Go Pricing v3.3.19 - Best WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

With Pricing, Creating WordPress pricing or comparison tables is a breeze. If you buy this item, you won't need anything else.

These WordPress pricing tables all support audio, video, images, and maps. Give it a try! We're sure you'll never use another form plugin again.

Demo: https://code canyon.net/item/go-pricing-WordPress-responsive-pricing-tables/3725820


Features: Go Pricing – Best WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

  • Easy-to-use admin interface - With our simple UI, you can edit your forms quickly and easily. Help messages, colors and icons to help you navigate efficiently.
  • Various media types - Add content types like audio, video, and maps to make your forms more unique and interesting.
  • Google Fonts - Take advantage of Google's entire font library to provide the best font match for your website.
  • 2000+ Font Icons - Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon, and Material Icons provide scalable vector icons that change on the fly and look stunning on high-resolution devices.
  • Live Preview - This feature allows you to see what the pricing table will look like in real time.
  • Bulk Operations - You can use the dashboard to perform bulk operations on multiple tables, such as clone, export, and delete.
  • Liven up your tables with column animations! Choose one of 39 fantastic transitions for each column based on your preference.
  • Customizable Responsiveness - By using numerous setting options, you can ensure that your table provides the best experience on any device.
  • Import and export capabilities - Import presentation sheets, make and restore backups, and easily move data between sites.
  • Built-in Plugin Updates - Keep your installed version up to date and take advantage of all the latest fixes, features and enhancements from the built-in plugin updates.
  • Small footprint - you can make sure you only load what you need.

Changelog: Go Pricing – Best WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

v3.3.19 – June 18, 2021

[FIX] PHP 7.4 compatibility issues fix in frontend
[FIX] Minor backend CSS fixes

v3.3.18 – December 28, 2020

[FIX] WordPress 5.6 compatibility issues fix in backend and frontend
[FIX] Minor frontend JavaScript fixes

v3.3.17 – March 05, 2020

[IMPROVEMENT] New tooltip position possibilities and automatic alignment on mobiles
[FIX] Fix for tooltip “cut-off” issue on mobiles

v3.3.16 – November 14, 2019

[FIX] WordPress 5.3 compatibility issue fix

v3.3.15 – July 8, 2019

[IMPROVEMENT] Minor improvements in PHP code
[IMPROVEMENT] Cornerstone Page Builder integration

v3.3.14 – Jan 21, 2019

[FIX] PHP 7+ Compatibility issue fix
[IMPROVEMENT] Minor CSS improvement in the frontend CSS

v3.3.13 – Aug 16, 2018

[IMPROVEMENT] Improved API caching to prevent slow down of the admin page loading if API is unavailable