Global DNS v1.5.0 - Multiple Server - DNS Propagation Checker

Global DNSAllows you to monitor DNS records across different servers in real time. It informs the end user which server the website refers to.It's also a good idea to double-check your current DNS entries if your DNS records change.

Demo: https://code


Features: Global DNS – Multiple Server – DNS Propagation Checker

  • Different DNS record types: You and your end users may check various DNS records, including A, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT, and many others. There are ten different types of DNS records to check.
  • multiple servers: There is no limit to the number of servers you can add, and the more servers you have, the better your stats will be. You can learn how to add and configure servers for global DNS in this article.
  • dark theme: Global DNS also offers dark mode, in keeping with current trends. The Global DNS Settings tab in the admin dashboard can be used to activate this feature.You need to adjust the background color according to the WP editor you are using.

Changelog: Global DNS – Multiple Server – DNS Propagation Checker

v1.5.0 - 5 November 2021
- Added Background and Text colour for Expected Icon
- Fixed Minor Cosmetic Issues

v1.4.0 - 20 May 2021
- Added Expected Feature
- Fixed Minor Responsiveness Issue

v1.3.1 - 26 April 2021
- Added inhouse flags

v1.3.0 - 26 November 2020
- Added ability to change the "Find" button text
- Added ability to change input field placeholder
- Minor Bug Fixes

v1.2.1 - 4 August 2020
- Optimized WordPress Files

v1.2.0 - 10 July 2020
- Added ability to set default DNS Type
- Added ability to re-arrange server list
- Fixed PTR issues when using direct DNS Server IP
- Fixed minor code and design issues

v1.1.0 - 26 April 2020
- Added ability to add DNS Server IP for fetching records
- Added ability to import the servers from CSV file
- Added ability to export the servers to CSV file
- Added ability to delete all the current servers in a single click
- Fixed minor cross-site issue

v1.0.3 - 20 March 2020
- Fresh URLs are auto-generated on each search
- Minor enhancements and fixes

v1.0.2 - 9 March 2020
- Ability to configure the Shortcode
- Cleaned the API Part
- Alignment Fixes

v1.0.1 - 5 March 2020
- Added Tutorial Video in Dashboard
- Added ability for the end-user to see that search is going on
- Added ability for the system to understand the domain name when URL is provided by the end user