Dynamic Content For Elementor v2.2.11 – Widget For Elementor

Dynamic content for Elementor- Increase the potential of your website with add-ons that extend the functionality of Elementor.

Automatically control your various componentsElementortemplate. Your content will continue to be driven by its own WordPress interface, and layouts will be generated by site-wide Elementor templates.

The widget is displayed byACF - Advanced Personal Fields® sokmak.


Dynamic Content with Elementor - The most advanced widget for Elementor

  • dynamic post
  • dynamic user
  • Content
  • Post
  • ACF
  • Pods
  • Listing
  • Dev
  • Creative
  • SVG
  • WebGL
  • Elementor Pro Forms
  • Copier-coller entre sites
  • Dynamic visibility
  • page scrolling
  • loop animation
  • scroll
  • Transforms
  • koppla av parallax
  • magic editor
  • dynamic tag token

Elementor's Changelog dynamic content has been cancelled for free

v2.2.11 - 14/01/2022 - 
* Fix: Nested ACF Repeaters caused the page to crash
* Fix: Add to Calendar with ICS or Outlook.com links didn't work correctly in some cases
* Minor fixes

v2.2.10 - 11/01/2022
* Notice: from this version Add to Calendar widget requires PHP 7.2 or greater
* Notice: from this version Conditional Fields v2 is called Conditional Fields
* Fix: Add to Calendar with Google or Yahoo Link didn't work correctly in some cases
* Fix: in the Tooltip extension it was not possible to set the background colour for the arrow
* Minor fixes

v2.2.9 - 29/12/2021
* Fix: Carousels didn't work correctly for users using a version of Elementor higher than 3.5.0 with the Improved Asset Loading experiment enabled
* Minor fixes

v2.2.8 - 23/12/2021
* Fix: the choice of templates on widgets did not work correctly in some situations
* Minor fixes

v2.2.5 - 20/12/2021
* New: Dynamic Products On Sale widget
* Tweak: Add to Calendar supports Yahoo and Outlook.com calendars
* Tweak: InfoWindow on Dynamic Google Maps supports Elementor Templates
* Tweak: Dynamic Google Maps supports linking single marker to an URL
* Tweak: Dynamic Visibility can check WooCommerce Product Type
* Minor fixes

v2.2.4 - 16/12/2021
* New: Unique ID for Elementor Pro Form
* Tweak: Signature for Elementor Pro Form now saves the image on the server so you can use the signature directly on the email
* Tweak: Amount for Elementor Pro Form now supports decimal places and rounded numbers
* Minor fixes

v2.2.3 - 13/12/2021
* New: Cryptocoin Badge widget
* Fix: removed various PHP warnings
* Minor fixes

v2.2.2 - 9/12/2021
* Fix: Pods Relationship on Dynamic Posts showed all posts when empty
* Minor fixes

v2.1.2 - 29/11/2021
* Tweak: you an choose how many images to show in ACF Gallery
* Fix: Some instance were new Elementor Custom Breakpoints where not yet supported.
* Fix: error affecting those who are still on a version older than 1.14.0 trying to upgrade to a recent one. Please notice that extension activation status might be reset.
* Fix: error reported on submit in PDF Generator for Elementor Pro Form - HTML Converter
* Fix: on Tokens error when filter argument was a zero character without quotes
* Minor fixes

v2.1.1 - 25/11/2021
* Tweak: in the Features page it's now possible to deactivate entire groups of features
* Tweak: Stripe Field for Elementor Pro Form now supports all currencies supported by Stripe
* Fix: ACF Gallery didn't work correctly with Lightbox
* Fix: layout issues in Dynamic Posts - Grid Filters Skin with some templates
* Fix: JS Error on PDF Button Widget - Browser Converter
* Minor fixes

v2.1.0 - 22/11/2021
* Tweak: we added a configuration option to avoid enabling new features on updates. More details on https://dnmc.ooo/nofeatures
* Tweak: Animated Off-Canvas Menu Widget works correctly with menu item without a link
* Tweak: on Animated Off-Canvas Menu Widget now you can set a template before the menu
* Fix: PDF Generator - HTML Converter: fix some errors related to fonts
* Fix: ACF Gallery - Single Image skin didn't work correctly
* Minor fixes

v2.0.9 - 12/11/2021
- Fix: Dynamic Visibility - Trigger Events didn't work correctly when applied to sections
- Fix: Conditional Fields Regression Bug with last fix

v2.0.8 - 10/11/2021
* Tweak: Dynamic Google Maps now supports infoWindow on all data type (address, latitude and longitude, ACF Google Map Fields)
* Fix: solved a problem with breakpoints on Page Scroll, Tracker Header and Cursor Tracker
* Fix: issue on marker for Dynamic Google Maps
* Fix: conditions on a hidden Amount Field could cause the field to be displayed
* Fix: Breadcrumb Typography and Color on current item
* Fix: style issue on Amount Field for Elementor Pro Form
* Fix: Dynamic Posts and Dynamic Google Maps now works correctly when Search and Filter Pro is used with WPML
* Minor fixes

v2.0.7 - 5/11/2021
* Notice: The HTML Converter example for inserting a page header was not correct. The new version now shows the correct way.
* Fix: Solved a Fatal Error in Dynamic Google Maps when used without ACF
* Fix: Featured Image in Dynamic Posts didn't work correcty in some cases
* Fix: Favorites widget showed inconsistent results when the user had not favorites
* Fix: JS error in Editor Mode
* Fix: CSS error in Field Description for Elementor Pro Form
* Minor fixes

v2.0.6 - 29/10/2021
* Fix: Skins on Favorite widget didn't work correctly
* Fix: Advanced Video Controls extensions didn't work correctly with YouTube videos
* Minor fixes

v2.0.5 - 25/10/2021
* Tweak: on Conditional Fields v2 for Elementor Pro Form added a warning for JS Errors caused by optimizers
* Tweak: Added 'dce/jsconvpdf/after' trigger to call a JS after the rendering of PDF Button - JS Converter
* Tweak: on Stripe for Elementor Pro Form add admin notification if one of the customer reference fields cannot be found
* Tweak: solved conflicts between PDF Generator - HTML Converter and other plugins
* Tweak: on PDF Button - JS Converter don't display page when printing template
* Tweak: on Views widget added a control to optimize the query when order by fields are present
* Tweak: Live HTML Field for Elementor Pro Form now supports uploaded images
* Tweak: optimize asset loading for Confirm Dialog for Elementor Pro Form
* Fix: Thumbnails were not clickable in Dual Carousel Skin
* Fix: on Dynamic Email for Elementor Pro Form missing upload attachments when PDF is attached
* Fix: On Dynamic Google Maps the title wasn't correcty escaped
* Minor fixes

v2.0.4 - 15/10/2021
* Tweak: now you can use Conditional Fields v2 to check if PayPal payment is made
* Fix: Dynamic Google Maps costantly set zooming
* Fix: DomPDF Converter warning in PHP8
* Fix: Some items didn't work on Dynamic Products
* Fix: Dynamic Tag PHP didn't work on Color fields
* Minor fixes

v2.0.3 - 14/10/2021
* Tweak: compatibility between JS Field for Elementor Pro Form and JS optimizers from other plugins
* Fix: Rollback to a previous versions didn't available
* Fix: legacy features automatically deactivated on v2.0.0
* Fix: thumbnails not clickable on Skin Dual Carousel
* Minor fixes

v2.0.1 - 12/10/2021
* Fix: display issue on Skin Grid with Filters in Dynamic Posts

v2.0.0 - 12/10/2021
Details on https://www.dynamic.ooo/changelog/v2-0-0/
* Notice: Dynamic Posts (was Dynamic Posts v2) now is called Dynamic Posts
* New: HTML Converter on PDF Generator for Elementor Pro Form
* New: section on the dashboard to create HTML Templates
* New: widget Dynamic Products
* New: widget Products in the Cart
* New: widget Product Upsells
* New: widget Product Cross-Sells
* New: widget My Posts
* New: widget Sticky Posts
* New: widget Search Results
* New: widget Favorites
* New: extension Confirm Dialog for Elementor Pro Form
* New: Dynamic Tag PHP
* New: widget PDF Viewer
* New: widget iFrame
* New: widget Google Document Preview
* New: Query Type - Custom Query on Dynamic Posts
* Tweak: Stripe for Elementor Pro Form supports subscriptions
* Tweak: speed optimization for Dynamic Visibility on editor mode
* Tweak: speed optimization for FileBrowser on editor mode
* Tweak: on Dynamic Posts added new items (Add to Cart, Product Price, Product SKU)
* Tweak: on Dynamic Posts you can set a custom arrow for Carousel Skin
* Tweak: on Dynamic Posts you can choose the pagination position between top, bottom and both
* Tweak: on Dynamic Posts we moved the Custom Meta Fields tab in the Items tab
* Tweak: you can choose the size on Icons for Elementor Pro Form
* Tweak: Icons for Elementor Pro Form works on Select fields
* Tweak: on Dynamic Visibility added the condition "Cart is empty"
* Tweak: 360 Slider Navigation works correctly on all background colors
* Tweak: on Save for Elementor Pro Form added all custom post statuses
* Tweak: on Parent Child Menu added ordering settings
* Tweak: Add to Favorites can work with posts in different languages with WPML
* Fix: Pods Relationship didn't work correctly on same cases in Dynamic Posts
* Fix: Amount Field didn't work correctly with multiple choice fields
* Fix: Match Height in Dynamic Posts didn't work for multiple inner sections on a template
* Fix: Video didn't stop after closing Modals
* Fix: Dynamic Posts controls were not updating in editor mode
* Fix: the Dynamic Visibility icon in the Navigator was not positioned correctly for RTL sites
* Minor fixes

v1.16.9 - 14/09/2021
* Fix: Amount Field for Elementor Pro Form expressions worked with tokens field definitions but not with tags

v1.16.8 - 14/09/2021
* Fix: Dynamic Google Maps - ACF didn't work correctly without ACF Pro

v1.16.7 - 13/09/2021
* Tweak: Dynamic Google Maps now supports Zoom Level on Multiple Locations Query
* Tweak: Added a warning for users using Conditional Fields (old version) for Elementor Pro Form to invite them to use the new version
* Fix: Save For Elementor Pro Form would change usernames uppercase characters to lowercase
* Fix: Icons for Elementor Pro Form didn't work with all icon types
* Fix: Select2 Field for Elementor Pro Form didn't work with other our extensions, like the JS Field
* Fix: Featured Image - Open in a new window didn't work on Dynamic Posts (was Dynamic Posts v2)
* Fix: various fix for Advanced Video Controls
* Fix: minor fixes

v1.16.6 - 03/09/2021
* Tweak: Dynamic Visibility now supports Product Category in the cart for WooCommerce
* Fix: Form with PayPal returned an error in some situations
* Fix: JS error in Conditional Fields v2 in older browsers
* Fix: the content of the modals widget was not translated with WPML
* Fix: minor fixes

v1.16.5 - 21/08/2021
* Fix: added notice on Dynamic Tag - Token for users without administrators capabilities

v1.16.4 - 20/08/2021
* Fix: Elementor Breakpoints

v1.16.3 - 20/08/2021
* Tweak: JS Field for Elementor Pro Form getField function can now be given a default parameter in case the field is empty
* Tweak: Visibility Referer Triggers now allows referrers from specific pages instead of just from generic domains
* Tweak: Stripe Field for Elementor Pro Form can now save payment details for later, allowing the creation of later payments and subscriptions
* Tweak: Tooltip now can work in a loop
* Tweak: enabled debug on Dynamic Visibility
* Tweak: added icons on User Fields
* Tweak: added delay on Cursor Tracker
* Tweak: compatibility check for Elementor 3.4.x
* Tweak: compatibility check for Elementor Pro 3.4.x
* Fix: multicolumns order on Views
* Fix: Weglot didn't work correctly on Dynamic Visibility
* Fix: on Dynamic Posts, when you retrieve an ACF Field Date, don't show today's date
* Fix: incompatibility with other plugins caused by the PHP 8 str_contains functions
* Fix: minor fixes

v1.16.2 - 26/07/2021
* Fix: Featured images in the background didn't work correctly when inserted in a widget, present in a loop
* Fix: JS Field for Elementor Pro Form getValue function didn't work with Checkbox and Multi-Select fields
* Fix: minor fixes

v1.16.1 - 24/07/2021
* Fix: Featured images in the background didn't work correctly when inserted in a column of an inner section, present in a loop

v1.16.0 - 23/07/2021
Details on https://www.dynamic.ooo/changelog/v1-16-0/
* Tweak: Fix and also prevent potential conflicts with other WordPress plugins caused by PHP dependencies
* Notice: Dynamic Posts v2 now is called Dynamic Posts
* Notice: on PDF Button widget removed "Paged" converter
* New: OpenStreetMap widget
* Tweak: on Dynamic Posts (was Dynamic Posts v2) added HTML & Tokens as Style Items
* Tweak: on Dynamic Posts (was Dynamic Posts v2) added ID List as Query
* Tweak: added wrapper for Grouping fields on Views widget
* Tweak: added compatibility for WPML 4.5
* Tweak: compatibility check for Elementor 3.3.x
* Tweak: compatibility check for WordPress 5.8
* Tweak: removed icons in Dynamic Posts Editor settings to match Elementor's UX
* Tweak: added a new trigger to use "My FastAPP" plugin on Dynamic Visibility
* Fix: when templates with Featured Images as background were used on Dynamic Posts, using Infinite Scroll would load the wrong images
* Fix: Dynamic Visibility now can check terms in the current language with WPML activated
* Fix: Masonry didn't work correctly in the skin Grid with Filters - Dynamic Posts
* Fix: on Dynamic Email for Elementor Pro Form, some email options would overflow to the following emails in the settings
* Fix: Hidden Label for Elementor Pro Form conflict with RecaptchaV3 inside a form, the required options of a field was ignored
* Fix: on PDF Button widget, the PDF was not produced where both browser and JS convert button were present on the same page
* Fix: on PDF Button widget with JS Converter a missing template would cause Fatal Errors to be emitted. Now only a warning is shown
* Fix: Order By with multiple fields on Views
* Fix: ACF Fields widget didn't retrieve the date in the current language
* Fix: on Add to Calendar widget, the ICS file didn't load ACF Fields in specific cases
* Fix: PDF Button with JS converter and template as options, did not create the PDF in some situations
* Fix: minor fixes

v1.15.5 - 25/06/2021
* Notice: PDF Button widget with converters DomPDF or TCPDF now requires PHP 7.2 or greater
* New: Live HTML Field for Elementor Pro Form
* Tweak: Re init layout after Ajax requests on Exposed Form - Views
* Fix: Conditionals Fields v2 could not get the values from the Hidden Field or JS Field
* Fix: errors on DomPDF converter - PDF Button widget
* Fix: not possible to retrieve Favorites from user meta with Views
* Fix: minor fixes