Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium v1.8.2 – WordPress Plugin

Feedzy RSS Subscripció PremiumFind the best material and automatically post it to your WordPress blog. Shortcodes or simple widgets can be used to display RSS feeds in posts and pages.

The most powerful WordPress RSS aggregator, allowing you to manage content, record, import and display endless RSS feeds in minutes.

Demo:https://he and all right.com/plugins/feed this-RSS-feeds/

Feedzy - Powerful Rss and Content Aggriller Plugin for Automated Blog Writing

FEEDZY RSS aggregator allows you to aggregate an unlimited number of RSS feeds and automatically publish them on your website within minutes.

You can sit back, have your website log in automatically, and stay up to date with the latest content with the FEEDZY RSS aggregator, which can help you enhance your content marketing, improve your SEO, increase audience engagement, and earn more revenue.

What you can do with Feedzy RSS aggregator:

  • Feed to Post (our favorite feature) converts RSS feed items into pages, articles, and custom post types in WordPress.
  • Automatically import and merge an unlimited number of RSS feeds from an unlimited number of sources.
  • Multiple feeds with similar topics can be bulk imported and organized into categories. Here's what one of our users, Barry Seward, had to say about this feature.
  • Use shortcodes, Gutenberg blocks or widgets in your third-party page builders like Elementor to easily display RSS feeds.
  • Use your own photos/logos for imageless feeds or import images using your RSS feed. We understand the importance of images and don't want your website to be just a collection of text and links.
  • You can choose the number of items to display in the stream. Do you only want to see 1 or 20 articles in a block? With just one click, you have it in your hands.
  • Are you concerned that the article names in your imported feed are too long to display well on your website? Using the title character limit feature, you can change them.
  • To get the best performance for your site, choose your own cache time and how often you want to pull your RSS feed.
  • Make a sidebar with items from the imported feed.
  • You can choose which meta information to display, such as the author, date, and time of the RSS feed.
  • Adapt content for different platforms.

You should use the Feedzy RSS subscription premium aggregator when:

  • You own a news site and need a WordPress news aggregator to keep your site up to date with the latest news.
  • You have a blog; you need a WP content aggregator to keep track of new content and keep your readers engaged.
  • You want to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. SEO expert MOZ discusses 10 reasons why new content affects Google results in this video.
  • You're building a website for a client, and all you want to do is quickly display a news feed with constantly updated material.
  • You are creating a company website and want to add a news site/blog to improve your SEO and reputation. Focus on your business when FEEDZY RSS feeds handle content marketing.
  • You have an affiliate business or want to use affiliate marketing to increase your income. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds
  • You will need a simple yet comprehensive solution to manage anything relevant to your expertise, such as real estate listings for real estate websites, product listings for licensed e-commerce websites, and more.
  • There is no difference in the industry or topic your website focuses on.Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium has been used by over 30,000 people to curate content from a variety of sources, including finance, technology, food, household goods, e-commerce products, religion, sports, and more.
  • Because of the advantages listed above, you are eager to make more money.

Powerful Feedzy Premium Features RSS Feeds Premium

If you love the FEEDZY RSS aggregator tool, why not take your website to the next level with a more powerful tool to improve SEO and keep visitors on your website longer?

  • You can choose to import feeds to publish and display content, depending on whether they include or exclude specific keywords.
  • Full control and modification of how your feed posts are made, such as using feed images or your photos as featured images, importing feed text or both body and images into post body, creating draft posts first for quick approval or publishing, etc.
  • Import full text (with images) of RSS feeds: You can import the entire text content into the post by extracting the full HTML from each feed item, not just the feed quote area.
  • Choose the best feed template for each feed, such as a normal grid style, blog layout, online store layout, or audio playback layout (soundcloud).
  • To avoid duplicating material, combine WordAI and SpinnerChief.
    The online retailer and product feed values ​​are parsed and displayed.
  • Add affiliate links and referral settings to your affiliate business.

Technical Description

To ensure high efficiency, Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium supports any additional libraries and takes minimal space in cache/CSS.This ensures compatibility with any WordPress hosting provider, but if it doesn't work for you for any reason, feel free to build a new supported theme.

Shortcode Parameters

* feeds
* max
* feed_title
* target
* title
* meta
* summary
* summarylength
* thumb
* default
* refresh
* size
* keywords_title