Cool Timeline Pro v4.1.4 – WordPress Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline Prois the #1 WordPress timeline plugin that presents your life history timeline or company story timeline in chronological order and responds horizontally or vertically based on the year and date you publish.It is the best plugin for creating timeline themes.You can also convert your blog posts into a timeline blog with this awesome timeline template plugin from Cool Timeline Pro - WordPress Timeline Plugin.


Gutenberg Friendly - Instant Constructor

Cool Timeline PRO (version 3.1+) now also offers an instant timeline generator for Gutenberg fans. You can easily create a real-time timeline using Gutenberg modules and settings.

Create amazing story timelines with images, videos and slideshows

You can set up images, videos, slideshows and custom designs and colors according to your theme to present your stories in stunning timeline format.You can use this timeline plugin anywhere with a simple shortcode.

Cool Timeline Pro plugin for creating

  • Horizontal and vertical timeline
  • great company timeline
  • Blog Post Timeline
  • Step-by-step tutorial process
  • Program History
  • Your company story
  • Activity Timeline
  • Life Story/Timeline
  • life achievement
  • personal timeline
  • Author Biography Timeline
  • Product Update Schedule
  • Company History Timeline
  • Content Schedule
  • Startup story

Features Cool Timeline Pro

  • Over 40 timeline designs
  • Cool Timeline Pro offers 4 timeline layouts.
  • couleurs et polices: Cool Timeline Pro provides an advanced settings panel to easily manage timeline display settings, background/timeline element colors and font/font and color options.
  • Videos, images and sliders: You can easily display large and small images, YouTube/Vimeo videos and photo slideshows in Cool Timeline Pro. You can easily add timeline stories while adding them.
  • Custom color options for each story: When adding stories in Cool Timeline Pro, you can give different colors to different stories, which means you can easily create multi-color timelines using the custom color enhancements provided by Cool Timeline Pro.
  • multiple timelines: You can use Cool Timeline Pro WordPress plugin to create multiple timelines in different category based websites.You can display these timelines in any layout (portrait/landscape) or design.
  • Add shortcodes easily with the smart generator:If you use the classic code editor in WordPress when adding new pages or posts, then you can easily add shortcodes inside any page by using the smart shortcode generator in the code editor.
  • Easily add timelines with Gutenberg Blocks,Elementor or WPBakery: First publish stories one by one, then you can display them in a simple layout timeline within any page builder: - Gutenberg Block, Elementor or WPBakery.
  • element timeline: 要素の立っている時間とより高い時間
  • custom label/text: Show custom labels instead of dates. Cool Timeline Pro provides the ability to display custom text at the date/time position in the timeline.You can easily add custom text and custom story order with simple settings while adding timeline stories.
  • ASC / DESC assignment: Timeline ASC/DESC in any order. The timeline shortcode provides the option to display the timeline in any order, you can display it in ascending or descending order as you wish.
  • Category filter: Display filters in the timeline. You can display category-based filters above the timeline, and users can view different category-based timelines on a single page by selecting a filter/category.
  • release timeline: Blog Posting Timeline. You can use Cool Timeline Pro to display blog posts from your website on any page in the timeline layout.Alternatively, you can represent any post type in the layout timeline by simply adding the post type snail in the timeline shortcode.
  • Load Ajax More/Pagination: Get more Ajax and support for pagination. Cool Timeline Pro offers both pagination and more loading.If you have a lot of stories in your timeline, you can add a pagination or load more button after a certain number of stories in your timeline.
  • scroll navigation: Small scrolling navigation. You can display a small scrolling navigation in the timeline page for quick timeline navigation.Users can quickly and easily understand specific stories of the year through this small timeline navigation.
  • Icons in the timeline: FontAwesomeor custom image icon. You can display stunning visual icons or custom fonts along with any story within the timeline.
  • HTML / link / read more: Display HTML or read more timeline inside.You can display links, bold text, or any custom HTML tags in your timeline story, or you can display a read more link to the full story page, or any custom URL.
  • date format: Add any date format within the timeline.You can represent the date in any date format on the timeline, just add the date format to the shortcode and it will display the date/year in the format you want.Check this URL: -
  • Animations: 15+ animation effects. Cool Timeline Pro provides 15+ cool animation effects for a premium timeline design experience.
  • Premium Support: Premium support for professional users. We offer premium support for Pro users.If you have any issues creating your dream timeline within the site, please email us here - contact@coolplugins. net, we will provide a solution within 24 hours.
  • Mobile Compatible View
  • Use via short code
  • easy to install? buy, download zip, read documentation
  • Compatible with all major browsers including IE? Compatible with IE9 to IE11, Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Changelog: Cool Timeline Pro – WordPress Timeline Plugin

v4.1.4 | 28 Jan 2022
New: Quick Date Select Button in Timeline Story Setting metabox.
Remove: Unnecessarily code of elementor.
Fixed : Minor css issue in horizontal Layouts.
Compatiblity: WordPress 5.9 with default theme.

v4.1.3 | 18 Jan 2022
Fixed: Story image Settings with story detail link
Fixed: Show stories count in the horizontal default view.
Fixed: Integrate Story Title color setting with horizontal default or flat design

v4.1.2 | 17 Nov 2021
Fixed: Header already sent error
Fixed: added check for WordPress version 4.9 or below

v4.0.3 | 07/10/2021
Fixed: Wrong shortcode generator parameter
Fixed: Minor issues

Version 3.5.3 | 06/08/2021
Fixed: Date format issue with TranslatePress
Fixed: Ajax load more issues
Fixed: WPBakery shortcode render issue
New: Added drag & drop feature in Instant Timeline Builder
Improved: Improved styles

v3.5.2 | 21/01/2020
Fixed: Multishortcode categories filter
Fixed: Compact timeline icon overlapping
Fixed: Multishortcode ajax load more
Fixed: Compact Timeline Style issue
Improvements: Overall code improvement

v3.5 | 15/09/2020
Added: Integrated slideshow in horizontal layout stories
Removed: removed grid gallery from the horizontal layout.
Updated: Slideshow in a vertical layout.
Fixed: post timeline wrong story year issue
Improved: Story timeline layout color settings styles.
Improved: story slideshow gallery in all layouts.

v3.4.8 | 01/09/2020
Fixed: story color issue with category filters
Fixed: Content timeline compact layout story navigation issue
Fixed: Conflict with ACF Pro plugin
Fixed: minor conflict with woocommerce
improved: removed body class

v3.4.7 | 25 Aug 2020 =
* Fixed: nonce verification security error