Duplicator Pro v4.0.6 (Business/Gold) – WordPress Migrate And Backup Plugin

Duplicator Pro helps to back up WordPress files and databases.

Copy and move an entire website from one place to another in just a few steps. Feel free to make a full copy of your website.

Back up to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive or Amazon S3 for safe storage. Recover from Duplicator Pro in minutes.

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Demo:https://snap Creek.com/duplicator/

Features Duplicator Pro - WordPress Migration and Backup Plugin

  • Multisite support: In addition to standard single-site, Duplicator Pro supports multi-site backup and migration. You can even make subsites stand-alone!
  • Large website support: The tools in the pro version are faster and more suitable for larger websites. Backup capacity up to 100 GB is supported!
  • Backup limit: Limit the number of stored backups so your cloud storage doesn't fill up with previous backups.
  • filter data: Filter only folders, files, extensions, and database tables to be backed up.
  • Automatic database creation: Easily select an existing cPanel database and user or create a new one without leaving the installer.
  • Overlay live website: Install a backed up or migrated site to an empty or existing site - including a 1-click WordPress site for quick installation!
  • single file package: The Duplicator Pro tool bundles your website into one archive, unlike other plugins that create a lot of unmanageable files.
  • Large database support: The ability to manually import SQL files means that very large databases are now supported.
  • Email notification: Know instantly when Replication has a backup problem, times out, or needs attention.
  • advanced options: Tons of advanced options are available for customizing WordPress backups and custom settings.

Changelog Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin Free Cancellation

v4.0.6 Changes
[NEW]: Added option that allows to exclude all tables that do not have the prefix of the current wordpress installation
[NEW]: Added option that allows to exclude all tables that belong to deleted sites in a multisite installation
[NEW]: Bulk subsite import in multisite
[UPD]: Updated error messages that appears if a user tries to activate Duplicator Pro plugin while Lite version is active
[UPD]: Symlinks for main WordPress folders (wp-content, plugins ...) managed as normal folders in case they are children of home path
[UPD]: Added schedule name to scheduled package built emails
[UPD]: Improved the accessibility of the packages screen and the overall build process
[UPD]: Writing better description in log when installer files present during (scheduled) build
[FIX]: Now backup-dup-pro folder is correctly filtered automatically even if wp-content is a symlink
[FIX]: Safe mode docs and settings are now properly set to Enabled/Disabled
[FIX]: Removed unnecessary check in EDD client
[FIX]: Third party backup folders are again filtered and not included in packages by default
[FIX]: Fixed bug in the startup of the Drag and Drop installation that in some rare cases was not executed correctly
[FIX]: Fixed recovery point bug that would timeout at startup when working on large sites on slow hosting
[FIX]: Fixed DupArchive timeout bug when working with large databases
[NEW]: Bulk subsite import in multisite
[UPD]: Added validation test for REST API
[UPD]: Improved the database cleanup transients function which could timeout in large sites
[UPD]: Improved performance of the boot startup with the DupArchive
[UPD]: Now you can import non-complete packages into a multisite
[FIX]: Removed all the visible references to Duplicator in a branded installer
[FIX]: Removed some checks of the REST calls that caused the installation to fail in case of self signed certificate
[FIX]: iThemes Security and Easy HTTPS Redirection plugins automatically deactivated during installation
[FIX]: Fixed recovery package age in validation
[FIX]: chunked the table prefix replace regex to work with large number of tables
[FIX]: SAPI check now catches SAPI: apache2handler

v4.0.5.3 Release Date: 2021-11-24
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.2
Plugin [FIX]: Removed auto switch of client side kickoff when package determined stuck
Plugin [FIX]: Increasing time required that determines when a package is stuck - increases build reliability especially on slower systems

v4.0.5.2 Release Date: 2021-11-22
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.2
[UPD]: Updated certificate for SSL requests
[UPD]: Updated certificate for SSL requests (Out of date certificates affected imports on some machines)

Release Date: 2021-11-8
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8.1
[FIX]: Fixed a warning message that appeared in case other plugins generated an unexpected output
[NEW]: Implemented ZipArchive throttling
[NEW]: Added HTTP headers disabling caching during install
[FIX]: Charset and collate replace bug fixed
[FIX]: Fixed a bug when trying to duplicate a site in the same multisite
[FIX]: Automatically setting ZipArchive throttling for Siteground
[FIX]: Chunked the table prefix replace regex to work with large number of tables
[UPD]: Require site that is importing a package to run a version of Pro at or greater than the version that created the package
[UPD]: Improved instructions for manually removing the maintenance file generated by the installer.

[NEW]: Plugin now capable of importing Duplicator Lite packages
[UPD]: Reduced queries executed in the frontend for better optimization
[UPD]: Improve the schedule ‘Run Now’ icon on the main packages page
[UPD]: Fix manual transfer status with OneDrive and improve UI workflow
[FIX]: Fixed the dead lock that occurred in some rare cases
[FIX]: Fixed autoselection of cPanel tab, when the 'Auto Select cPanel' checkbox for the Template is checked
[FIX]: Fixed an issue with the installer starting to import if loading a package after a migration
[FIX]: added check to make sure we are deleting the installer file at cleanup
[FIX]: Fixed autoselection of cPanel tab
[NEW]: Standalone → Multisite subsite feature officially released
[NEW]: Advanced user import for multisite subsite installs (standalone and subsite sources)
[NEW]: Added next step and final report notices for config files in main folders
[NEW]: Added validation test and automatic search and replace for invalid MySQL engines
[NEW]: User mode added
[UPD]: Keep user now work on multisite
[UPD]: Improve wording for SHOW VARIABLE Validation check
[FIX]: Fixed multisite subsite import issue where Duplicator was activated both at the network level and subsite level Patch Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2021-9-8
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
WordPress Version: 4.0 or greater
Tested up to: 5.8
[NEW]: Added new streaming/fopen mode for Google Drive. Helps machines getting timeouts using cURL.
[FIX]: Addressed PHP 8 incompatibility with S3 functionality
Installer [NEW]: Require user enter archive name on overwrites when default installer name used with no password (Enhances Security)
Installer [NEW]: Change default and show notice in case FORCE_ADMIN_SSL config is set and package is being installed with no SSL
Installer [FIX]: Fixed a problem on serialized strings that contained objects with properties with serialized strings

[NEW]: Caches of many plugins are purged after a migration.
[NEW]: New scanner check for PHP 64-bit architecture for 2GB notices
[NEW]: Added outbound IP address to tools section
[NEW]: Added ability to run any package listed as recovery point directly in the package list
[NEW]: Added the possibility to download the recovery launcher
[NEW]: Now Duplicator PRO cannot be activated if LITE is active
[UPD]: Improved ZIP archive single and multi-threaded mode package creation speed
[UPD]: Improved message shown when storage endpoint can’t be read
[UPD]: Changed coloring of delete package import message
[UPD]: Additional polish and cleanup of license messages
[UPD]: Improve Package Details Error notice message
[UPD]: Removed old webfont files and references
[UPD]: Improve help and enhance the visibility of the Import UI Screens
[UPD]: Fixed ‘use current’ quick link in installer section of first page of build
[UPD]: Updated recovery feature UI on package list page
[UPD]: Updated filter selection UI on tables to work on large number of tables (10K tables tested).
[UPD]: Updated the parsely library to version 2.9.2
[UPD]: Updated the duplicator_pro_entities table to handle larger serialized objects
[UPD]: Updated for WordPress 5.8
[FIX]: No longer removing corrupt tables from list of tables available for filtering on build step 1
[FIX]: Fixed tables filter with hight number of tables selected
[FIX]: Updated the list of filtered tables in the package details (previously they were not displayed)
[FIX]: Added logic to show quick fix when ZipArchive failed in various places
[FIX]: Copying a template to another template, in some cases the source template ID was not handled correctly
[FIX]: Send email when schedule errors out due to requirements failing
[NEW]: Hooks system added installer
[NEW]: added option that allows one to remove definer statements from create queries
[NEW]: Subsite to multisite overwrite function enabled
[NEW]: Addon system implemented installer
[NEW]: Remove only media option added
[NEW]: Validation test added that shows a list tables that are affected by the database action.
[UPD]: Updated UI elements when no triggers present
[UPD]: Improved restore backup mode installer selection
[UPD]: Removed old webfont files and references
[UPD]: Now the new URL is editable only in advanced mode
[UPD]: Improved bulk DELETE and UPDATE queries by chunking them
[FIX]: Ignore cPanel pre-fills from package creation step 1 in case of an import install
[FIX]: Fixed the selection of tables to be extracted in advanced mode with large number of tables
[FIX]: Fixed bug with tables that are removed in import validation when import option of subsite enabled

v4.0.3.2 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2021-7-3
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.2
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [UPD]: Enhanced installer name handling

Release Date: 2021-6-29
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.2
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed bug with schedules not starting on time

4.0.3 Latest-Stable
Release Date: 2021-6-13
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.2
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [NEW]: Removed Installer name with hash notice
Plugin [NEW]: Added integrity check to make sure main installer files and folders exist in the archive
Plugin [NEW]: Added a notice at step 2 of the building process under “System” that checks the PHP memory limit
Plugin [NEW]: Beta features page added
Plugin [NEW]: Beta feature MU import checkbox added
Plugin [UPD]: Added logic to validation stage 1 of the DB PHP dump to make sure that all tables were created
Plugin [UPD]: Improved interface of configuration files options
Plugin [UPD]: Improve package storage popup storages list
Plugin [UPD]: Added a check to build scan process when SQL FUNCTIONS are present
Plugin [UPD]: Improved invalid license notice and removed “Rejected” image
Plugin [UPD]: Improved Drag and Drop import error message in case ZipArchive module is not present
Plugin [UPD]: Improved scan file writes error checking
Plugin [UPD]: Improve package log
Plugin [UPD]: Update import subsite from a network to another network
Plugin [UPD]: Improved quick fix and failed schedules notice. Added dismiss button
Plugin [UPD]: Now considering the ‘best’ license between importer and installer when running a D&D import
Plugin [FIX]: Installer backup file renamed after extraction for import and recovery in case extension not set to .php
Plugin [FIX]: Package storage color indication was wrong in a few cases
Plugin [FIX]: Corrected header type when downloading migration export file
Plugin [FIX]: Package can’t be built in the Windows IIS Server.Plugin
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed bug causing auto filters not being displayed on the scan page
Plugin [FIX]: Prevent package creation error on cleanup phase after package creation
Plugin [FIX] : Fixed settings property of null error when user settings are missing from the DB
Plugin [FIX]: Only allow import if import capability present
Plugin [FIX]: Trace View log link wasn’t working
Plugin [FIX]: fixed bug where “Network Site Filters” warning would always be shown at scan
Plugin [FIX]: Trace View log link on trace log page click didn’t refresh the log page
Plugin [FIX]: Import functions work correctly with import capability
Plugin [FIX]: Improved Activate Plugins notice
Plugin [FIX]: Fixed activate plugin notification bug
Installer [NEW]: Added validation item that checks if the DB user has resource restrictions (queries/connections/updates per hour)
Installer [NEW]: Import sub site in network new subsite
Installer [NEW]: Addest install single site on existing network
Installer [NEW]: Disable all subsite import installation types in case Duplicator version is less than 4.0.3
Installer [NEW]: Added handling of SQL FUNCTIONS
Installer [NEW]: Added validation test to the installer that checks for PHP memory limit
Installer [NEW]: Added net database action “Connect and remove only existing tables”
Installer [NEW:] Overviews added for all installation types
Installer [UPD]: Improved standalone migration file handling logic, so only files belonging to subsite are extracted put into the right destination
Installer [UPD]: Improve installer option help
Installer [UPD]: Improved DupArchive extraction error checking
Installer [UPD]: Moved blog title selection from step 2 to step 1
Installer [UPD]: Moved keep users option from step 2 to step 1
Installer [UPD]: Now the available admin users are correctly updated according to the site you want to overwrite in the network
Installer [FIX]: Now replacing only contents of tables that have a string column (not considering set and enum
Installer [FIX]: Fixed skip query regex in case of standalone installation with mysqldump
Installer [FIX]: Updated functions that remove www from domains
Installer [FIX]: fixed view already exists error on site overwrite
Installer [FIX]: proc/view/func already exists

= v4.0.2.2 Latest-Stable =
Release Date: 2021-5-12
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.1
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [FIX]: Improved PHPDump chunk in case of servers with very slow disk writes

= v4.0.2.1 Latest-Stable =
Release Date: 2021-4-28
WordPress Version: 4.0 to 5.7.1
PHP Version: 5.3.8 or higher
Plugin [NEW]: Flywheel manage hosting support added
Plugin [UPD]: Optimized php dump (multithreaded mode)
Plugin [UPD]: Updated plugin for WordPress 5.7
Plugin [FIX]: Fix temp folder cleanup on package creation
Plugin [FIX]: Make the wider import package progress bar in WordPress 5.7
Plugin [FIX]: Purge SFTP storage packages
Plugin [FIX]: Removed SFTP mcrypt_* function warnings that caused log problems on PHP 7.1
Installer [UPD]: Transient cleanup function optimized
Installer [UPD]: "Run all CREATE queries at once" option disabled if # tables in source site > 200
Installer [UPD]: highlighting on final report tables removed
Installer [FIX]: Now the value of the table wp_site after a multisite migration is correctly updated
Installer [FIX]: Check if is_executable exists before using it
Installer [FIX]: Improved custom upload path validation
Installer [FIX]: Fixed problem with migrating super admins during a standalone migration
Installer [FIX]: Fixed filter table management on installer advanced mode with many tables (300 >)
Installer [FIX]: Fix db connection on create new database

= v4.0.2 =
-Plugin [NEW]: Added TRIGGER detection to the scanner
-Plugin [UPD]: Add template recoveable check and layout on template edit and template list
-Plugin [UPD]: Add schedule recoveable check and layout on schedule edit and schedule list
-Plugin [UPD]: Allow import of multisite packages that have even one subsite with no filtered tables and paths
-Plugin [UPD]: Display in scanner wich subsites won't be importable in the “Network” section
-Plugin [UPD]: List of main URLs of current installation added to diagnostics
-Plugin [UPD]: Duplicator messages are now displayed only if user has export capabilities
-Plugin [UPD]: Added sensitivity markers to package share links box
-Plugin [UPD]: Allow import of multisite packages that have even one subsite with no filtered tables and paths
-Plugin [UPD]: Display in scanner wich subsites won't be importable in the “Network” section
-Plugin [FIX]: Fixed the package creation in case of a multisite installation that has the upload folder as blogs.dir
-Plugin [FIX]: Fixed a problem with scheduled packages where email not sent when database capture problem encountered
-Plugin [FIX]: Now if a schedule fails in a multisite installation the message is correctly displayed
-Plugin [FIX]: Fixed display of filtered tables and paths belonging to a subsite in the scanner
-Plugin [FIX]: Fixed storage of original file function after migration
-Plugin [FIX]: Copy template functionality bug fixed
-Installer [NEW]: Added Validation item for TRIGGERS and copy-to-clipboard button
-Installer [NEW]: Add option “extract only media file and plugins and themes that don't already exist”
-Installer [UPD]: In import disable Multisite install and install of those subsites which have filtered tables
-Installer [UPD]: In import disable Multisite install and install of those subsites which have filtered tables
-Installer [UPD]: In recovery mode, show soft warning instead of a hard when one doesn't have permissions to config files.
-Installer [FIX]: Fixed the permissions check on "other" configuration files was wrong (php.ini user.ini web config)
-Installer [FIX]: Fixed the check on configuration files in case the file's owner is not the same as PHP user
-Installer [FIX]: If the installer cannot manage a configuration file (wp-config, htaccess ...) it continues without modifying the file.
-Installer [FIX]: Fix installation if home path ise equal at home path
-Installer [FIX]: Now CACHEHOMEPATH is correctly updated in the wp-config.php with the final slash
-Installer [FIX]: Status of the archive in the information is displayed correctly
-Installer [FIX]: Fixed several capitalization and wording issues
-Installer [FIX]: Redundant option on subsite to standalone migration works properly

= v4.0.1.2 =
-Plugin: PHP 8.0 fixes
-Plugin: Fixed bug with cancellation of package build
-Installer: PHP 8.0 Fixes
-Installer: Fixed file permissions problem with duparchive

= =
-Plugin: Fixed problem involving capturing tables with compound keys

= v4.0.1 =
-Plugin: Advanced mode added to import option
-Plugin: Greatly improved efficiency of handling large databases
-Plugin: Migration status updated to include filtered tables
-Plugin: Replaced deprecated qtip library with popper
-Plugin: Added PHP version to scanner
-Plugin: Added option for SQL file split for more reliable chunking
-Plugin: Settings > Storage options split out into separate tabs
-Installer: Reworked permissions file checking
-Installer: Greatly improved efficiency of handling large databases
-Installer: Overhauled charset/collation system and made much more robust
-Installer: Added options allowing one to delete existing files on site overwrite
-Plugin: Uninstall works with delete options
-Plugin: Handling bad tokens better
-Plugin: Reworked how Duplicator Pro related options are removed on uninstall
-Plugin: Tweaked Google client code to prevent warnings on PHP 7.4
-Plugin: Improved validation checks
-Plugin: Improved validation message regarding managed hosting presence
-Plugin: Auto disable the One Click SSL plugin when not installing to https
-Plugin: Quick fix formatting fixed
-Plugin: Fixed handling of DUPLICATOR_PRO_PLUGIN_PATH on Windows machines
-Plugin: Improved package log to include transfer
-Plugin: Quickfix message for scheduled build timeouts fixed
-Plugin: Better notification about lack of export capability
-Plugin: Scrubbed default storage folder name for storages
-Installer: Removed SQL Invoker/Definer settings for recovery installs
-Installer: Improved foreign key management when clearing/backing up database tables
-Installer: Import > Archive namecheck improved
-Installer: Improved management of special defines in wp-config.php
-Installer: Improved wording in Wordfence notification message
-Installer: Improved table case validation test
-Installer: Fixed home path replacement bug when wp-content outside of home path
-Installer: Reworked permission file check for installer validation
-Installer: Improved permissions setting so it is included in chunking
-Installer: Rewrite of collation/charset determination logic
-Installer: Handling of installing packages from sites that were on root improved
-Installer: Fixed removal of inactive plugins and themes for subsite->standalone
-Installer: Explicitely handle lack of tokenizer