entry Creator when editing an entry
* Improved: When editing an entry, clicking the "Cancel" button will take you to the prior browser page rather than a specific URL
* Improved: Conditionally update "Clear Search" button text in the Search Bar
* Fixed: When Time fields were submitted with a single `0` for hour and minute inputs, instead of displaying midnight (`0:0`), it would display the current time
* Fixed: Delete Entry links did not work when custom entry slugs were enabled
* Fixed: Editing an entry in Gravity Forms that was created by a logged-out user forced an entry to be assigned to a user
* Fixed: Missing download/delete icons for file upload field in Edit Entry when running Gravity Forms ≥
* Fixed: A broken German translation file caused a fatal error (only for the `de_DE` localization)
* Updated: Dutch translation (thanks René S.!) and German translation (thanks Aleksander K-W.!)

__Developer Updates:__

* Added: `gravityview/template/field/survey/glue` filter to modify how the multi-row Likert field values are combined. Default: `; `
* Modified: `templates/deprecated/fields/time.php` and `templates/fields/field-time-html.php` to include the commented `strtotime()` check
* Modified: `includes/extensions/edit-entry/partials/form-buttons.php` to add Cancel button enhancements
* Fixed: `gravityview/search/sieve_choices` didn't filter by Created By
* Fixed: `\GV\Utils::get()` didn't properly support properties available using PHP magic methods. Now supports overriding using the `__isset()` magic method.
* Updated: EDD auto-updates library to version 1.8

= v2.10.3.2 on June 2, 2021 =
* Improved: Loading of plugin dependencies
* Fixed: Field's required attribute was ignored in certain scenarios when using Edit Entry

= v2.10.3.1 on May 27, 2021 =
* Fixed: The "delete file" button was transparent in Edit Entry when running Gravity Forms 2.5 or newer
* Security enhancements

= v2.10.2.2 on April 19, 2021 =
Improved: Previous fix for an issue that affected HTML rendering of some posts and pages

= v2.10.2.1 on April 13, 2021 =
Fixed: Issue introduced in Version 2.10.2 that affected HTML rendering of some posts and pages
Fixed: Undefined function error for sites running WordPress 4.x introduced in Version 2.10.2