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Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce ProAllows you to easily customize the checkout form. With this simple payment manager for WooCommerce you can add, edit, change, delete or rearrange the display order of payment fields.

In addition to custom fields, create and integrate custom sections in your WooCommerce checkout forms.Create custom checkout steps and incorporate custom fields and sections for those steps using Checkout Field Editor and ThemeHigh's WooCommerce Multistep Checkout plugin.

Demo:https://woohoo.theme commerce-checkout-field-editor-pro/

Functional Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro

  • 17 different types of custom payment fields
  • On the checkout page, the custom section can be inserted in 15 different places.
  • Condition fields should be visible.
  • The conditions section should be visible.
  • The price type is represented by the price field.
  • unique authentication
  • Change how addresses are displayed.
  • Fields will appear based on your shipping or payment method options.
  • Compatibility with other plugins is a big plus.
  • Zapier needs your help.
  • WPML Compatibility
  • With just one click, you can reset all settings.
  • Control visibility of fields in email and order detail pages.
  • Show optional custom fields on the My Account page
  • Default WooCommerce fields can be customized, disabled or removed.
  • Custom hooks make it developer friendly.
  • Rearrange all fields and sections to make things easier.
  • To customize fields, create your own class.

Custom payment fields

Use WooCommerce Pro's Checkout Fields Editor to add new fields to the checkout, shipping, and other sections of your checkout page.Fields used for a single entry, such as text and numbers, and fields used to select from a set of options, such as select fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons, are examples of custom field types.Date and time selection fields include a calendar display and a drop-down bar with a time range.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor supports the following custom checkout fields:

  • Text
  • Hidden
  • Password
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Number
  • Textarea
  • Select
  • Multiple choice
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Checkbox group
  • date picker
  • time picker
  • upload files
  • Heading
  • Label

Custom Payment Section

You can customize WooCommerce checkout forms using the WooCommerce Checkout Fields editor. These parts can be found in 14 different locations during the checkout process.Add-ons generated using the checkout field editor can also be viewed in the My Account Account Details tab. The websites where you can see these rewards are as follows:

  • Prior to this, accurate information about customers was not available.
  • According to customer information,
  • Before submitting the payment form,
  • Follow the payment form
  • Please read the instructions carefully before submitting the form.
  • After submitting the form
  • Before submitting the form,
  • After filling out the form,
  • Before ordering notes,
  • After ordering notes,
  • Terms and conditions are above all else.
  • The terms and conditions are listed below.
  • Before pressing the button,
  • After pressing the button,
  • WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout for creating custom steps.

Conditional display fields

WooCommerce Pro Checkout Field Editor allows you to display default and custom fields in checkout forms based on various parameters.Fields can be displayed based on the contents and price of the shopping cart, the user's role, product specifications, and any other checkout criteria.Fields can be displayed conditionally when:

  • Cart Contents
  • Cart Subtotal
  • total cart amount
  • user's role
  • Product
  • product changes
  • Product portfolio
  • Values ​​based on other fields

Pricing fields with multiple different price categories.

You can add an additional price value to the total price by adding a price field to the checkout form.Using hidden field types in WooCommerce Checkout, you can also specify predefined fixed pricing.In fields with numerous options, such as selects, checkbox groups, and radio fields, a price field can be defined for each option.The types of prices that can be added to WooCommerce checkout fields include:

  • Fixed price
  • custom price
  • % of total cart
  • Percent Subtotal
  • Percentage Subtotal (excluding tax)
  • Dynamic price

The conditions section should be visible.

Sections of the checkout form can also be displayed conditionally using this WooCommerce payment management plugin, just like checkout fields.Sections display conditionally based on the same criteria as checkout fields, such as cart contents, subtotals and total prices, user roles, products, variations, catalogs, and more.Additionally, value fields can be used to display sections.

Fields depending on the delivery option and payment method will be displayed.

WooCommerce Pro Checkout Field Editor allows you to customize the fields displayed in payment forms based on shipping options and payment type.You can use this feature to prevent invalid information from displaying some shipping options. Fields that require specific payment selection information can also be left blank.

In My Account page, show optional custom fields

You can choose to display custom fields in the My Account page by checking the User Metadata checkbox in the Field Settings of WooCommerce Pro's Checkout Field Editor.

unique authentication

WooCommerce Pro Checkout Field Editor includes option to check payment data before submitting a purchase.Validate fields by building custom validator templates and validators with validators, ensuring that all data obtained before placing an order is valid.

All fields and sections need to be rearranged.

You can quickly manage the display order of payment fields from the admin side using WooCommerce Pro's Checkout Field Editor, just drag and drop fields up and down.The Display Order parameter in the section properties can also be used to reorganize payment sections.

Change default fields for WooCommerce.

You can change, reorganize, deactivate and delete default WooCommerce fields using WooCommerce Pro's Checkout Field Editor. With just one click, you can make default fields required or not filled.One of the key aspects is this.

To style the field, add a custom class.

Custom classes can be added to specific fields by using the Input, Label, and Wrapper classes in the field properties. It allows fields to fit your checkout page perfectly.To provide styling, CSS classes can also be created for sections.

Change how addresses are displayed.

Use WooCommerce Pro's Checkout Field Editor to change the address format displayed on My Account's address page, thank you page, and transactional emails.Overrides allow custom fields defined with plugins to be included in the address.

Controls the order details page and email field display.

WooCommerce Pro's Checkout Field Editor allows you to choose whether to display default payment fields and custom fields in customer/admin email and order detail pages.The "Show on order details page" and "Show in email" checkboxes in the field settings within the plugin allow you to do this in seconds.

Custom hooks are developer friendly.

Hooks make all custom fields accessible in WooCommerce Pro's Checkout Fields Editor.Developers can use checkout fields in this way to enhance the functionality of these fields, for example for plugin and theme development.

Plug-in compatibility with WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Pro Checkout Field Editor plugin has been tested to work with the vast majority of WooCommerce and WordPress plugins.This WooCommerce Payment Manager is also compatible with the following plugins:

  • WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout: With the Multistep Checkout plug-in, you can add custom fields and sections to existing payment steps.
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Packing Slip: In PDF Invoice & Packing Slip, the Invoice & Packing Slip PDF plugin contains custom fields defined using the Payment Field Editor.
  • WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export: You can use this WooCommerce plugin to add custom generated payment fields in your CSV export file.

Support Zapier

Connect WooCommerce Pro's Checkout Field Editor to other business tools you use with Zapier, such as Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, and more.and incorporate automation into your daily tasks

Supports multiple languages

WooCommerce Pro Checkout Field Editor plugin supports localization.Since the plugin is associated withWPML plugin.

With just one click, you can reset all settings.

Just click on WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugin settings and you can restore all settings to factory default.The plugin includes a reset option that allows you to undo all modifications and go back to the original WooCommerce field settings.

Changelog: Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce Pro By ThemeHigh

v3.1.7 (06-12-2021)
FIX: Removed Display rule based on Product Variations.
FIX: Fixed the issue of conditional rule with the shipping method for check box field.
FIX: Fixed the issue of the 'Show section title field functionality.
FIX: Fixed the issue of the Max length validation error displayed for the multi-select field.
FIX: Fixed the issue of accepting value as an HTML tag for the default value of the hidden field.
FIX : Index params added in thwcfe_uploaded_file_name filter.
FIX: Jquery UI files served locally instead of CDN.
FIX: Fixed the issue with Cart only containing tag, product, categories, product variation functionality.
FIX: Handled the case of zero values in Custom validation.
FIX: Fixed checkout field display issues in multisite.
IMPROVED: Added minimum length option for Text field.
IMPROVED: The default value of price type is set as fixed.
IMPROVED: The default value of the Number field will only take numeric values.
IMPROVED: Time changes with respect to the WordPress time for the Time picker field.
IMPROVED: Added Conditional rule based on All tags.
IMPROVED: All update_option calls are updated with autoload and no parameter with filter thwcfe_option_autoload.
IMPROVED: Custom billing or shipping field data gets displayed in the corresponding section.
IMPROVED: Added new filters use_custom_ship_to_different_address_css_selector, ship_to_different_address_css_selector, thwcfe_modify_order_posts_custom_column.
IMPROVED: Added PHP 8 compatibility.
IMPROVED: Added WooCommerce 5.9.0 compatibility.
IMPROVED: Added Wordpress 5.8 compatibility.

FIX - Fix for a disabled date or disabled day is selected as the default date for date picker field.
FIX - Fix for unexpected warning displayed while single quotes added to input value at display rules tab
FIX - Fix for autofill of field doesn't validate the maximum length value.
FIX - Fix for '-' symbol in product title cause HTML Unicode symbol in the select2 field.
FIX - Fixed display rule of the field - Day not equals or Date does not equal condition based on date picker field not working on initial page load.
FIX - Fixed inconsistent validation message of conditionally displayed fields at My Account page >> Edit address.
FIX - Fixed file upload field issues.
FIX - Fixed conditional field visibility issues on my account page.
FIX: WooSelect - enhanced select added in my account pages.
IMPROVEMENT - Option to add hours parameter also for min, max & default days like +1d +12h etc.
IMPROVEMENT - Variable products (product variation) support added in Repeat rule's product dropdown.
IMPROVEMENT - Variable products (product variation) included in display rule's product dropdown.
IMPROVEMENT - UI improvements.
IMPROVEMENT - Maximum length PHP validation added for field.
IMPROVEMENT: Repeated rule functionality on default checkout field improved.
IMPROVEMENT: Overriding default sections by creating a section with same name is blocked.
NEW FEATURE - Option to force use server date time as date picker reference using filter (thwcfe_force_wp_date_time_for_date_picker).
NEW FEATURE - New filter to modify Checkout field HTML (thwcfe_field_html).
NEW FEATURE: Warning added before creating a new field with an existing field name.

v3.1.5 (31-01-2021)
IMPROVEMENT: File upload functionality improvements.
IMPROVEMENT: WooCommerce latest version compatibility added.

v3.1.4 (24-12-2020)
FIX: Fixed the issue of users can't view the preview of the uploaded file on the checkout page & My Account page when a file upload field is set as user meta.
FIX: Fixed the issue of users can't delete the uploaded file on the checkout page & My Account page when multiple files are uploaded in a single file upload field.
FIX: Fixed the jQuery UI i18n JS file missing error in the checkout page.
FIX: Fixed the issue of not able to select options from the Select2 field on the checkout page.
IMPROVEMENT: Improved UI dialog button styles in settings screen.
IMPROVEMENT: License manager updated.
IMPROVEMENT: WordPress latest version compatibility added.
IMPROVEMENT: WooCommerce latest version compatibility added.