FormCraft v3.8.26 - Premium WordPress Form Builder

FormCraft is the most comprehensive, flexible, and customizable drag-and-drop form builder for WordPress. Over 12,000 customers agree!

Features: FormCraft

Drag and drop functionality is at the heart of our application.

FormCraft is easy to use, thanks to its drag-and-drop editing method.It's handled behind the scenes using a simple GUI, you just drag and drop the desired item from the menu onto the form of your choice.Everything is WYSIWYG so you can drag and drop it wherever you want. Prosperity! Shape has been created. Creating complex, stunning forms is easy.

Get familiar with WordPress

To provide an engaging user experience, we built FormCraft to make WordPress dashboards feel instantly at ease.When you enable it, you'll see a new menu item in WordPress, as well as an easy-to-use dashboard with menu items that make creating shapes a breeze.
Text box on the right menu, building content on top. Everything is drag-and-drop, but it still feels like WordPress, so the learning curve is virtually non-existent.

There are tons of add-ons available.

Extend beyond the basic functionality or combine your existing payment gateways with your forms - with a wide range of available plugins including MailChimp, GetResponse and Campaign Monitor, everything is possible.

make it your own

Who says filling out forms has to be tedious? Tired of trying to merge a form that doesn't look like MS DOS? Try FormCraft; we've got you covered.You can quickly change fonts, update layouts, position your logo, and even apply custom CSS to completely modify the look and feel of FormCraft's various custom layers.
If you want to change the width, update the base color, or add a complete custom color scheme, or even add a background image, there's a form with your name on it.

Scalable and responsive

FormCraft was built from the ground up with scalability and responsiveness as a top priority.FormCraft offers display resolutions for every device, so whether you're using a phone, smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, your web forms won't look any better.There is no need to reload the page as the code has been reduced to lightweight and validated HTML5 on a full AJAX framework. Forms are stunning on any device.

Mathematical formulas, triggers and conditional logic

This latest 4th generation form building platform leaves no stone unturned; you can embed forms on any page to "pop up" or trigger forms using existing elements on the page.Use conditional logic to show/hide fields, send emails, activate integrations, or update live shopping carts with mathematical expressions.


Real-time online form analysis is a new feature in FormCraft that your marketing team will love.You can check conversion rates and payment conversion rates weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom, as well as view form views and submissions.

complete documentation

Without leaving the form editor, you can access dozens of tutorials, search help topics with real-world examples, and access everything.We've made sure all help files and tutorials are accessible from within the editor, making it easy to get help as you work.


FormCraft can be used on a single standalone installation or on any WPMS site. To use the plugin on all subsites of a WordPress multisite installation, you need an add-on.

Changelog: FormCraft

v3.8.26 (8th July, 2021)
1. Fixed file upload issue in Firefox
2. CSS improvements
3. Fixed insights page form issue
4. Fixed issue with JS files not loading for certain forms

v3.8.25 - 03 FEB 2021
Improved IP accuracy
Fixed issue where insights weren't working for date ranges

v3.8.24 (19th September, 2020) 
1. Fixed an issue where test emails weren't showing debug info
2. Fixed an issue where fields options were overlapping in the editor

v3.8.22 - 30 AUG 2020 
Fixed SMTP email issue affecting WP 5.5

v3.8.21 - 27 AUG 2020 
Fixed PHPMailer bug
Fixed fileupload PHP warning
Fixed conditional logic execution order
Fixed submit button getting stuck on loading

v3.8.19 - 13 AUG 2020
Compatible with WP 5.5

v3.8.16 - 01 JUL 2020
Fixed scrolling issue, and logic JS bug

v3.8.14 - 16 JUN 2020
Fixed CSS issues when menu bar is folded
Performance improvements
Fixed logic appearing as text

v3.8.12 (16th May, 2020)
1. Added IP to visitor info for all entries
2. Fixed issue with math formulas not working when used with pre populate fields and conditional logic

v3.8.10 (22nd January, 2020)
Fixed double submit issue
New feature: show empty fields
Added is_email() support
Updated parsedown library