Coupon Wheel For WooCommerce And WordPress v3.4.9

Coupon Wheel for WooCommerce and WordPressHelp your customers attract customers by giving them a chance to win coupons by spinning the wheel of fortune.Automatically issue WooCommerce coupon codes, show coupons or mailings instantly, show coupons URGENCY timer countdown to increase engagement, collect data (email, first name, last name) and register guest items to your MailChimp list, etc.


The exit intent popup is here!

Coupon Wheel is the most advanced and lightweight gamified popup coupon solution for WooCommerce and WordPress (compressed plugin package size is less than 299 KB)

Only WooCommerce stores can generate unique promo codes. If you don't need this feature, the coupon wheel also works with regular WordPress.

Top 10 Features

  • 12 customizable slices - Customize slice labels and coupon codes for each slice.
  • 100% Server-Side Control - Set exactly how many coupons and how many you want to issue.
  • Connect to the service - add new subscribers directly to your MailChimp list, dual-enable option!For advanced users, there are also webhooks to use services like Zapier and connect rotational data to hundreds of apps
  • Popup Preview - Fully test your WooCommerce and WordPress Coupon Wheels before going live, without breaking the site.
  • Advanced Anti-Fraud Engine - Set rotation limits based on email, cookie or IP support, ReCAPTCHA. Every rotation is recorded.We also developed and included a live email domain validator how to provide dah.
  • Performance Driven - Coupon Wheel for WooCommerce and WordPress is highly compatible with page caching / minifiyng plugins likeW3 total cache, WP Super Cache,WP fastest cache, Automatic optimization, etc. We care about your best website performance!
  • Popup Display Options - Exit Intent Fired and Timed Fired. Also customize text colors and choose from over 250 beautiful gradient pop-up backgrounds.
  • Unlimited Coupon Wheels - Create, duplicate, display as many coupon wheels as you want.
  • Mobile and Desktop Friendly - Tested and designed to work flawlessly with all major browsers and devices.
  • Page Filtering - if you only want to show the coupon wheel on a specific page (e.g. login page).
  • The Coupon Wheel for WooCommerce and WordPress spins 24/7, generating leads and increasing conversions for you!

Full control over bonuses

Data collection and MailChimp integration

More than 250 popup wallpapers to choose from

Popup triggers and page filters

Advanced Anti-Cheat Features

Changelog: Coupon Wheel For WooCommerce and WordPress

Ability to use string variables in coupon reminder popup after spinning

Fixed stability bug when WooCommerce not activated (affected version: 3.4.6)

Ability to display popup on order received / thank you page (WooCommerce)

Ability to display popup based on site language

Possibility to add custom javascript when showing popup

- Automated plugin updates
- Various fixes and improvements

- Important stability updates

- Ability to set custom email address and name when sending coupons

- Safari shortcode fix

- Ability to choose custom solid color as background
- Ability to define custom popup trigger image (the gift icon)
- Ability to integrate Coupon Wheel via shortcode (experimental feature)
- Small fixes

- Bind generated coupon to email address
- Automatically delete coupons with expired urgency timer
- 3 new wheel graphics

- Auto fill form data is user is logged into WordPress system

- Small fixes


- Performance improvements
- Added webhooks to connect with services like Zapier
- Ability to inherit website font and skip Google fonts
- Ability to delete WooCommerce coupons with expired urgency timer

2.0.0 (GDPR update)
- Integration with WordPress personal data exporter and eraser
- Added global option: Remove personal data from spin log
- Added wheel option: Prevent Timed and Exit Intent triggers on mobile devices (for better UX)
- Improved cookie handling

- Ability to display wheel on single custom post type page (eg. WooCommerce product)
- Improvements and bugfixes

- Added option to increase coupon notice urgency timer to days
- Added notify admin by email option on win

- Added wheel shadow

- New coupon notice bar after win, for better UX and theme compatibility
- Ability to trigger Coupon Wheel popup with Javascript
- Added all single posts / all single products to Page filtering
- Unique coupon generator now uses 7 characters for more entropy

- Option to apply winning coupon automatically with WooCommerce
- Option to set win probability for each slice (from Very Low to Very High)
- Added conversion booster options
- Added on win / on lose hooks for extending Coupon Wheel

- WooCommerce coupon case sensitivity fix

- Small improvements

- iOS rendering improvement

- Compatibility with page cache & minify plugins (W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize)
- Improved Anti-Cheat Engine

- Added manual trigger (open Wheel popup with button)

- Added Phone number field & Phone number spin limiter

- Optimized graphics
- Reduced requests
- Option to skip loading less important assets
- PageSpeed Insights improvements
- Up to 80% faster loading
- Added colorized wheels

- Initial release