CWICLY - WordPress Gutenberg Toolkit (Theme v1.0.2 + Plugin v1.

Cwicly Take your WordPress editor to the level of a professional website builder. Time to get to work.

Gutenberg Revolution

Cwicly is a completely redesigned version of the Gutenberg website builder, with optimized visual options, device-specific properties, a massive collection of templates, and high-speed performance that rivals the best hand-coded websites.

Designed just for you

We are constantly developing high-quality designs to complement any business or personality. Create your website in seconds while maintaining uniqueness with the click of a button.

The Cwicly library is now available.

Save time and build faster with our designer-created elements, layouts, and themes that are immediately available in the Gutenberg editor.With a little mixing and matching, a click and a few tweaks, you can create a one-of-a-kind professional website.

Nothing extra; everything is included.

You no longer have to rely on numerous themes or plugins to make your website stand out with Cwicly.
Cwicly is an all-in-one solution that is expanding and improving every day.


Features: CWICLY – WordPress Gutenberg Toolkit

  • Responsive Design:Cwicly is the only toolkit that effectively leverages Gutenberg's responsive features.
    With just a few clicks, you can customize each block across multiple device breakpoints. From the editor, you can instantly view and change your layout.No need to guess what the hover effect will look like, because what you see is what you get.
  • High-Performance: Cwicly only uses what is needed. Clean code and fast load times provide unmatched performance, making your website attractive to both customers and search engines.
  • Changed content: Cwicly integrates natively with WordPress and ACF, allowing you to design post templates, hide blocks for visitors, or display certain information.Use the ready-made selections to get all the information you need, or add your own shortcodes for custom data.
  • Repeat/connect blocks:Duplicating a block is as easy as a click. When you use linked blocks, any changes you make to the copied original block are reflected in all copied blocks.No more spending hours trying to reproduce the same style.
  • ACF Pro is short for ACF Professional: ACF Professional EditionConsolidated and integrated into Cwicly, allowing you to easily build and manage custom and repeatable dynamic data using the Repeater option.
  • Comprehensive fonts and colors:There will be no more back and forth. Manage all your styles from one location.Define your responsive global settings and apply them to any page of your website to observe results in real time.
  • Custom fonts and icons: Add any number of custom fonts and icons to Cwicly and access them quickly and easily.
  • Flexbox with CSS Grid: From CSS Grid builder and Flexbox builder to inline blocks and table displays, you have a complete solution to bring any design to life.
  • scroll animation: Bring your blocks to life with carefully chosen animations that come to life as the page scrolls. Time to add a little jazz to your website.

Changelog: CWICLY – WordPress Gutenberg Toolkit

= =
* Fix: Global Stylesheet first rule was being prepended multiple times

= =
* Fix: CSS properties from Starter Theme were being created even though Starter Theme templates were not in use
* Fix: SVG Cwicly panel icons not displaying in Safari
* Improvement: Indicator in Advanced Tab panels for default values changed

= =
* Fix: Creating/Clicking on Global Class didn't redirect in Site Editor
* Fix: Clicking on Removed in Global Class would redirect to unknown class
* Fix: Adding Global Block Typography to block incorrectly removed Margin and Transform properties
* Fix: Global Block Typography didn't apply correctly to the Section block
* Fix: Post Excerpt now auto generates from Cwicly content
* Fix: Global Classes now accept different character types
* Fix: Home URL option added to link wrapper
* Fix: Removed Theme notice completely
* Fix: File time for wrong files
* Fix: Theme element paragraph reset specific
* Fix: Close Design Library on Theme import
* Fix: Template condition would display template slug on frontend
* Improvement: Class Name to Class label in Global Classes
* Improvement: Dark Mode extended to Navigator and Collection
* Improvement: ACF 5.11.4

= =
* Fix: Admin styles were unregistered

= 1.0.9 =
* New: Cwicly Global Stylesheet
* New: Taxonomy Terms block
* New: Interactions
* Fix: get_page_link would fire a notice if called on a page out of the loop
* Fix: the_loop would fire a notice if called on a page out of the loop
* Fix: Infinite Scrolling Button ID and Text properties would return an object
* Fix: Adding a block in manual Columns block would result in an undefined error in mobile
* Fix: Removed Per Page setting for Inherit Query from URL
* Fix: Query Pagination Previous and Next had gone missing from the link wrapper actions
* Fix: Icon Sizing pseudo classes
* Fix: Past template conditions were not removed properly, causing issues when trying to populate new conditions for the same items
* Fix: Relative Styling now available when importing an design from the library
* Fix: Relative Styling now works when exporting and importing file from a block
* Fix: Relative Styling now works when exporting and importing file from page
* Fix: Importing exported block file resulted in an error
* Fix: Scroll into view error with Navigator
* Improvement: Dark Mode switch based on user preference
* Improvement: Toggle Display property from Navigator
* Improvement: <button> tag now available

= =
* Fix: License error with specific domains
* Improvement: Dark Mode tabs and icons more readable
* Improvement: Dynamic Post Previews can now be modified from the Global Style editor

= =
* Fix: Paragraph would not show selected Global Block Typography
* Fix: ACF Taxonomy would cause recoverable error when returning an object
* Fix: ACF dynamic values allows object and array choice
* Fix: Additional classes would be "removed" if added manually
* Fix: Image hover animation wasn't applying on frontend
* Fix: Column block should not allow link wrap
* Fix: Typography input in Dark Mode would be hard to read
* Fix: Colour slider now working properly when no colour selected previously
* Fix: License verification issue with specific domains
* Improvement: Guide to show when div or section is empty
* Improvement: Global Block Typographies now use a single class to apply