Docly v1.5.3 – Documentation And Knowledge Base WordPress Theme with bbPress Helpdesk Forum

Docly - Documentation and Knowledge Base WordPress Theme with bbPress Help Desk Forumis a powerful, responsive, and high-performance online documentation WordPress theme that helps you quickly develop documentation for your next product.You can efficiently create documentation to document APIs, frameworks, plugins, software, templates and any type of product.It contains many elements that make your document interactive and effective. This theme is fully responsive and mobile friendly.


  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Convert dark/light mode
  • Theme auto updateOpen
  • support CenterbbPressforum
  • Unlimited one-page and multi-page documents
  • Gutenberg optimization
  • WPMLCompatibles & RTL
  • GDPR ready
  • Offers children themes
  • PSD includedimages, graphics.

We designed Docly for our readers, optimized not for page viewing or interaction, but for reading. It turns out that context is an important part of learning.

DoclyNot just a theme, but a toolkit to create product documentation in the best possible way. Docly follows coding best practices by maintaining the standard.The themes we develop are search engine friendly (SEO optimized) and perfect on any device (desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad).

Features Docly Themes & Tools - Documentation & Knowledge Base WordPress Themes & bbPress Help Desk Forums

Docly has some great tools to help you build product documentation in an interactive and easy-to-read way.Here are some key features that make this theme better than other knowledge base themes.

  • Submit convert Mode sombre.
  • Submit convert mida de la font
  • Container-based document pages are full width and box width.
  • Article Directory (this page)
  • Documents with sticky and non-sticky headers
  • Dynamic, informative preloaders on every page
  • Documentation Reference Notes
  • Page preview tooltip
  • folder indicator
  • conditional content
  • Image access point used to indicate the target part of the image
  • Responsive layout
  • CSS3 and HTML5 are validated by standard
  • 100% efficient and semantically encrypted
  • over 40 pages
  • sticky sidebar
  • Full width layout
  • syntax highlighting
  • Tabs
  • Alerts/Messages/Notes
  • Accordion
  • Lightbox
  • Tooltips
  • Carousel
  • file tree navigation
  • content
  • bilancio e
  • reply to post
  • Easy to customize.
  • Bootstrap 4-responsive framework
  • Unique and modern style.
  • Search engine optimization code.
  • Mailchimp integration.
  • All modern browsers are supported.
  • well commented code

Changelog: Docly – Documentation And Knowledge Base WordPress Theme with bbPress Helpdesk Forum

v1.5.3 (21 January 2022)
Fixed: Doc link was not working if doc slug change in the "(Docly) Docs List" WordPress widget
Fixed: Forum topics page breaks if no topics found.
Fixed: Docly child theme's stylesheet (style.css) was replacing the main theme's style.css ( included in the theme package)
Tweaked: Blog single post title tag changed to h1 from h2

v1.5.2 (10 November 2021)
New: Custom Fonts support added
Fixed: Forum user profile Favorites
Tweaked: Removed filters from Forum user profile page (filters is not suitable there)
Tweaked: Sticky, Closed status badges added to Forum Topics

v1.5.1 (17 October 2021)
Tweaked: Articles Title string changing option added to Theme Settings > Doc Settings
Tweaked: "FAQ Tabs" Elementor widget (Category Order and Order by options added under the Filter tab)
Tweaked: Post status published posts will show on doc ajax search results
Fixed: Docs label was not changing along with the docs slug change from Theme Settings > Doc Settings
Fixed: Github social icon was not showing
Fixed: Forum Topic Replies (last reply was not showing and +1 reply count was showing in the pagination)

v1.4.9 (12 September 2021)
New: [authors] shortcode added for viewing all authors of the website
Tweaked: Header Navigation colors, Menu active/hover states
Tweaked: Made the Header nav container consistent with the Doc page layout on the Doc single page
Tweaked: Blog pages (featured post shadow, Post title on post details page)

v1.4.8 (11 September 2021)
Fixed: Forum freshness (who was last active in a forum) link was not showing correctly
Tweaked: Menu color made black on the Archive page.
Tweaked: Author post archive page (author description shown below to the author name)

----- 1.4.7 (26 August 2021) -----
Tweaked: wpml-config.xml file updated with still_stuck_text, help_form_link_text, doc_feedback_label
Tweaked: views text made translatable

----- v1.4.6 (20 August 2021) -----
Fixed: Theme's default brand color scheme was not showing in Firefox
Fixed: Tooltip popups were not appearing.
Fixed: Author links of Forum Reply on Forum Topic page
Tweaked: wp-custom.js file merged to main.js file in the docly > assets > js folder
Tweaked: Shop (product image linked in shop page, product gallery border color changed to brand color)
New: Global Search settings added to Theme Settings > General (Ajax Search, Focus Search by "/")
New: Doc Meta show/hide option added to Theme Settings > Doc Settings

----- v1.4.5 (10 August 2021) -----
Fixed: Page content appearing on Main Menu dropdown item hover when you have Mega Menu
Tweaked: Product details page (Gallery carousel and magnify glass enabled for product images, Product Add to Cart and Review form design improved)
Updated: Language (docly.pot) file
Updated: New support center URL updated

v1.4.4 (30 July 2021)
Tweaked: Docs archive page linked in the breadcrumb.
Tweaked: Docs archive page design ([wedocs] shortcode output)
Fixed: The search keyword showing at the append of "Search result for:" text on the Search Results page.

v1.4.3 (19 July 2021)
New: Shop settings added under Theme Settings page
Tweaked: Products, Product Categories, Filter by Price, Product Search widgets style improved
Tweaked: Search Banner placed instead of the Titlebar on the Shop and Product details page
Fixed: Product image sizes (you need to regenerate the product images to get the sizes fixed)

v1.4.1 (05 July 2021)
Fixed: When you unfold the doc section tree, the section title jumps a line and this happens only since the last theme update.
Fixed: Doc Right Sidebar's widget content overflows on sticky mode (desktop screen)
Fixed: Doc Right Sidebar overflows on sticky mode on tablet screen
Fixed: Doc Feedback form not working on mobile
Tweaked: Doc Feedback area and the Comment form view improved on mobile
Tweaked: Doc Right Sidebar show hide Toggle arrow added on mobile view

v1.4.0 (25 June 2021)
Tweaked: Onepage navigation
Tweaked: Made the "No Results Found" text translatable.
Fixed: New Metaboxes not updating

v1.3.9 (21 June 2021)
Fixed: When you unfold the doc section tree, the section title jumps a line and this happens only since the last theme update.

v1.3.8 (10 June 2021)
Tweaked: Shortcode support enabled for the "Docy List Items" Elementor widget
Fixed: When click on the subjects below on the doc details page, the banner stick hides the text
Fixed: Documentation section text cutting off when it's long

v1.3.7 (21 May 2021)
Tweaked: Title tag option added in the Quote Elementor widget
New: vk social option added to Theme Settings > Social Links
Fixed: Onepage Doc width