Divi Booster v3.7.2 – Divi Theme By Elegant Themes

Divi boosterIs anWordPress pluginThis makes customElegante tema Divi.

Divi boosterAdded 100 new configuration options for Divi. Divi Booster is very easy to use - just tick options to turn most features on and off.

Divi boosterExtremely fast - precompiles and compresses CSS and javascript code generated when the configuration is saved, not when a user visits your site.This means it loads faster or faster than the equivalent code placed in the theme.

Demo: https://vi booster.com/vi-booster-he-and-easy-breaststroke-to-customize-vi/

Features Divi Booster - Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

  • Site-wide settings: icons, layout, links, site speed
  • Header: Customize Top Header, Main Header, Mobile Header
  • Customize posts, sidebars, footers
  • Costruttore Divi: Custom Standard Builder, Visual Builder
  • Modules: Accordion, Blurb, Countdown, Email Optin, Gallery, Header (Full Width), Map, Portfolio, Portfolio (Filterable), Portfolio (Full Width), Post Navigation, Post Slider, Post,, Slider (Full Width), Pricing Table, Slider, Slider (Full Width), Text, Video
  • Plugins: compatible with Easy digital download, WooCommerce
  • For developer tools:import and export, Generated CSS, Generated JS, Generated Footer, HTML, Generated .htaccess rules

Changelog Divi Booster WordPress Plugin Free Cancellation

= v3.7.2 =
* Mobile content width setting now applies to speciality sections

= v3.7.1 =
* Fixed cannot redeclare function error
* Fixed transparent header offset not applied when adding image above header

= v3.6.9 =
* Clarified wording on top header options

= v3.6.8 =
* Custom icons updated to work with Divi extended icons

= v3.6.7 =
* Fixed custom mobile width incorrectly applying to rows with own width set

= v3.6.6 =
* Fixed secondary header social icons on right not hidden before being moved. Thanks to Victor of divimundo.com

= v3.6.5 =
* Fixed menu module link spacing not persisting in theme builder

= v3.6.4 =
* Fixed warning about missing method in slider run once feature
* Updated "Run Once" option to work with both the standard and fullwidth slider

= v3.6.3 =
* Removed unnecessary thumbs.db files from plugin folder

= v3.6.2 =
* Slider module second button now previewable in the visual builder

= v3.6.0 =
* Added menu module option to set link spacing

= v3.5.9 =
* Fixed menu module vertical separator not centered for some font sizes
* Fixed visual builder styles not loaded when certain child themes active

= v3.5.8 =
* Updated social icons feature for Divi 4.10 compatibility

= v3.5.6 =
* Fixed person module icons not displaying in Divi 4.10

= v3.5.5 =
* Added option to show post tags in blog module

= v3.5.4 =
* Fixed undefined function et_builder_i18n() error in Divi pre 4.4.9

= v3.5.2 =
* Fixed menu module vertical separators applied to submenu items
* Added "Run Once" option to fullwidth slider automation animation

= v3.5.1 =
* Added option to change filterable portfolio tab order

= v3.5.0 =
* Added span tag to separator added by post title module tags feature

= v3.4.9 =
* Reverted map pin feature to earlier loading method due to errors

= v3.4.6 =
* Added phone icon to social media follow module

= v3.4.5 =
* Fixed portfolio sorting by Id duplicating items in subsequent portfolios
* Improved positioning of title text option in Extra

= v3.4.3 =
* Fixed errors in CSS manager feature

= v3.4.2 =
* Fixed person module email and website not showing in theme builder layouts

= v3.3.9 =
* Fixed unsupported operand error in countdown timer module option

= v3.3.8 =
* Added option to set footer menu alignment
* Improved footer option organization and wording

= v3.3.7 =
* Added Site-wide Settings > Accessibility > Enable Zooming option

= v3.3.6 =
* Updated title / tagline feature to omit tagline element when not visible
* Fixed custom overlay icon positioning in fullwidth portfolio

= v3.3.5 =
* Fixed assign-op error in custom icon feature
* Option to show tags in post title module now works on projects
* Fixed background automatic updates not working in WP 5.5
* Fixed gallery images per row affecting slider
* Fixed social icon font loading when not needed
* Added caching headers to social icon font files
* Fixed array offset errors in version update code