Contact Form 7 - Pipedrive CRM - Integration v1.24.0

Contact Form 7 Pipedrive CRM integrationis a WordPress Pipedrive CRM integration plugin that makes it easy to send Contact Form 7 forms directly to your Pipedrive CRM account.Once integrated, completed forms are automatically added to designated accounts in Pipedrive CRM as Leads, Deals, Individuals and Organizations, Events or Deals and Events, and other data.

Demo: https://code drive-CRM-integration/21052205

Features: Contact Form 7 Pipedrive CRM Integration

  • Integrate Pipedrive CRM with your Contact Form 7 form.
  • You can choose the types of leads, deals, individuals and organisations, events or deals and events you wish to generate.
  • When a lead/deal/activity is generated, a person and an organization (if it already exists, the organization is used) is created and linked to it.
  • CRM is used to load information (including custom fields).
  • You can customize each form by specifying the information you wish to receive.
  • Send in two modes: Immediately when the form is submitted, or after a while via "WP Cron".
  • The "utm" parameter can be retrieved from the "URL".
  • Sending "GA Customer ID" is supported.
  • Allow sending roistat access cookies.
  • Uploadable files are supported (except for clues).
  • Multiple pipelines are supported.
  • 'Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms' is compatible. (When customizing, you must fill in all fields using the instructions in the previous form).
  • The Contact Form 7 form can be added in an infinite number of ways.
  • Image preview.
  • Setup is very easy!

Changelog: Contact Form 7 – Pipedrive CRM Integration


- Feature: new filter `itglx/cf7/pipedrive/ignore-sending` (#90).
- Fixed: checking built-in permissions `cf7` instead of additional (#91).


- Fixed: filling non-numeric `enum` (#59).
- Fixed: field type `note` for `lead` (#43).


- Fixed: generation php `notice` when replacing special tags (#41).


- Feature: support for copying settings when duplicating a `form` (#39).
- Fixed: enqueue admin assets for non-standard interface (#40).


- Feature: use `action scheduler` instead of `wp cron`.
- Fixed: using `note api` for `note` to lead.


- Feature: merging values in multiple custom fields when updating an exising person.
- Feature: search for a person by phone & email instead of a name & email.
- Fixed: `limit` on the number of fields has been increased to the maximum possible 500.


- Chore: deps update.
- Fixed: compatibility with `SG Optimizer`.
- Fixed: processing of uploaded files due to changes in CF7 5.4
- Chore: default log file path, moved to `WordPress` uploads directory.
- Feature: added support custom `deal` fields to `lead`.


- Fixed: do not cast time to UTC for custom fields.
- Feature: the ability to fill in products in a deal by sending the names of existing products.


- Chore: use `webpack` to build assets.
- Chore: the ability to select multiple labels to send (lead).
- Fixed: sending lead data, casting the value `owner_id` to a number, if filled.
- Chore: minor improvements in downloading the log through the admin panel.
- Feature: added support `lead` creation.


- Fixed: prepare date/time values.
- Fixed: fourth parameter of the `wpcf7_special_mail_tags` filter.
- Chore: add actions `itglx_cf7pd_person_created` and `itglx_cf7pd_deal_created`.
- Feature: added the ability always create a new person, without searching for an existing one.


- Chore: added filter `itglx_cf7_pipedrive_send_deal_fields`.
- Chore: ignore deal service fields.
- Fixed: compatibility `Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload PRO - Contact Form 7`.
- Feature: compatibility `Drag and Drop Multiple File Upload PRO - Contact Form 7`.
- Feature: using the new search API.
- Feature: support for processing utm tags when using caching plugins.


- Chore: use composer autoloader.
- Fixed: populate select and multiselect.
- Feature: use any `utm_` params in `URL`.


- Chore: the list of users id is displayed next to the field of the user type.
- Feature: support sending cookie `roistat_visit` to CRM.