FileBird v4.9.9 – WordPress Media Library Folders

Do you have thousands of files in your WordPress media library? And you're having trouble managing them?FileBird - WordPress media library folderPlugins were born to help you take your WordPress media library to the next level


Easily create, rename or delete folders

Easily drag and drop files / folders

how it works

Are you a WordPress webmaster?

Developing a website means that you will be adding tons of new media files like images, videos, audios, PDFs, txt, docx, .. every day to your website database.So your website will have to host thousands of files.In the default WordPress media database, you can't organize your files in a logical way, you want to be able to do it as you would with files on your computer, right?When you want to search for a specific uploaded file on your WordPress site and you don't know how to find it?

FileBird - WordPress media library folderBorn to help you overcome obstacles. This plugin enables you to easily organize files in your website media library.With this tool, you can manage and organize thousands of images, audio, video and other files in your media library.

Managing files in WordPress has never been easier. You can upload or move files/folders with just drag and drop. This will save you a lot of time putting your media files in the right places.The hierarchical view of folders also makes it easier to quickly find specific folders at a glance.


READINGLANGUAGE FileBird - WordPress media library folder

Drag and drop interface

Drag and drop is now the modern standard. Natural drag events, including movesfile to folder and folder to folderJust one blade reduces the number of clicks to get things done.

Folders are displayed in a combined design

We follow the latest trends in combining icons, buttons, labels, sections and draggable elements. All plugins by Ninja Team are written cleanlyquality codeand UI / UX-inspired design.

Super utility file browser in page builder

Open the page builder you're using, just insert an image element and browse files directly in the same interface as FileBird's native media library folder.This is a great feature that FileBird brings to you exclusively.


Just add the "FileBird Gallery" block to your page/post editor and select the folder you want to display. All media files in the selected folder will automatically appear in your post.Also, customize column numbers, links, headers and crop images.


With FileBird - WordPress media library folder, You can upload multiple files at once to the WP folder where you want them to stay. onlyselect a specific folderfromdrop down menuUnder "Upload New Media". Creating a collection like this has never been easier.

convenient library

Your image library now has an alternate view in the list or thumbnails. Simply choose the view that works best for you and perform batch selections, reordering, or other operations as quickly as possible.You can also sort in ascending and descending order.

Small customs parts

what else? your sidebar isresizableto match your own list of names. Or you can collapse it to focus on the folder you're working with.

genetics of pain

We care, so we build. Now, if you use wpUXsolutions Advanced Media Library or Max Foundry's Media Library Folders, you can easily import all folders at once.

Flexible vehicle tax

multi-level structurewill definitely help youfilter, classification and administrationRight in the native WP dashboard. Even if your library grows to thousands of files, the classification system will do the work for you.

CMS 优化

Good performance improves your content management system by reducing your administration time and operating and maintenance costs. so,Effective managementreach.

Mendukung pengoptimalan mesin telusur

The media file hierarchy establishes the correct order so that changes and events can be easily tracked by all collaboration members. You don't do your website alone, do you?Therefore, you have to maintain teamwork, especially the SEO staff.

Умное удаление

Add or rename folders with one click. The same goes for deleting folders. However, you will not lose data. All your files have been moved to the "Uncategorized" folder, so you can still use them later.Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Multilingual support

All menu and action labels have been translated so you don't have to. Just one click install and you don't need to look up any words.Of course, the clean UI/UX makes it so intuitive that reading documentation is no longer necessary.


FileBird is ready to be compatible with popular themes, page builders and other 3rd parties like WooCommerce, WPML, WPBakery, Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Divi, Thrive Architect, Slider Revolution, Smush and more.

new function?

Last but not least, please give us feedback if you need more features that are not available in the premium version. We may develop this feature in the next versionあなただけのために!

Changelog: FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders

Jan 7, 2022 - v4.9.9
- Fixed: Slow query
- Fixed: File permissions
- Fixed: Hide tab Import/Export error

Dec 30, 2021 - v4.9.8
- Added: Import/Export folder structure into CSV
- Added: Flat/Default tree view in modal
- Improved: UI and text
- Fixed: Conflict with Envato market

Dec 10, 2021 - v4.9.7
- Fixed: Conflict with ACF
- Fixed: Error in folder.php

Dec 6, 2021 – Version 4.9.6
- Added: Support MailPoet

Dec 2, 2021 – v4.9.5
- Added: Folder selector in Edit media
- Fixed: WooCommerce conflict (break Upload Theme button)

Nov 10, 2021 - v4.9.4
- Fixed: Elementor With PolyLang wrong folder counter
- Fixed: Image ALT in FileBird Gutenberg Gallery

Sep 29, 2021 – v4.9.3
- Added: Import folders for Folders by Premio
- Fixed: Compatible with WordPress old versions

Aug 25, 2021 – v4.9.1
- Fixed: Auto update schedule
- Fixed: Gutenberg widgets missing

Aug 13, 2021 - v4.9
- Added: Infinite scroll
- Added: Plugin activation alert
- Added: Sorting by File Name in FileBird Gallery
- Improved: Folder name sorting
- Improved: DE Language
- Fixed: Drag files in Tablet (not include Ipad Pro)

Jul 21, 2021 - v4.8
- Fixed: Compatible with WordPress 5.8
- Fixed: Replace image

Jul 15, 2021 – Version 4.7.9
- Fixed: Elementor Modal Upload image
- Fixed: Add New Folder bug

Jul 2, 2021 - v4.7.7
- Added: Notice when a license was used
- Fixed: Loading Uncategorized folder
- Fixed: Context menu position
- Fixed: Small bugs

Jun 25, 2021 - v4.7.6
- Fixed: Auto update

Jun 15, 2021 – v4.7.4
– Updated: Languages
– Fixed: JS conflict with Divi builder
– Fixed: WPML non translated mode make folder counter and files in folders get wrong
– Fixed: Conflict with Debug Bar plugin
– Fixed: PolyLang get missing files in folder
– Fixed: Folder always loading
– Fixed: Important security updates.

May 26, 2021 - v4.7.3
- Added: Support Dokan plugin
- Improved: FileBird UI in Mobile
- Improved: Library
- Improved: Translations, update POT file
- Fixed: Auto Update function conflict with plugins and themes
- Fixed: Image validation for ACF plugin
- Fixed: Counter wrong in Elementor Pro
- Fixed: Gutenberg issues (Wrong tag in frontend, Large images chosen when create gallery)
- Fixed: Missing language "NL"
- Fixed: RestAPI (404 Error)
- Fixed: WPML/Polylang Full Compatible modes in Setting Media, support "All languages in admin bar", wrong Counter

Apr 7, 2021 – Version 4.7.2
- Added: Upload multiple images in multiple folders when upload processing
- Fixed: Can’t set folder Uncategorized as default in folder load
- Fixed: Append right folder
- Fixed: Update database make folders duplicated when “Each user folder mode” enabled
- Improved: Tooltip
- Improved: UI
- Improved: Activation
- Optimized: FileBird Zip Size

Mar 12, 2021 – Version 4.6
- Added: License Activation
- Added: Auto updates via Envato login
- Added: Set auto sorting for files
- Added: Sync Gutenberg gallery
- Added: Sort Images in Gutenberg gallery
- Improved: Import folders
- Updated: Pot files
- Fixed: CSS
- Fixed: Small bugs

Jan 18, 2021 - Version 4.4
- Added: Download folder feature
- Improved: Performance
- Fixed: Duplicate folder when import
- Fixed: Folder tree scroll

Jan 4, 2020 - Version 4.3.2
- Fixed: Drag and drop on Tablet
- Fixed: Edit Gallery
- Fixed: Set over the max number of AttachmentID
- Fixed: FileBird Gallery selector in Gutenberg
- Fixed: CSS conflict with Shortpixel plugin
- Removed: Drag and drop on Mobile

= Dec 21, 2020 - v4.3.1 =
- Added: Support shortcode for Document Gallery
- Added: API - Get folder detail by folder_id
- Fixed: Modal append (Conflict with Yoast SEO)
- Fixed: Conflict with Uncode theme
- Fixed: Not loading media when uploaded by different modal in Elementor
- Fixed: Reset file selection when move file in Bulk Select mode

= Dec 14, 2020 - v4.3 =
- Added: ESC key to exist Bulk select mode
- Fixed: Missing folder container
- Fixed: Security
- Fixed: SQL
- Fixed: Uploading new image can't be inserted to a post in modal
- Fixed: Prevent reload attachments when sorting folders
- Improved: Alert text
- Improved: Icon size and default folders with long names in some languages

= Dec 10, 2020 – Version 4.2.1 =
- Added: ESC key to exist Bulk select mode
- Fixed: Missing folder container
- Fixed: Security
- Fixed: SQL
- Improved: Alert text
- Improved: Icon size and default folders with long names in some languages

= Nov 25, 2020 - Version 4.2 =
- Added: Set previous folder selected as default folder
- Added: Compatible with Oxygen Builder
- Fixed: ACF warning
- Fixed: Conflict with WPML rest API
- Fixed: CSS conflict with The Grid plugin
- Improved: Prevent warning when upload folder containing desktop.ini or .DS_Store file

= v4.1.0 =
- Added: Set default folder to open
- Added: New APIs
- Added: Support ACF
- Improved: Notice of creating the first folder
- Removed: Folder selector when no item available in modal popup
- Fixed: Some bugs in folder container