Convert Pro v1.7.4 (+Addon) – The Best Lead Generation Tool For WordPress

Convert Professional PluginHelp customers choose email and lead generation plugins. Make sure to expand backers and change!

Ready to Change Format Convert Pro comes with a template cloud with a wide variety of transform orientation layouts that can be used directly or redone to suit your needs.


Features Convert Pro Plugin Premium - WordPress Popup

Drag and drop editor

The new revolutionary drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to quickly design high-converting opt-in forms in minutes.

100% mobile friendly

To make sure your multipurpose pages aren't penalized by Google for interstitial meddling, Convert Pro gives you full control.

super fast loading

Convert Pro is very streamlined in terms of speed and design for top-notch execution, which greatly affects conversion rates.

That's what makes Convert Pro Marketers the best choice?

With an efficient and simple supervisor, you can craft connect pop-ups or select structures to convert guests into leads, advocates, and customers.

Program Opportunities

Investigate unlimited potential outcomes with the progressive drag-and-drop editing manager, giving you complete oversight of your plan.

formulate behavior

Provide guests with the perfect message in the ideal opportunity to expand conversion rates and deeply segment email records!

progressive reconciliation

Advertisers have their own organization of email promotion experts to decide. Our plugins coordinate with all major plugins!

Superior format library continues to evolve

leave intent. innovation

With Convert Pro, you can definitely stop your guests from giving up. Plan and send a convincing message to stand out!

Simple A/B testing

Convert Pro's A/B testing highlights allow you to make varieties, test them, and maintain results that work best for your population.

Multi-step popup

With Convert Pro, you can make multi-step popups such as age confirmation popups, no popups, and more!

fully responsive

Convert Pro is fully responsive. All plans made with this plugin are gadget, client and Google friendly.

while tapping the spring

While there are tons of trigger options, you can also make popups that are just the tip of the iceberg when customers click on text, images, buttons.

Progressive targeting

Use Convert Pro and create custom messages that can get in front of the right people.

Align with the most famous show stage

Convert Pro works perfectly with all important email advertising and autoresponder specialist organizations.Your important email messages are now more efficient and flexible with new import and item utility.One-time reconciliation makes it simple to instantly set up to capture and monitor lead information.

Changelog Download Convert Pro Addon Free

Version 1.5.5 July 14, 2021
- Improvement: Email ID not added with a plus(+) sign in ElasticEmail campaign.
- Fix: Assets loading URI Double slash causing Cloudflare firewall false-positive.

v1.5.4 May 25, 2021
- Improvement: Added dynamic API's Tags support for ConvertKit API. (
- Fix: ElasticEmail where to find the PublicAccountID link updated.

= v1.5.0 February 01, 2021 =
- New: FluentCRM Integration. (
- Improvement: Added Get Response API tags support. (
- Improvement: Added Sendinblue V3 API - Double-opt-in option support. (
- Fix: Mailpoet V3 custom fields not mapping.
- Fix: Update existing Contact via Aweber API.
- Fix: Location not setting correctly via Mautic Form ID integration.

= v1.4.4 December 09, 2020 =
- Improvement: Import CTA templates compatibility with PHP 8.0 - Deprecated: Function zip_open.
- Improvement: SendGrid Integration: Added reserved fields for mapping the form fields.
- Fix: Added filter to remove unnecessary Convertfox script loader on wp footer.
- Fix: Contacts not added to selected Segments in Mautic v3.
- Fix: ActiveCampaign Integration: Multiple checkboxes form field values not mapping correctly with AC checkbox field.

= v1.4.3 =
- Improvement: Sendinblue API V3 support.
- Improvement: Compatibility to WordPress 5.5.
- Fix: Drip Integration - Not able to Resubscribe the user.
- Fix: Mailster Integration - Not able to connect to the third step.
- Fix: Ontraport Integration: Tags not added to contacts.

Version 1.7.4 September 28, 2021
- Improvement: Added WPML integration using wpml-config.xml file.
- Fix: Rollback popup displayed on WP Forms page.
- Fix: Fatal error Class WP_Block_Parser not found.
- Fix: Not able to resize the image more than 700px in customizer.
- Fix: Select dropdown content not showing properly.
- Fix: Rollback button UI.

v1.7.0 June 01, 2021
- New: Before/After call-to-action - Option to trigger the popup Inside Post/Page content. (
- Improvement: Filter to customize the Email notification From Email ID and From Name. (
- Improvement: Core Web Vital - Added width and height attribute for image elements.
- Fix: Unwanted Google Font loading in front-end.
- Fix: Youtube Autoplay not working.
- Fix: Viber link not working.
- Fix: Cookies Slider numbers not visible in Firefox.

= v1.6.0 April 21, 2021 =
- New: Show a popup when a number of pages visited. (
- Improvement: Added dynamic API's Tags support for Checkboxes, Radio buttons, and Dropdown Elements. (
- Fix: cppro-ft cookie expiration set to 365 days. - Fix: Insert Post Ads plugin JS Conflict with Convert Pro popup editor.

= Version 1.5.8 March 11, 2021 =
- Improvement: Improvement: Added Compatibility with WordPress 5.7.
- Fix: Convert Pro popup translation issue with WPML.

= Version 1.5.7 February 25, 2021 =
- Improvement: Support latest jQuery function deprecations.
- Improvement: Added Exit-intent ruleset for Convert Mat call-to-action.
- Fix: WP Shortcode Pro by MyThemeShop plugin JS Conflict with Convert Pro popup editor.

= v1.5.6 February 01, 2021 =
- Improvement: Added YYYY-MM-DD Date format support for FluentCRM integration.

= v1.5.4 December 09, 2020 =
- Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress v5.6 to the CTA's Editor panel. ( Drag and Drop elements, Switch options )
- Improvement: Duplicate CTA compatibility with PHP 8.0 - Deprecated: Required parameters after optional parameters in function/method signatures.
- Fix: Urban Mag theme JS Conflict with Convert Pro popup editor.

= v1.5.3 =
- Improvement: Added Social icons - Instagram, Telegram, Spotify, and Whatsapp.
- Fix: CTA's Slug name not changed on the front-end markup.
- Fix: Listeo-Core - Directory Plugin by Purethemes plugin JS Conflict with Convert Pro popup editor.
- Fix: Ads for WP – Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP plugin JS Conflict with Convert Pro popup editor.
- Fix: Elements not displayed in the customizer of Modal popup when height exceeds.
- Fix: Modal popup "E-book downloads" template not working.
- Fix: Not able to download the Convert Pro Addon plugin.