Coins MarketCap v4.6 - WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

usecoin market capA WordPress plugin that allows you to create a fully automated cryptocurrency price listing website. This crypto plugin uses crypto data api for displaying current crypto prices, market cap, charts and other information about crypto coins.

Demo: https://code currency-plugin/21429844

Features Coins MarketCap - WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

Make a cryptocurrency listing similar to CoinMarketCap. com.

  • Within your website, display a list of the top 4500+ cryptocurrencies.
  • This list of cryptocurrencies can simply be sorted by coin rank, price, market cap, volume, and other factors.
  • Price, 24% change, 7D% change, market cap, charts, volume and more crypto data options are available for you to choose from a list of cryptos.
  • Each cryptocurrency will be linked to a page that will be automatically generated by the crypto plugin with all the market data for that cryptocurrency.

Single Coin Specific Pages - Automatically Generated

This coinmarketcap plugin will automatically generate a single page specific to each cryptocurrency.You can also choose which data to display on individual coin pages, such as graphs, price, market cap, hourly/24 hour percent change, supply, volume, and more.

Also check out "Cryptocurrency Exchange List Pro".

Displays a list of over 200 cryptocurrency exchanges, along with their 24-hour trading volume. Additionally, over 200 SEO-ready deal pages will be automatically generated.

Changelog: Coins MarketCap – WordPress Cryptocurrency Plugin

Version 4.6 | 13 Jan 2022

Added: Trading view chart.
Added: 24 hour High low changes data.
Added: All time High low data.
Added: Custom category option.
Added: RTL compatibility.
Added: Current price in 7 day chart.
Added: Main table advance design option.
Fixed: Top gainer loser zero price issue.
Fixed: Issue with Rankmath plugin.
Fixed: 1 year percent changes issue.
Fixed: In table search small capital letters words issue.
Improved: Main table loading speed.
Improved: API fetch data functionality.
Improved: Single page chart color settings.

Version 4.5 | 8 Sept 2021
Added:- CMB2 settings panel
Removed:- Titan Settings panel
Fixed:- Coin Description from API
Fixed:- Category ajax notice
Fixed:– Issue with Rank math SEO plugin

Version 4.4 | 23 July 2021
Added:- chart current date data
Fixed:- Multiple shortcode same page not working
Fixed:- Live changes color in mobile view
Fixed:- In table searching in mobile view
Fixed:- Twitter load more issue in advance design
Improvements:- chart date formatting

Version 4.3 || 03 June 2021
Added:- New version of amchart
Added:- All translation file and pot file
Improved:- Optimized Single page loading speed
Improved: Managed coin historical data in standalone table
Fixed: Removed coins tweets transients.Conditionaly loaded coins tweets
Improved: Assets folder structure and minified css/js
Improved: added JS defer loaded on coin single page
Improved: Loaded Single page content using ajax.
Improvements:- Single page loading Speed
Improvements:- improved category code/disable coin list code  after activation and update.
Improvements:- Twitter feed, cmc calculator code
Fixed:- Disable coins issue in search result
Fixed:- Design issue on single page, zero value issue in single page chart
Fixed:- Disable/enable coin from top gainer/losers list (edited)

Version 4.2.1 || 14/April/2021
Fixed:- Table not exist bug

Version 4.2 || 14/April/2021
Integrated:- Category settings
Improvements:- Live changes code improved
Updated:- New column in the database

Version 4.1.1 | 04/03/2021
Fixed: Top loser data loading issue.
Improved: Database query.

Version 4.1 | 01/02/2021
Added: New coin’s logo for newly added coins.
Added: Vietnamese dong (VND) added in fiat currency list.
Added: Translation text added (1D,7D etc) for the chart in single coin page.
Fixed: Favourite coins get removed on page reload.
Fixed: Link on coin search does not show data on currency fiat currency selection.
Improved: Updated logos for coins.
Improved: Automatic License deactivation on plugin deactivation.
Improved: Single coin page works with fiat currency selector on the main coin table.

Version 4.0.2 | 18/11/2020
Added: Translation for `loading` text in top looser/gainer table.
Fixed: Chart not working in coin’s single details page (simple design).
Fixed: Missing ad-banner images in admin settings.
Fixed: Sorting issue for market_cap column in main coin’s list.
Fixed: Missing CSS animation in coin’s enable/disable list.

Version 4.0.1 | 05/11/2020
Fixed: Main coin’s table search functionality.
Fixed: Minor js/php issues.
Improved: Single coin page (advanced) rendering.

Version 4.0.0 | 27/10/2020
Optimize Main coin’s list search.
Removed: Coin’s icon removed from coin’s search.
Added: New Crypto Addon Menu
Fixed: Coin disables settings reset after plugin’s update.
Optimize: PHP code for WordPress 5.5.1

Version 3.9.2 | 29/09/2020
Improved: API with frequent new coins.
Improved: Remove coins with.
Fixed: [coin-name] shortcode for custom description.
Fixed: Historical table mismatch data issues.
Fixed: Missing banner images.
Fixed: Missing zoom-in/zoom-our bar for charts.
Fixed: Database conflict with widget pro.

Version 3.9.1 | 17/08/2020
Fixed: Compatibility issue with Elementor’s front-end editor.
Fixed: Responsive design issue with coin’s main table.
Fixed: Various JS Conflicts with WordPress 5.5.
Fixed: Infinite next button issue in exchanges coin pair table
Improved: Plugin’s registration process and code integrity.
Improved: Merged Buy and Sell button in coin’s single details page.
Removed: ‘Read More’ text from coin’s description due to compatibility issues.
Removed: All external links of CSS / JS and hosted files inside plugins.

Version 3.9| 04/08/2020
Added: Total 5000 crypto coins are available ( data from CoinGecko API V3 ).
Added: Logos for missing coins.
Added: Settings for adding/updating new coins data.
Added: Two seprate shortcode, [coin-name] & [coin-symbol] for single coin details page.
Added: 7Days percent changes availabe for main coin’s table (options in shortcode) .
Added: 30Days percent changes availabe for main coin’s table (options in shortcode) .
Added: 1Year percent changes availabe for main coin’s table (options in shortcode) .
Removed: Coin’s symbol from [coin-name] shortcode for single coin details page.
Removed: PHP Session due to performance issues.
Removed: CDN links of CSS & JS files.
Removed: Supported currencies, global rank etc due to API data unavialibility.
Fixed: Russian translation bug.
Fixed: ‘display coins per page‘ settings not working in enable/disable coin list.
Fixed: wrong permission for ‘Registration’ page (submenu).
Fixed: database table not created issues.
Fixed: custom 404 page not working in Divi theme.
Fixed: Compatibility issues with Cryptocurrency Widgets Free.
Improved: Database scheme for better performance.
Improved: CSS for firefox & mobile chrome.
Improved: Exchange coin/pairs table (Available only when Exchange Pro plguin is active).
Improved: various translation languages.
Improved: Compatibility with Cryptocurrency Widgets Pro plugin.
Improved: More accurate price data for 7days chart.

Note: Make sure you read and follow the majour update guidelines.

Version 3.8| 15/05/2020
Added: Coin disable functionality for all coins via Coin Market Cap > Coins List
Added: Compatibility with MathRank SEO Plugin.
Fixed: Coin Single page CSS design issues in firefox.
Fixed: Multiple custom coin description for same coin.
Improved: CSS & JS optimization for perfomance boost.