Genesis Framework Package Theme v3.3.5 – Most Popular WordPress Framework

With the help of Genesis Framework, you can build stunning and unique websites on WordPress quickly and easily.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced developer, Genesis will provide you with a secure, SEO-optimized platform to help you take your WordPress resources to the next level.


Features WordPress Genesis Framework

  • Users have the opportunity to choose between different options for placing content on the page.For example, you can arrange not one column, but two or three columns on the home page;
  • The sidebar in this theme can be left or right, and you can hide it completely if you plan to move it all to the bottom;
  • With the help of a special control panel that can be found in the admin panel, you can reconfigure this template from the visual interface as needed.For example, set your own background or load a custom header;
  • All menus you will create as part of this template are as customizable as the other elements;
  • With this template, submitting your content for indexing by Google robots is as easy as possible.Basic tools of SEO are integrated into the theme, experienced users who are good at SEO will find it very powerful and useful;
  • You can change the color scheme of your website with just a few clicks, and you don't even have to touch the internal HTML code;
  • Using this template, you can use it as a foundation for your futureStudioPressಕೆಲಸ;
  • No matter what your website looks like and what its purpose is, it always has a clear internal structure and a logical system of categories;
  • If necessary, you can use various original plug-ins provided by this template developer at any time;
  • The developers have done a great job optimizing the templates for high speed, Genesis loads very quickly and responds quickly to visitor actions.

Changelog Genesis Framework Pack Theme Cancelled Free

[v3.3.5] - 2021-08-05
### Fixed
* Change hook used for `genesis_handle_block_widget_editor` from `admin_init` to `widgets_init` to ensure widgets can be added, removed, and edited in the Customizer.

[v3.3.4] - 2021-07-08
### Added
* Using the use_widgets_block_editor filter in WordPress 5.8, the pre-5.8 widget screen behavior remains the same. To opt-in to the new WP 5.8 widgets editor, place this code in your theme's functions.php file: `add_filter( 'use_widgets_block_editor', '__return_true' );`

## [3.3.2] - 2020-04-22
Adds support for Gutenberg 7.9 and future block editor adjustments.

### Fixed
* Block Editor: prevent an editor crash if the Genesis sidebar is active.
* Block Editor: ensure the Genesis sidebar icon is visible.

## [3.3.1] - 2020-03-25
Includes fixes for the Genesis language pack update feature.

### Fixed
* Internationalization: Deactivate Genesis Translations plugin on upgrade to Genesis 3.3.1. Ensures official Genesis translation language packs load correctly.
* Internationalization: Enable language pack updates work on WordPress multisite as long as the main site is using a Genesis theme. Previously, Genesis language pack update prompts would only appear if the main site used a Genesis theme and did not use the en_US locale.
* Internationalization: Fix a fatal error that could occur on sites with custom Genesis translation files that contain an unreadable PO-Revision-Date header.