Fixed TOC v3.1.24 – Table Of Contents For WordPress Plugin

fixed directoryis a powerful WordPress plugin. Fixed table of contents automatically scans the title of the post content and creates a table of contents. Users can find what they want faster.


Features Fixed Directory - Directory of WordPress plugins

  • Automatically create table of contents from article content.
  • Posts, pages and any other public post types are supported.
  • Fully responsive. Available for all device sizes.
  • Display at the top of the posting content.
  • সম্পাদনা পাতা.
  • Support for adding widgets for editing in the sidebar.
  • Move smoothly to aim.
  • Indicates the current dynamic counter heading.
  • Allows collapsing/expanding sublists.
  • Freely customize the position, size, font, color, etc.
  • Supports shortcode feature placed anywhere to display table of contents in posts.
  • Support for posts with quick tag "next page".
  • Support real-time preview.
  • Defines the title to be displayed in the TOC.
  • Displays a brief hint when scrolling to a title target.
  • Feel free to create the style you like.
  • Set individual preferences for each page.
  • Tons of animation effects to choose from.
  • Translation is ready.
  • Supports popular page builder plugins such asVision composer, Elementor, Thrive Architects, Costruttore Divi, and more.

Changelog Fixed Table of Contents - Table of Contents for WordPress Plugins is free of charge

= v3.1.24 = ( 20 July, 21 )
Fixed a bug existed in the previous version.

= v3.1.22 = ( 20 May, 21 )
1. Supported AMP reader mode(legacy theme).
2. Added several hooks for development.
3. Improved code quality, such as use strict mode, safely escape translating text, update deprecated functions, etc.

= v3.1.21 = ( 01 February, 21 )
1. Supported AMP.
2. Updated several deprecated methods on jQuery.
3. Compatible with Kadence Block/Tabs.
4. Added the aria-label attribute to expand/collapse buttons.
5. Added 'before/after the 2nd heading' choices to the Position In Post option.
6. Fixed several bugs.

= v3.1.20 =
- Fixed bug: '$' characters disappear on TOC if headings include them.
- Fixed bug: the short title feature doesn't work.
- Fixed a bug for Finding headings.
- Fixed a conflict with Rank Math plugin.
- Added the 'fixedtoc_header_title' filter hook.