Blocksy PRO v1.8.17 – Blocksy Companion (Premium)

Blocky PROVery smart and getting smarter. Get access to every incredible component of the most advanced WordPress website plan.Anything you might need and more to come can be accessed here via the Instinct and Open bundles.

Demo:https://creative is a /premium/

Mit Blocksy PRO

  • care and support
  • Advanced header file header generator
  • Header Pro Element
  • Advanced menu
  • Advanced Footer Footer Builder
  • Fußzeile für jeden Artikel
  • custom sidebar
  • Advanced Crochet System
  • white label
  • custom font
  • Font Adobe Typekit
  • Google Local Fonts

Blocksy PRO Advanced Title Generator

Generate an unlimited number of premium headers and conditionally display them on various pages of your website.

  • many titles
  • repeating element

Header Pro-Elemente - Blocksy PRO

Discover new titles and open up endless possibilities for your titles. All products have been carefully designed to match Blocksy's original design language.

  • Contact element
  • Divider
  • language switcher
  • Widgets
  • desktop menu drawer
  • search bar

Content Blocks (Hooks) - Blocksy PRO

Content is produced using your #1 program equipment and displayed anywhere on your website, indicated by a visible sign.

display in any area

Deliver substantial blocks with any current activity in WordPress or any external device.

Page or Post Conditions

Add content blocks to any area or collection of areas of your website with the help of display conditions.

Customer working conditions

Show content that is in harmony with the current client's work, or hide it if the client is not logged in.

set delay time

By utilizing the time delay control, the block of matter is displayed in its position within a limited time frame.

set block position

Make wonderful stationary blocks by setting its position. Can stick to the top or bottom of the viewport.

Create a custom 404 page

Replace default and exhausting 404 pages with custom substance blocks and plan with your first planning tool.

Create a custom title

While Blocksy's headline generator is great, sometimes you need unlimited permissions. Besides, you have it.

Replace the default footer with a solid block that works with any page builder or even a Gutenberg block.

Erweitertes Menü - Blocksy PRO

make a huge menu

Make a great dropdown in your menu and put anything in it. Control everything from overlay width to segment formatting and how it is displayed.

Add symbols to menus

Add a symbol to each menu item next to the text marker. Or on the other hand, the text markup can be completely paralyzed.

Supplemental Content Blocks (Hooks)

Replacing the huge menu overlay section with substance blocks. Given the fact that the substance is completely unique, many conceivable outcomes are opened up.

Set the schedule style for menu items

Take advantage of Blocksy's advanced styling options to customize everything in the menu to express your palate.

Blocksy PRO Custom Text Styles

Transfer quite a few custom text styles and use them in each of Blocksy's font choices. Improved highlights like variant customization and variable text style merging.

  • Upload any number of WOFF fonts
  • Customize variations of each font
  • Flexible weighting with variable fonts

Google Local Font Blocksy PRO

Consent to GDPR by uninstalling Google Fonts from your own server. Pick the font you need and Blocksy will do all the rest.

  • Use only the Google fonts you need
  • Agree to GDPR rules
  • Does not rely on Google servers

Adobe Typekit Blocksy PRO

Harmonize your Adobe Fonts arrangement in Blocksy with minimal effort. Just paste your organization ID and you can access the fonts in it.

  • AdobeTypekitをダウンロードする
  • Easy access in customization
  • Coordination with page builders

Benutzerdefinierte Seitenleiste Blocksy PRO

Make every page on your website interesting by assigning each page an alternate sidebar.

Make lots of sidebars

Efficiently craft a sidebar using Blocksy's natural UI, and you can get used to overseeing widgets from there.

display conditions

Apply awareness and client job/login status conditions to every sidebar you make.

Weißes Etikett - Blocksy PRO

  • Replacing Unique Brands

Highlight your organization's profile on the website where you work for better trust and commitment. Adjust everything from text to module/theme creator and screenshots.

  • Hide the first marker board

Once the markers are set, the option to change them can be hidden at the touch of a button.

Benutzerdefinierte Blocksy PRO-Fragmente

  • Add global header and footer scripts

Apply a piece of CSS or JavaScript stacked on each page of your website. Valuable for stacking different libraries or parsing scripts.

  • Add headers and footers (page / post level)

While applying fragments universally feels overwhelming, load fragments where you need them by taking advantage of the relevant selections in the page/post meta box.

WooCommerce Extra

Transform your WooCommerce store with amazing terms to boost your conversions.

Make an unlimited number of cutting edge footers and display them on various pages of your website based on conditions.

  • make lots of footers

Make an interesting footer for every setting of your website. Get started without any preparation or copying components and styles from the current footer.

  • display conditions

Display created footer conditions wherever you need based on perceptibility and client job/login status conditions.

  • Maîtriser les pieds de page des composants

Find new footer content with endless opportunities for your footer. All of this was carefully created to harmonize with Blocksy's unique planning language.

Changelog: Blocksy + Blocksy Companion (Premium) – Premium Gutenberg WordPress Theme

v1.8.17: 2022-01-21
- Improvement: Product reviews image aspect ratio filter
- Improvement: Customizer export/import module improvement
- Improvement: Demo content importer module improvement
- Fix: Account modal does not pop up, if account element is in off canvas menu

v1.8.16: 2021-12-29
- Improvement: Handle account modal opened from offcanvas menu
- Improvement: Login modal markup improvements
- Improvement: Quote widget avatar image output

v1.8.15: 2021-12-24
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.14: 2021-12-24 
- Fix: Account modal correctly compute current page URL

v1.8.9.8 : 2021-11-18 
- Improvement: Account modal add nonce check for login, lostpassword and register forms
- Improvement: A11Y - title markup for header SVG icons

v1.8.9.7: 2021-11-16
- Improvement: Better calculation for logo shrink in sticky header

Version: RELEASED ON OCTOBER 27, 2021​
Update plugin text domain from blc to blocksy-companion
Product reviews extension add rel="sponsored" attribute option
Product Reviews title does not show up

v1.8.9.2: 2021-10-01
- Improvement: Account header element aria-label attribute

v1.8.9.1: 2021-09-30
- New: Trending posts module title option to change wrapper tag

v1.8.8.6: 2021-09-09
- New: Product reviews extension add Review Entity option

v1.8.8.3 : 2021-08-31
- Improvement: Proper image attachment id default

v1.8.8.1: 2021-08-23
- New: Schema org markup for product reviews
- Fix: Handle missing plugin in starter sites installer

v1.8.8: 2021-08-20
- New: Random order for posts widget
- Fix: Trending module products category source
- Fix: Header account items label position
- Fix: WP Optimize clean caches correctly

v1.8.7.5: 2021-08-02
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.7.4 - 2021-07-30
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.7.3: 2021-07-29
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

Version: RELEASED ON JULY 23, 2021
Post types filtering option
Header cart off canvas type
Trigger correctly the popup from the header button

v1.8.6.4: 2021-06-24
- Improvement: Add CSRF nonce check for customizer importer

v1.8.6.3: 2021-06-16
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.6.2: 2021-06-11
- New: Trending posts extension custom module label option
- New: Integration with Simple Custom Post Order plugin
- New: Implement filter for blocksy posts shortcode wp query args
- New: Header account item redirect URL filter
- Improvement: More options for the trending posts block
- Fix: Social widget alignment when inside footer column

v1.8.6.1: 2021-05-12
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.8.5 - 2021-05-01
- Fix: Correctly clean SiteGround caches

v1.7.63: 2021-02-24
- Improvement: Cookies consent extension use SameSite=Lax in cookies
- Fix: Correctly order scripts in trending and cookies consent

v1.7.62: 2021-02-23
- Fix: Dashboard JavaScript fixes

v1.7.61: 2021-02-23
- Fix: Dashboard JavaScript fixes

v1.7.60: 2021-02-22
- Improvement: Refactor account header element
- Fix: Account element custom link

v1.7.59 : 2021-02-16
- Improvement: Introduce slider view to blocksy_posts shortcode
- Improvement: Introduce exclude_term_ids in blocksy_posts shortcode

v1.7.56: 2021-02-07
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements

v1.7.55: 2021-02-07
- New: Allow multiple post_type entries in blocksy_posts shortcode
- Improvement: Correctly handle images export/import in customizer
- Improvement: WooCommerce: 3 new mini-cart icons
- Fix: Account header element avatar size

v1.7.54: 2021-01-28
- Improvement: Improve search box when it is placed inside the middle column
- Improvement: Flush permalinks after starter site install finish

v1.7.53: 2021-01-26
- New: Newsletter widget - add boxed and default container style
- Improvement: WooCommerce: improve mini cart colors
- Improvement: WooCommerce: Floating cart scroll logic for single product

v1.7.50: 2021-01-24
- Fix: Demo importer: Allow nav menu items of type post_type_archive
- Fix: Allow sideloading SVG images