Calendarize it! for WordPress v4.9.99.99795

calendar it! is a versatile and feature-rich WordPress calendar solution.Month View, Week View, Day View, Event List View, Event Grid View, Event Map View, and Event Year View are some of the many views available in the plugin.Upcoming Events Widget, Accordion Upcoming Events Widget, and FLAT UI Calendar Widget are just some of the widgets available.Month view, week view, day view, event list view, event grid view, event map view and year view navigation can all be easily customized.

It's on the calendar! 4.9.x is optimized for WordPress' new block editor (Gutenberg), which has been available since the launch of WordPress 5.x.On the other hand, the classic editor still works with Calendarize! The current version also supports WordPress 5.6.

WPBakery Page BuilderCalendarize supports it too! (former visual composer). We offer 39 sections to help you create templates quickly and easily.If you don't have WPBakery Page Builder, you can use Calendarize it! Use with any other popular page and layout builders by using our shortcodes and many available properties.

We encourage you to check out the various features on our demo site Calendarize. it.

Username: DemoUser
Password: TryMeNow

Demo: HTTPS://code Ize-IT-Furu-WordPress/2568439

Features: Calendarize it! for WordPress

You can choose from over 800 Google fonts using the CSS editor. All elements in the calendar can be easily changed in terms of design and color.We have ten pre-built color palettes to get you started.

Note that you can download free and paid add-ons from the wp-admin section of the website where Calendarize is installed!

Changelog: Calendarize it! for WordPress

Version – October 13, 2021
Compatibility Fix: PHP 8, mandatory parameter after optional. Define object before property assignment.
Update: Disable static list by default
Update: Remove debugging code

Version – June 29, 2021
Compatibility Update: An unknown third-party mixed with Calendarize it! causes a gap between the toolbar and the menu and the footer in wp-admin
Bug Fixed: When micro data shortcake is set in Event like template, a JSON error shows when saving the post type (events)

Version – April 11, 2021
Bug Fixed: Issue with Date/Time Picker

Version – March 21, 2021
Compatibility Fix: When using Enfold layout builder and setting a page as Venue template the venue is only showing the [CONTENT] tag, and not the actual venue content.
Bug Fixed: Make the rhc-past-events endpoint turned off by default
Bug Fixed: Miscellaneous PHP warnings

Version – December 11, 2020
Compatibility Fix: Backward Compatibility Fix with WordPress 5.5.3. When using the latest version of Calendarize it! with WordPress 5.5.3 and the Classic Editor the “text” tab was broken.

Version – December 10, 2020
Compatibility Fix: WordPress 5.6. The More Options in the Recurring Rules is not rendering correctly and some options are not showing at all.
Compatibility Fix: Wordpress 5.6. Events spanning multiple days that go into the next week stopped rendering correctly.

Version – December 1, 2020
Bug Fixed: When showing tickets from the Event Tickets WooCommerce add-on in the DIVI Theme the price displays 0.00 and quantity 0 even though a ticket price and quantity is set.

Version: – November 4, 2020
Bug Fixed: When adding the Upcoming Events Widget or Accordion Upcoming Events Widget through the wp-admin widgets interface, the local_tz (local time zone) setting is missing.
Bug Fixed: Some events that have a start date outside the viewed window range are getting duplicated.

Version: – October 21, 2020
Bug Fixed: Invalid translation in German .mo .po translation flies: yyyy was translated to jjjj and dddd was translated to tttt. This caused Weekdays and Year to break when setting German as the language in WordPress.
Bug Fixed: On the latest WordPress, recurring patterns are reset in the interface (meaning interface does not reflect what is actually saved)
Bug Fixed: On the latest WordPress, the title of the event is not showing in the Calendar meta box when adding a date (Gutenberg)
Bug Fixed: Fixed issue with certain recurring events being duplicated in the calendar

Versions – September 11, 2020
Compatibility Fix: Taxonomy Filter dropdown and clear search filter stopped working after upgrading to WordPress 5.5.
Bug Fixed: Debug message about mismatching protocol is displaying a false positive.

Version – August 20, 2020
Bug Fixed: When setting a calendar URL in the Upcoming Events Widget, clicking on the event link should open the calendar in the month the event is occurring.

Version – August 14, 2020
Compatibility Fix: Third-party plugin crashes Calendarize it! on PHP 7.4.7
Compatibility Fix: An unknown third-party plugin breaks the calendar event list template displaying garbage characters in the event list view
Compatibility Fix: WordPress 5.5. Options Panel breaks due to Javascript error after updating to WordPress 5.5.

Version – July 1, 2020
Bug Fixed: Events missing when using local timezone (local_tz attribute), if the timezone difference passes a certain threshold, events are being left out when they occur close to the viewport date limits.