Elementor Extras v2.2.51 – Widgets & Extensions For Elementor

Características adicionales del elemento- Useful widgets and extensions (plugins) for Elementor.

Elementor Extras is a premium WordPress plugin for Elementor that extends functionality with useful new extensions.Elementor expands the possibilities for designers thanks to many unique add-ons that make Elementor even more powerful.

Widgets like switches, timelines, hotspots, global tooltips, parallax elements, and sticky elements will give you an edge when scaling your WordPress site.

Demo:https://shop.extras.com/product/element or-extras/

Elementor Extras Plugin for Elementor - Over 30 Elementor widgets and extensions

  • Elementor Extras plugin is easy to install and customize to make your website more beautiful.
  • In addition to Elementor's powerful plugins, you can also find other extensions using Elementor and matching existing element controls.
  • Additional plugin extensions

Changelog Elementor Extras - Widgets and extensions for Elementor Nulled Free

= v2.2.51 =
* Fixed: Gallery Slider — JS error

= v2.2.50 =
* Fixed: Gallery Slider — Issue with multiple widget instances on same page
* Fixed: Gallery Slider — Error when using Conditional Asset Loading together with thumbnails carousel
* Added: Posts Extra — Make widget Query ID available in the $post object as $post->query_id

= 2.2.49 =
* Added: Gallery Slider — Option to not stretch single thumbnail
* Added: Gallery Slider — Option to hide thumbnails if only one image is present
* Added: Search Form — Filter for search input html attributes
* Added: Slide Menu — Ability to add a custom icon for the arrow
* Added: Sticky Elements — Offset sticky in percentage of window height
* Fixed: Gallery Slider — Async loading of Swiper causing JS error
* Fixed: Slide Menu — Separator stretch on multiline menu item text

= v2.2.48 =
* Fixed: Gallery — Bug with repeater conditions default values
* Fixed: Google Map — JS error for undefined zoom when route is enabled

= v2.2.47 =
* Fixed: Display Conditions — Compatibility with Elementor 3.1.1

= v2.2.46 =
* Fixed: Previously introduced breaking bug

= v2.2.45 =
* Added: Posts — Option to display template as nothing found message
* Fixed: Google Maps — JS error when disabling fit to locations
* Fixed: Image Comparison — jQuery Mobile incompatibility with jQuery 3.0
* Fixed: Switcher — Bug with jquery appear script preventing entrance animation
* Fixed: Video Player — Bug with jquery appear script preventing autplay on scroll into view
* Fixed: Swiper compatibility with Elementor's conditional asset loading
* Fixed: Circle Progress — Bug with jquery appear script preventing entrance animation
* Fixed: Circle Progress — Wrong progress displayed when value position is set to hide
* Tweak: Update Elementor deprecated functions
* Tweak: Calendar — Default URL to empty

= 2.2.44 =
* Added: Audio Player — Start with the playlist hidden and show it via the playlist button
* Added: Scroll Indicator — Link sections to custom urls if click to scroll is disabled
* Fixed: Hotspots — Replace deprecated 'ready' event in jQuery
* Fixed: Audio Player — Separator selector color bug
* Fixed: Tooltips — Outside click on mobile opens tooltips in edge case
* Fixed: Posts Extra — Using a featured image dynamic tag for background images in sections causes posts with no featured image to wrongly inherit background images from other posts
* Tweak: Calendar – Update clndr plugin
* Tweak: Update jquery appear plugin version and fix jquery 3.0 deprecated shorthands

= v2.2.43 =
* Added: Calendar — Options to show, hide calendar or display message in case no events are found
* Added: Breadcrumbs — New 'elementor_extras/widgets/breadcrumbs/crumbs' filter for crumbs array
* Fixed: Breadcrumbs — Hierarchical crumbs not showing more than one parent crumb
* Fixed: Scroll Indicator — Dynamic tags not working on titles
* Tweak: Buttons — Don't show button if not label is present on frontend

= v2.2.42 =
* Added: Calendar — Option to order events list in compact mode
* Fixed: Calendar — ACF start and end date controls not retaining values after being set
* Fixed: Display Conditions — Warning when using multiple terms in post term condition
* Added: Display Conditions — Wysiwyg field type of ACF Text condition
* Added: Video Player — Option to disable context menu on fullscreen video
* Fixed: Offcanvas — Anchor navigation glitch after last update
* Fixed: Search Form — Height bug with Hello theme when filters titles are enabled
* Fixed: Display Conditions – Warning on no term set for post term condition
* Tweak: Posts — Responsive order controls