Extended Widget Options v4.6.8 - The #1 WordPress Widget Control Plugin

The best WordPress widget control plugins arewidget options. We designed our plugin to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly widget management plugin for WordPress on the market.

widget optionsWithout a doubt, it's the right choice for you to have more control over your widgets, with over 1,060,000 downloads and an average rating of 4.9 stars.

Demo: https://widget-options.com/

Features: Extended Widget Options

  • Page Visibility Options: Show or hide widgets on certain WordPress pages without coding, using checkbox options beautifully integrated on each widget.
  • Device visibility options:On mobile, it's time to limit sidebar content! You can use the widget options to show or hide any widget on mobile, tablet and/or desktop.Finally you can customize the sidebar content for each device!
  • to your specifications: Are you looking for a better way to align each widget's information? Widget options allow you to easily specify various custom alignments for each device.
  • Widget's logic: Are you brave enough to use the PHP conditionals you created? You don't need to install the separate Widget Logic plug-in, as Display Widget Logic is already included.all finished.
  • response column: If you assign widgets to columns, you don't need to register separate sidebars for each column.If you use the widget option, you only need one sidebar widget, and you can easily assign columns to the content of each widget.
  • User role restrictions: Show or hide widgets based on the user's role! You can now offer various sidebar items to your website visitors and members. It's time to prioritize your registered consumers.
  • widget design: Custom style choices will help your widget stand out. Make it easy for your visitors to find the most important widgets. Time to pay more attention to your newsletter widget!
  • Visibility of dates and dates:Widget options can be used to show or hide WordPress widgets based on date ranges or individual dates.You can now use widgets for promotions, discounts and advertisements, and they will automatically disappear when the sale ends.
  • Widget identifiers and classes: Would you like to add your own widget ID and class? No third-party plugins or unique scripts are required to do this. You can now quickly add them to widgets using the widget options.
  • Widget's animation:Add widget animations to grab the user's attention when the user scrolls down the page and the widget comes into the screen, or when the page loads.
  • Sticky or pinned widgets: Keep your unique widgets sticky as the user scrolls to grab more attention and ensure they stay visible until the user reaches the bottom of your page or a predetermined element.
  • Links to custom widgets: When the user clicks on the widget, it can link to any internal or custom URL. Easily target new tabs and/or apply the nofollow attribute for SEO purposes.
  • Post Type Visibility:Using this plugin, you can easily show or hide widgets for each custom post type. For each article type, you can now provide suitable sidebar material.
  • Support taxonomy and terminology: Widgets that automatically show or hide each category and term in addition to post categories. With this option you have full control over the widget.
  • Shortcodes:Using shortcodes, you can easily display any widget or sidebar on a page, post, project or anywhere else on your website and reuse them anywhere you want!
  • As a cloned widget:Duplicate WordPress widgets and assign them to any widget space in the sidebar. You can use this feature to better manage your widgets!
  • Widgets can be moved: Do you want to reposition widgets without using drag and drop? You can now move widgets and assign them to any widget position in the sidebar.
  • Widget title is hidden: With a simple checkbox you can quickly hide the widget title! No need for PHP snippets to hide headers in WordPress widgets.
  • Importers and exporters for widgets: With just a few clicks, you can import and export WordPress widgets. Create backups and easily migrate to new installations.
  • Wildcards and target URLs: Manage widget visibility by target URL, or use * to provide wildcard restrictions. If you prefer URL logic to widget logic, this is your choice.
  • Backup each widget area: Create backups of sidebar widget areas directly from the widgets dashboard. Backup json files can also be easily imported!
  • cache widget: By caching WordPress widget output, you can reduce the time it takes for your website to load. You can cache all of them for efficiency, or you can omit any widget you like.
  • Filter Live Search: Improve your admin widget dashboard experience with active search filters for widgets and sidebars! The best user experience!
  • Ready to use with Pagebuilder: Extend your Elementor or SiteOrigin Pagebuilder powered website with better management of your widgets and greater control over each widget panel!

Changelog: Extended Widget Options

v4.6.8, January 10, 2022
Fixed CSS issue with other plugins
Fixed missing icons on Elementor page builder

Version 4.6.7, July 28, 2021
Compatible with Latest WordPress.
Added option to revert Classic Widgets Screen.

Version 4.6.6, April 12, 2021
Compatible with Latest WordPress.
Fixed Multisite warning issues.
Fixed custom post type list in display condition.

Version 4.6.5, Feb 22, 2021
Compatible with Latest WordPress.
Updated Widget options admin page.
Fixed deprecated jQuery Functions.
Fixed Logic option issue.
Fixed Mobile restrictions issues.

Version 4.6.4, October 12, 2020
Fix position computation for fixed widget
Fix blank page issue in admin widgets page
Compatible with Latest WordPress
Other improvements

Version 4.6.3, November 18, 2019
Fix multisite issue
Updated License Server

Version 4.6.2, April 30, 2019
Fix issue with latest ACF version
Fix issue with ACF fields on Elementor Integration
Fix ACF issue with Beaver Builder
Fix PHP 7.1 array issue
Fix invalid file notice on import and export feature

Version 4.6.1, August 24, 2018
Add fixes for some undefined index for ACF option.

Version 4.6, August 13, 2018
Add Advanced Custom Fields ( ACF ) support
Integrate ACF conditions on Elementor and Beaver Builder integration too
Add User Logged-in State feature to easily restrict widget on loggedin or loggedout users
Add User Logged-in State to Elementor integration as well
Show rating notice on widget dashboard and Widget Options settings page only
Fixes and other improvements

Version 4.5, December 21, 2017
Go to Settings > Widget Options to enable the brand new features below. Thanks!
Add Beaver Builder Integration Feature
Add Fixed Widget Option to Elementor Integration
Fix issue with SiteOrigin Pagebuilder Support
Fixes for Multisite Support and Licensing
Other fixes and improvements

Version 4.4, November 17, 2017
Go to Settings > Widget Options to enable the brand new features below. Thanks!
Add Widget Importer & Exporter Feature
Add Specific Widget Area Backup Downloader
Add Target URLs and Wildcard Restrictions
Improve pages list and indent child pages
Option to remove all widgets assigned on widget area
Fix issues with Elementor and OceanWP integration
Improvements for the upcoming Beaver Builder integration

Version 4.3, October 8, 2017
Add Move WordPress Widgets Feature
Add Clone WordPress Widgets Feature
Add Elementor Pagebuilder Support Beta Feature
Add widgetopts_is_active_sidebar_support filter
Update subscription sidebar and add free e-book download
Improvements for better speed on admin widgets dashboard

Version 4.2.2, July 25, 2017
Add \'widget\' front-end class if not available
Clear pages transient data when page deleted or changed
Add option to apply links on title only
Add option to not automatically add http on links
Fix multiple shortcode display condition bugs
Improve loading performance on admin widgets dashboard
Add support for Modal Pop-up and Sliding Widgets Add-on

Version 4.2.1, March 23, 2017
Add is_post_type_archive() support
Global variable variables fixes for some PHP 7 version

Version 4.2, February 8, 2017
New: Widget Search Filter Option on widgets dashboard. Easily enable on Settings > Widget Options.
Fix: Extended Taxonomy Terms issues.
Fix: Custom Post Types not firing/updating.
Fix: Categories and terms not updating when edited/deleted.

Version 4.1.1, January 27, 2017
Improvement: Add has_serialize condition to avoid some issue
Improvement: Faster global variable calls using options
Fix: Fix Category and Taxonomies inherit functionalities
Fix: Update Widget Cache Description.

Version 4.1, January 24, 2017
New: Widget Cache Option
Improvement: Coding Pattern for Faster Loading
Improvement: Faster Front-end Loading, remove unnecessary calls
Improvement: Improve widgets.php loading time
Improvement on Fixed Widget
Fix: Post Tags inherit visibility bug
Fix: Error when no Taxonomies selected
Fix: Fix Bugs reported by users

Fixed unserialized error for several users
DIVI jQuery UI conflict fixes

Fixed Widget Bug Fixes

Add Widget Animations
Add Sticky / Fixed Widgets
Add Custom Widget Links
Add Sidebar and Widget Shortcodes
Add Disable Widgets Options
Add Child Pages to Inherit Parent Widget Options
Add Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin Ready
Modular Settings Page Upgrade
and lots of enhancements