Custom Facebook Feed Pro Smash v4.1.1

The Customize your Facebook feedFeatures enable you to display a fully customizable, adaptable and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook page feed on your own website. No more unattractive iframes!It's very easy to set up and has tons of customization options to match the style and feel of your website.

Demo: https://smash

Features: Custom Facebook Feed Pro Smash

  • Showcase your Facebook page updates, photos, videos, events, links, photo albums and offers.
  • Select the type of posts to display.
  • Do you just want to show photos, videos or events? No big deal.
  • Display multiple feeds from different Facebook pages on the same page or on the entire website - Display feeds from different Facebook pages, define different post types, layouts and styles for each page.Do you want to show only images from one Facebook page and events from another page? No big deal.
  • Displays the number of likes, shares, and comments for each post, as well as reactions, comment replies, attachments, and stickers.
  • Full-size, high-resolution pictures can be displayed.
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos are automatically included in your feed, and HD, 360o and Facebook Live videos are supported.
  • Use the Load More button to load an unlimited amount of content into your feed.
  • Display event information such as name, time/date, location, map link, description and Facebook event cover photo.
  • Choose between 1 to 4 columns to display a grid of Facebook albums.
  • In the pop-up photo lightbox, display multiple photos per post and add photo attachments to each post.
  • Filter articles using string or #hashtag. Only show posts with certain text or hashtags.
  • Because of the posting cache, your feed loads very fast. Choose whether you want to check for new posts every few seconds, minutes, hours, or days.
  • Responsive designs look great on any screen size and container width.
  • Search engines are available. Other Facebook plugins use iframes, which prevent search engines from crawling the material. Custom Facebook feeds insert material directly into your website.

Changelog: Custom Facebook Feed Pro Smash

= v4.1.1 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue where legacy feeds would cause an oAuth error during the API request.
* Fix: Fixed an issue causing thumbnails not to appear in the lightbox when available.
* Fix: Post comments would not display in some feeds.
* Fix: Local copies of images would not be created in some feeds.
* Fix: Improved plugin hardening by removing unused admin pages.

= v4.1.0.1 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue with images not showing in photo/video feeds when using the Masonry layout.
* Fix: Fixed an issue causing Facebook posts not to display in the Social Wall plugin since v4.1.

= v4.1 =
* Tweak: Connecting an account will now go through to improve account connection reliability.
* Tweak: The Facebook app used to connect groups has changed. If you are using a Facebook group feed, then please reconnect your group accounts using the new app when convenient to prevent any future issues. When reconnecting, follow the included directions on how to add the new app to your group settings.
* Tweak: All Facebook data is now encrypted in your WordPress database.
* Tweak: Access Tokens are no longer able to be viewed on the settings page.
* Tweak: Translations specific to feeds now allow the use of a "blank" setting to always use the translation made on the "Settings" page.
* Fix: Manually connecting an account while on the "Settings" page would not work.
* Fix: Fixed a JavaScript error that would occur with certain optimization plugins in use.
* Fix: Dark color scheme was not applying correctly to "boxed" posts.
* Fix: "Show outside scrollable area" setting was not working for the header and like box with certain feed settings.
* Fix: Load more button was showing when no more posts were available.
* Fix: Events feed number of posts setting would not work if the load more button was disabled.
* Fix: Improvements made to the order of albums in the lightbox when multiple albums were on a page.
* Fix: Video descriptions sometimes contained incorrect characters.
* Fix: The Multifeed extension was not working as expected with events feeds.
* Fix: An invalid color would be used in inline styles under certain circumstances.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error when a string was used for the cache time setting.

= v4.0.8 =
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error when a Gutenberg block was used to display a feed that didn't exist.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP warning due to a non-number being used as the cache time.
* Fix: Additional slashes were added to the feed name every time settings were saved if using an apostrophe.
* Fix: Added additional plugin hardening.

= v4.0.7 =
* Important: With this update, the Custom CSS and Custom JS settings have been deprecated. Please see below for details.
* Tweak: If any Custom CSS was being used in this field then it will be automatically moved into the native WordPress Customizer "Additional CSS" field instead and continue to work as normal.
* Tweak: If any Custom JavaScript was being used, then this update will prevent that JavaScript from working. There are [directions here]( on how you can migrate this JavaScript into a specialized plugin instead.

= v4.0.6 =
* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Complianz Cookie Consent plugin integration.
* Fix: Locations of feeds sorted by source would not work if the source ID was not a number.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where setting were not preserved even when using the preserve settings option and deleting the plugin.
* Fix: Added support for "eventoffset" setting in shortcode.
* Fix: Fixed locale setting causing a PHP warning if not set.
* Fix: Fixed PHP warnings when viewing dashboard notifications.
* Fix: Fixed some options and tables not being removed from the WordPress database on uninstall.
* Fix: Added a workaround for a rare issue with posts from other accounts displaying in feeds meant to show only posts from the account author.
* Fix: Fixed styling issues for the notice to renew your license that appears when a license expires.

= v4.0.5 =
* Fix: Fixed a bug that was inadvertently adding a notice to the WordPress dashboard for some users.

= v4.0.4 =
* Tweak: The Optimize Images setting will be automatically enabled when using the GDPR consent feature to allow it to work as intended.
* Tweak: The mobile columns setting will now be applied when the screen width is 480px or less, instead of 400px.
* Tweak: Added support for the "cachetime" shortcode setting which can be used if you need to change the caching method to check for new content when the page loads instead of in the background. This can be used to set the number of minutes to wait until the next check is performed. This is not recommended for most users.
* Fix: Added a setting back into the feed customizer to change the Like Box position to be at the top or bottom of the feed.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where under some circumstances no posts would show when filtering a feed even if posts matched the filter.
* Fix: Adding a Custom Facebook Feed block without using the "embed" button in the CFF customizer would not work if more than 1 feed was created.
* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Complianz Cookie Consent plugin integration.
* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Web Toffee GDPR Cookie Consent plugin integration.
* Fix: Switching from a Single Featured Post feed to another feed type when inside the customizer would sometimes result in no posts displaying.
* Fix: Fixed a problem with the carousel layout when using themes that add paragraph elements automatically.
* Fix: When connecting a new group source, the link to the selected Facebook group in the directions for admins to grant permission to Smash Balloon's app was incorrect.
* Fix: Removed the limit applied to the number of Facebook sources that can be shown at one time when connecting a Facebook account.

= v4.0.3 =
* Fix: Error messages were not appearing at the top of the settings page when there was a critical error with a feed.
* Fix: Videos would not play in the feed when the lightbox was disabled.
* Fix: Legacy feeds were not updating when changes were made to the feed source and the multifeed extension was being used.
* Fix: "posttags" shortcode setting was not working.
* Fix: Some carousel settings were not being reflected in the feed preview when customizing a feed.
* Fix: Media was not loading correctly when using the GDPR setting.
* Fix: The license field would disappear when an unexpected value was saved for the license data.
* Fix: Sources were not showing that there was an error when an account specific Facebook error was occurring.

= v4.0.2 =
* Fix: Cache would not clear before posts were updated in the posts cache.
* Fix: Feeds would always use 4 columns for desktop size screens when using the "grid" layout.
* Fix: Some legacy feeds had an invalid locale set as the default locale which would cause no posts to display in the customizer.
* Fix: Adding a feed using the Elementor module would cause the lightbox to appear at the bottom of the page for some themes.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with unintended sources being added and removed when editing sources using the customizer and the [Multifeed extension](