FluentCRM Pro v2.5.1 - Email Marketing Automation Dedicated to WordPress

FluentCRM is a WordPress self-hosted email marketing automation plugin.Manage your leads and clients, email campaigns, automatic email sorting, learner and membership management, user activity monitoring, and more in one place, all without leaving your WordPress dashboard!

Features: FluentCRM Pro

Manage email campaigns for large audiences

Email marketing has the best ROI. You can also use FluentCRM's Email Campaign Management to send mass emails to increase conversions.With our easy-to-use CRM, you'll be able to master email marketing like a pro in no time!

360° user view

To run a successful marketing campaign, you need a solid consumer data platform.Whether it's a quick glance at a customer's profile or tracking their purchase history data, FluentCRM breaks it down into small pieces so you can keep an eye on everything.

Email list management

Building a successful email marketing campaign requires a well-organized email list management platform.FluentCRM also allows you to segment your leads by lists, tags and dynamic segments to filter them so you stay on top of your game.

Email sequences that work automatically

Don't waste time setting up new email channels every time a new contact comes in. With FluentCRM's automated email sequences, you'll have a global contact onboarding option.With an onboarding email sequence, you'll never miss a contact conversion!

Automated Conversion Funnels

You want to turn your subscribers into paying customers and sell more to your existing consumers. How will FluentCRM's digital marketing funnel help you achieve these conversion goals?Here you will find.

CRM reporting and analytics

CRM reporting and analytics are critical to launching a successful marketing strategy. FluentCRM provides detailed metrics for each of your campaigns, funnels, sequences and user interactions.After all, data is the most important component of the most successful marketing efforts!

Changelog: FluentCRM Pro – Email Marketing Automation Dedicated to WordPress

= v2.3.1 (Date: July 20, 2021) =
* BuddyBoss/BuddyPress Integration
* ThriveCart Integration (Addon)
* LearnPress Integration
* Dynamically Import Existing users from LMS/Membership/BuddyBoss
* Email Editor Improvement
* Persistent Contact Page
* Dynamic Segment Improvement and Bulk Operations
* Automation Funnel Improvement
* Integration improvements
* ... and so many new features and improvements

= v2.2.0 =
Other Email Composer Improvements
Fluent Forms Integration improvements
Custom Fields Improvement
Smartlink improvement
Link Click Benchmark Improvement
CRM Manager Settings Improvement
Lots of bug fixes!

= v2.0.4 (DATE: JUNE 03, 2021) =
This is a minor update (no new feature, sorry!)
Fix CRON Issues for some specific server
UI Color issue fixed
Fluent Forms conditional issues fixed

= v2.0.3 (DATE: MAY 07, 2021) =
Fix CRON Jobs issues
Image alignment issue for Emails fixed
Add Selected Days to Sending Emails for Email Sequences

= v2.0.2 (DATE: MAY 03, 2021) =
Condition Content Block for Oxygen Builder
Restart Automation For Repeat Contact action
Color Codes for Automation Blocks
Email Sending Speed Improvement
Build-in Documentation Page
UI Improvements
Lots Improvements and Fixes
Added Search Feature for Tags and Lists UI

= v2.0.1 (Date: March 31, 2021) =
* CSV Issue Fixed
* New: Added Contact Property Update from Automation
* New: WooCommerce Subscription Box in Checkout Page
* Automation UI improvement

= v2.0 =
1. Multi-Path Conditional Automation Funnel
2. New Automation Triggers and Blocks
3. CRM Access Roles
4. SmartLinks Improvements
5. More Analytics Data
6. Share an Automation
7. Better RTL Support and Fully Translatable

= v1.1.92 (Date: January 25, 2021) =
* Added SmartLinks for adding tags and lists dynamically on click tracking
* Export Contacts Feature added
* Added Post/Page Block for Dynamic content based on tag or login state
* Added feature to delete old logs
* Added all emails activity page
* Fix issue on dynamic smart tags on email subject
* UI improvement
* Added FluentSMTP Support

= v1.1.91 (Date: November 27, 2020) =
* Added Campaign Actions to add or remove tags from Email Open or Click Activity
* List Action issue resolved
* Prepare For WordPress 5.6
* Editor Improvement
* Custom HTML parser for Email Campaign Fix