Enfold v4.8.9.0 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Collapse themesis a premium, super flexible and responsive WordPress theme for business websites, online stores and users who want to showcase their work on a portfolio site. attractive.

Themes are built onAvia frameAnd provides support for WPML plugins, just in case.

Collapse themesComes with many options so you can change the layout, styles, colors and fonts directly from the control panel.

Create your own theme or use one of 18 predefined themes directly from the WordPress control screen.Font, background and color options, as well as a dynamic template designer, will help you create your website quickly.

In addition to featured options, you can also set unique styling options for each item, as shown in the theme demo.

Demo: https://themeforest.net/search/4519990

Features Enfold - Responsive Multipurpose Theme

  • A clean, modern design that can be used for any type of website
  • Drag and drop template builder built just for this theme
  • Ajax instant search: users get results as they type
  • WooCommerce ready: add your own store and sell anything
  • WooCommerce Booking supports time and date based bookings
  • Additional responsive design for small devices (iphone, ipad)
  • Mailchimp newsletter integration
  • Integrated event calendar andEvents Calendar Pro
  • 2D Easy Slider creates slideshows in seconds
  • Over 20 predefined skins, easy to edit and modify. Any number of skins will do
  • Video slideshow with support for Youtube, Vimeo and self-presented videos
  • Visual shortcode editor with thousands of shortcodes
  • Ultimate Color Picker's unlimited color options are available for any stunning color setting.
  • Unique unlimited sidebar per page/category possible
  • SEO optimization: our code is made withYoast SEOKeeping Best Practices in Mind: Headlines, Lots of Internal Links, Google Rich Snippets, and More
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Wide and boxed versions
  • Advanced Title Options
  • Focus on typography, usability and user experience
  • testedWPML, PolyLang, Gravity Form, WP Super Cache,WP rocketand many other popular plugins

Changelog Enfold - Responsive Multipurpose Theme Free Cancellation

Jan 25th – Version 4.8.9
feature: new styling options for Content Slider (border, background, boxshadow)
feature: new styling options for Accordion Slider (font color for title and excerpt)
feature: new styling options for Featured Image Slider (font color for title and content)
feature: new styling options for Easy Slider (font color for title and content)
feature: new styling options for Tab Section (font colors and hover colors for tab titles)
feature: new styling options for Events Countdown (responsive font sizes for title, numbers and time unit)
feature: new styling options for Team Member (font colors, image size, image border and border radius)
tweak: Cookie removal - added a try/catch block when plugins add illegal key to $_COOKIE
tweak: ALB gallery responsive images not working for big preview
tweak: added classes to ALB Video element for better support of borlab plugin
tweak: ALB Search remove [] from post type query string if only 1 post type is selected (not supported by some plugins when redirected to search page)
tweak: ALB Tab Section content padding CSS bug: Autoadjust content and content padding huge breaks layout
tweak: ALB WC Product List broken content and link
fixed: ALB link element returns wrong href attribute when manual and empty link
fixed: ALB image element does not load selected image size when a link is selected (e.g to lightbox)
fixed: ALB video preview image does not work when theme support avia_template_builder_custom_html5_video_urls is active
fixed: Theme option CSS "Socket background color" interferes with content background color
fixed: identical shortcodes in subitems trigger "undiefined index" error in php for post css supported elements

WooCommerce compatibility: add a check for cart object to prevent 'Uncaught Error on null'

compatibility checks: PHP 8.1
compatibility checks: WP 5.9
compatibility checks: WooCommerce 6.1

updated: Layerslider v7.0.7
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version, provided by BigBatT - [email protected])

deprecated: renamed ../framework/avia_shortcodes to ../framework/legacy_avia_shortcodes - files no longer loaded
added: action 'ava_builder_core_files_loaded'
added: action 'ava_builder_shortcode_files_loaded'
added: filter 'avf_masonry_flex_image_html' - see https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfo... and Lightbox/avf_masonry_flex_image_html.php
added: filter 'avf_team_ignore_selected_image_size' - ignore modal popup selectbox setting for image size (backwards comp.)
added: filter 'avf_before_load_single_builder_core_file' - allows to load a custom builder core file and supress loading of original php file (https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfo...ing ALB/avf_load_single_builder_core_file.php)
added: filter 'avf_before_load_single_shortcode_file' - allows to load a custom shortcode file and supress loading of original php file (https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfo...ending ALB/avf_load_single_shortcode_file.php)
customize: ALB modal popup type option fields can be extendend by user defined custom options (or existing can be overriden)
added: class avia_masonry version 4.8.3 (prior post css changes) renamed to avia_masonry_old and added to ../config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcode-legacy
added: class avia_slideshow version (prior post css changes) renamed to avia_slideshow_old and added to ../config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcode-legacy
refactored: class avia_sc_video, version added to ../config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcode-legacy in case needed for a fallback
moved: several shortcode related files (check directory structure)
tweak: minor changes to post css support in
- Logoslider
- Magazine
- Masonry
- Masonry Gallery
- Section Background Videos
updated: ALB Elements to support post css files (prepared to extend styling options in future releases):

- Accordion Slider
- Content Slider
- Easy Slider
- Featured Image Slider
- Fullscreen Slider
- Fullwidth Easy Slider
- Tab Section and Tab Sub Section Tabs
- Events Countdown
- Upcoming Events
- Product Purchase Button
- Product Info
- Product Meta Info
- Product Price
- Product Reviews
- Product Info Tab
- Related Products
- Product Slider
- Product Grid
- Product List

Dec. 17th 2021 – v4.8.8.1
feature: new options for ALB Partner/Logo like border, boxshadow, ...
tweak: ALB Magazine allow heading to select linking options
tweak: Theme options responsive typo tab - allow to enter any css units (not only px)

added: playsinline attribute for HTML videos with autoplay enabled

fixed: ALB Magazine element - Tags/Categories/Author showing when not selected
fixed: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_cart() on null (WooCommerce)
fixed: translation error in Dutch language file which was causing critical error

added: theme support 'avia_options_extended_typography' - replaces selectboxes with input fields for more flexibility of CSS units
added: filter 'avf_el_styling_responsive_font_size_skip' - see https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfo.../avf_el_styling_responsive_font_size_skip.php
added: filter 'avf_html5_autoplay_mobile' - allows to remove attributes "autoplay playsinline"
added: logic to support post css file for alb objects that need a secondary query (like sliders)
updated for post css file:
- Partner/Logo

10. Dec. 2021 – v4.8.8
feature: add filesize and dimension to media library list view
feature: Options to display ALB textblock content in columns and text alignment
feature: theme options for responsive typography h1 - h6, Default Content Font Size (General Styling -> Typography tab)
feature: ALB Icon Grid new options for border, box shadow, responsive behaviour, ....

tweak: set focus to input field when opening popup search box from menu
tweak: ALB Animated Numbers add responsive font sizes
tweak: ALB Timeline add responsive font sizes for content
tweak: tag archive page change tag list title to "Tag Archive: ...." when page title is not shown
tweak: ALB magazine use the_content filter for excerpt in bigger displayed entry, minor CSS fixes

SEO improvement: remove hidden post metadata from html (not only hide with CSS)
- added: filter 'avf_post_metadata_array' - modify output of all post metadata (https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfo... Templates/Layout/avf_post_metadata_array.php)
- added: filter 'avf_post_metadata_seperator' - modify seperator between post metadata
- added: filter 'avf_show_author_meta' - show/hide output of author meta data (change theme options setting)

accessibility: added missing role="menu" and role="menuitem"
accessibility: new theme option Extensions -> Accessibility -> "Accessibility Conformance Level"
accessibility: fixed some warnings when Conformance Level = AAA

fixed: PHP bug with sprint format %s S
fixed: pagination in ALB Page Split broken (frontend and preview)
fixed: notice trying to access array offset on value of type bool in enfold/template-builder.php
fixed: open custom link in new window not working in ALB Gallery element
fixed: some google fonts from theme options heading and body text broken in tribe events calendar
fixed: Custom Elements Management breaking ALB Content Slider with ALB shortcode in content
fixed: remove space in ALB Testimonials 'class ='
fixed: Page as footer broken layout (e.g. caused by Block Editor - adding a <p> tag at the beginning)
fixed: ALB Blog Post custom ID not added in grid layout
fixed: ALB Testimonials missing closing section tag when only 1 subitem
fixed: CSS bug curtain footer and menu in sidebar left or right

added: filter 'avf_css_rules_textblock_column_count' - modify CSS rules
added: filter 'avf_css_rules_textblock_column_gap' - modify CSS rules
added: filter 'avf_media_gallery_sortable_filesize' - allows to sort by filesize - please check:
see https://github.com/KriesiMedia/enfo...htbox/avf_media_gallery_sortable_filesize.php
added: filter 'avf_post_slider_meta_content' - remove or change meta data content in ALB Post Slider
added: filter 'avf_magazine_header_content' - allows to change content of a single magazine header element
added: filter 'avf_magazine_skip_excerpt_content_filter' - allows to skip the_content filter

WPML compatibility: Cross Origin Request failed for resources when using seperate domains for languages
- added: theme support 'custom_uploaded_fonts_relative_url' to use relative urls in dynamic_avia css and merged files
- added: filter 'avf_custom_uploaded_fonts_url' - change custom uploaded fonts url via filter

updated: Layerslider Version 7.0.5
updated: sync all language files version
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version, provided by BigBatT - [email protected])
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: Hungarian language files hu_HU (version 4.8.7 provided by DECOrpOs - https://github.com/DECOrpOs )
updated: French language files fr_FR (version, provided by comkapi - [email protected])
updated: German language files de_DE_formal 1 small translation error


added: media query support for post css files
added: support to replace AviaHelper::av_mobile_sizes and use post css feature
renamed: theme option color-default_font_size to typo-default_font_size
added: comment to filter 'avf_post_featured_image_link' in loop-index
updated: ALB Icon Grid to support post css file
updated: ALB Magazine to support post css file
performance: moved deprecated framework classes to legacy folder and no longer loaded</p>

Oct 27th 2021 – Version 4.8.7
feature: ALB columns reverse or individual resort order when switching to fullwidth on mobile devices
feature: ALB gridrow reverse or individual resort orderof cells when switching to fullwidth on mobile devices
feature: theme option "Transparency Menu Color On Hover"
feature: ALB video element option to show fullscreen button for HTML5 videos

fixed: missing comma in CSS for mobile and svg makes svg huge
fixed: button CSS top border issue on :active - removed !important in button.css
fixed: Option Remove query string from static resources breaks invalidation of post css files - option willl be ignored for these files
fixed: ALB Textblock custom element lockable custom CSS class missing
fixed: fullwidth submenu alignment ignored for mobile button
fixed: undefined constant THEMENAME in Mailchimp Newsletter Signup widget
fixed: typography font size not applied in block editor in frontend
fixed: ALB masonry gallery lightbox title not corresponding to options settings for flexible masonry
fixed: ALB magazine category sort buttons break frontend when no entries are found
fixed: svg logo broken when svg tag in multiple lines
fixed: svg logo not displayed for non logged in users
fixed: italien translation breaking selectbox in ALB Image Hotspot tooltip location

tweak: add missing schema.org markup to section background videos and slideshow videos
tweak: accessibility support:
- added: Accessibility Tab to Theme Extensions Page
- added: tab key access support to main menu with submenus and megamenu
- added: visual appearance with keyboard access to menus (focus now equivalent to mouse hover effects)
- added: attributes role="menuitem" tabindex="0" to menu items
- added: started support for plugin "One Click Accessibility" ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/pojo-accessibility/ )
- added: started support for plugin "WP Accessibility" ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-accessibility/ )
tweak: remove ":" when empty label text from contact form emails
tweak: extended date filter to "last xxx days/weeks/month/years" for ALB elements:
Post Slider
Accordion Slider
Featured Image Slider

added: filter 'avf_social_media_icon_display_name' - change tooltip display name of icon
added: filter 'avf_form_mail_label' - allows to change label text on E-Mail of a contact form
added: filter 'avf_wp_accessibility_outline_width' - change hardcoded plugin value for focus caret
added: filter 'avf_wp_accessibility_outline_style' - change hardcoded plugin value for focus caret

Following elements have been updated to support post-css file:

Dropcap 1 (Big Letter)
Dropcap 2 (Colored Background)
Fullwidth Sub Menu
Grid Row + Grid Cells
OSM - Leaflet Map
Post Metadata
Social Buttons

Updated: LayerSlider Version 6.11.9
updated: French language files fr_FR (version, provided by comkapi - [email protected])
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 4.8.7 provided by EZWebdesign - Roger Hoen )
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version 4.8.7, provided by BigBatT - [email protected])
updated: sync all language files version 4.8.7

Oct 7th 2021 – v4.8.6.5
feature: ALB Contact Form add elements Headline and Empty Line (allows to structure layout of contactform and e-mails)
tweak: support for relative path for svg files (Logo and Transparency Logo)
fixed: logo disappeared after update
fixed: Animated Countdown shows negative month and days
updated: Italian language files it_IT

Oct 4th 2021 – Version
feature: svg support for Logo and Header -> Transparency Options -> Transparency Logo (please remove any custom CSS or js)

tweak: manually added color sections support url to background image added to src attribute
tweak: manually added columns support url to background image added to src attribute

fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/blog/blog.php
fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/magazine/magazine.php
fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/postslider/postslider.php
fixed: PHP 8.0.10 fatal error in formatting parameter in includes/admin/option_tabs/avia_blog.php
fixed: Google Analytics new global site tag G-XXXX not working with cookie consent (only old UA-XXXX was working)
fixed: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to AviaBuilder::handler_wp_dbx_post_sidebar() caused by 3rd party plugin
fixed: Notice: Undefined variable: the_id in footer.php
fixed: TOC widget does not display headline links without a class
fixed: Google analytics and reCaptcha V2 double counting submit click

added: filter 'avf_upload_svg_images' - allow other users than administrator to upload svg files in media library
added: filter 'avf_svg_images_get_html' - manipulate html of svg image returned
added: filter 'avf_svg_images_header_logo_aspect_ratio' - manipulate preserve_aspect_ratio for svg image
added: filter 'avf_cookie_modal_html_attributes' - additional attributes for cookie modal popup window (data-nosnippet added by default)

updated: sync all language files (


added: class aviaSVGImages with support for loading svg files inline

Sep 27th 2021 – Version
feature: sticky footer with curtain effect for streched layout (theme option "Footer" tab)
feature: new option "Font Hover Color" in Theme options -> Advanced Styling -> "Menu Links in overlay/slide out"
feature: new theme option "Main Menu -> Menu Handling for Mobile Devices In Landscape Mode"
feature: Add image size option to following ALB elements:
- Image
- Image with hotspots
- Magazine
- Masonry
feature: add SEO support for qualified outbound links (rel = sponsored, ugc) to ALB elements
feature: disable responsive images for single ALB elements - must be activated with "add_theme_support( 'avia_show_alb_responsive_image_option' );"

added: svg and webp to filterlist for ALB image in backend

fixed: CSS for tooltips of social share buttons broken when blog element is disabled
fixed: small CSS improvements for TEC
fixed: avia pagination breaks with additional query parameters
fixed: masonry gallerie CSS for mobile
fixed: highlighted column overlap incorrectly
fixed: Horizontal Gallery not loading full width on first load when added below a Color Section
fixed: CSS for Vertical Timeline Milestone Contentbox ol & ul Bullets missing
fixed: remove duplicated aria-hidden="true" from slide navigation arrows
fixed: CSS TabSections left aligned when Theme Options -> General Layout -> Fixed Frame
fixed: ALB video - all videos repeat after the end, except Youtube videos
fixed: DivisionByZeroError fatal error on Logoslider when SVG images (or image types not having a width) are used

tweak: modify page as footer options text to be more clear
tweak: WooCommerce remove lazy load attribute for main image on single product page because above the fold
tweak: ALB Magazine element added note that options for heading text are found in "Advanced" tab
tweak: remove post titles link on single blog post (linking back to own entry)
tweak: removed "Helvetica Neue" fonts from fallback fonts stack as this is not a free font and not supported PC and some other browsers and devices
tweak: add backend preview for ALB accordion and improve color styling
tweak: add animated backend preview for ALB Progress Bars
tweak: added selector "#header_main .container .logo svg" for logo in js/avia-snippet-sticky-header.js

added: filter 'avf_color_sets' - modify color sets for backend
added: filter 'avf_alb_linkpicker_memory_limit' - modify php memory limit when filling selectbox for linkpicker in ALB elements
added: action 'ava_before_footer_output' - fires after a possible curtain container div had been written
added: action 'ava_after_footer_output' - fires before a possible curtain container container div will be written
added: action 'ava_after_footer' - fires after footer closing div had been written
added: filter 'avf_alb_image_copyright_text' - allows to modify ALB image copyright text e.g. to keep HTML tags
added: filter 'avf_preview_window_js_support' - allows to disable js support in preview windows (currently used by Accordion and Progress Bars)
added: filter 'avf_alb_rel_attr_for_link' - allows to e.g. remove noreferrer from rel attribute of links from ALB elements
added: filter 'avf_show_curtains_media_option' - show theme option to have more control about footer height to switch back to scrolling with page
added: theme support avia_show_alb_responsive_image_option - activates feature to deactivate responsive images in single ALB elements

removed: deprecated “image-rendering: optimizeQuality;” from base.css
removed: theme support 'avia_rel_nofollow_for_links' - replaced by theme option SEO Support -> Support ALB Elements To Qualify Links

compatibility update: jQuery 3.0 ( replace deprecated $( document ).ready( handler ) )

updated: Italian language files it_IT (version
updated: Italian language files it_IT (version (close to
updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version (close to
updated: sync all language files (
updated: typo in german lanuage files


moved enfold\js\avia-admin-preview.js to enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\assets\js\avia-admin-preview.js

Aug 16th 2021 – v4.8.6.2
feature: ALB Special Heading option for padding around headline text
fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: aviaShortcodeTemplate::unique_css_element_id(): Argument #1 ($atts) must be of type array
fixed: TEC duplicated HTML before event and after event content
fixed: masonry ajax load more spinner crashes layout during loading
fixed: backwards compatibility with older theme settings export files
fixed: Accordion CSS for elegant style long text overlap +/- icon
fixed: Column 1/1 element custom margin not applying on mobile

Aug 9nd 2021 – v4.8.6.1
fixed: section background color not showing (wrong selector - parallax but no image selected)
fixed: Accordion stylings not compatible with 4.8.3 inside sections
fixed: Whitespace/Seperator margin ignored due to weak selector
fixed: undefined variable: img_style in av-helper-masonry.php
fixed: TEC link colors on organizer and venue pages
tweak: masonry elements large gap - added 15px padding to center
tweak: replace image background position strings with % values (fixes problem with minification plugins breaking layout)
tweak: add theme option to add ALB elements style rules to html style tags (fix problem with some cache plugins)
added: Accordion element new option "Custom Hover +/- Icon Color"
added: filter avf_post_css_create_file - allows to skip post css file generation for specific pages (or to overrule theme option setting)