Bacola v1.1.1 – Grocery Store and Food eCommerce Theme

If you want to open a grocery store,Bacola- Grocery Market and Organic Food Store Ecommerce Elementor WooCommerce WordPress Theme is exactly what you are looking for.

This incredible theme will allow you to create your own grocery store, organic food store, online supermarket, woocommerce grocery store, grocery multi-vendor, farming, market, multi-vendor, vegetable, food store, food delivery, food business , multi-vendor, dokan, food and online food, electronics store, fashion store and toy store in just a few hours.

Anyone who is not good at creating and managing websites can develop their own website quickly, thanks to the high-end and most popular components of the theme.If you want to learn more about the features of this fantastic WordPress theme, keep reading.

Demo: https://theme

About Bacola

Below is one of the greatest WordPress grocery ecommerce themes available.Our newly developed themes are just what you need to build your own online business or expand your existing business into the internet realm.With Bacola, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on online services! You do not need any technical skills to create and personalize your internet presence.You can develop a marketplace for businesses that want to do business online because you can list and advertise your wares and meet thousands of people online!

This WordPress Grocery Market WooCommerce theme can be used in many ways depending on your company's strategy.As we said before, you don't need any coding skills to fully personalize your theme.However, if you have any coding experience, our clear coding style will make your job easier and you will be able to make any customizations without any extra help.At KlbTheme, we are here to provide you with any additional support you may need.

Bacola is also an organic food element theme that allows you to list your organic food and products to reach millions of people all over the world.Regardless of their category, theme owners can include as many items as they want.Our user-friendly and well-coded themes can be used in a variety of applications as long as you want to promote supermarket items.You can also craft engaging and engaging landing pages to help with your marketing efforts.You may benefit from drag and drop page development with Elementor support, which will provide designers and website owners with an unlimited number of alternatives.

Creating an online supermarket and organic food store has never been easier or more affordable with our premium WordPress themes.We guarantee you won't be disappointed by choosing our multipurpose themes. This theme will quickly become a favorite of your online company.Not only will it help you save money, but it will also allow you to express the personality of your brand and company the way you want.Plus, you don't need to hire a freelance designer to do all of this!

Anyone looking to create a grocery marketplace organic food e-commerce store will love what our theme has to offer.If you are happy with a WordPress theme, you can develop and publish your website in a few hours. Our comprehensive documentation will answer all your questions as you build your website.With Bacola, you can build a website for your company or brand. However, you can build a multi-vendor platform that brings all your supermarket and organic food businesses under one roof.The choice of our Bacola themes is limitless, it depends on your preference.

You can deliver food anywhere in the world, or where you choose with the right connector.Our themes are fully compatible with WooCommerce, the world's most popular ecommerce plugin. You can list all your items in one place and reach millions of people around the world.Bacola also has a built-in location filter. You can provide great convenience to your guests by allowing them to browse the items in your food store, with some limitations.Providing such elements to your visitors will help create a strong connection between your brand and your customers.

Another feature that attracts visitors is letting them choose an amount without going to the product page.Our built-in quantity box will help your website visitors save time when purchasing and improve their overall shopping experience.Additionally, the Ajax Product Search feature will allow your visitors to view product photos while searching.

Depending on your preference, you can build your product category pages with a load more button or an infinite scroll option.This will go a long way in optimizing your website as well as reducing your paid advertising PPC costs.Additionally, Bacola allows you to create a multilingual website that is translatable and compatible with all translation plugins, including WPML and Polylang.This will enable you to assist multilingual guests.It's worth mentioning that Bacola is an RTL (right-to-left) ready theme, which means you can start developing your website in most languages ​​with an easy-to-use theme setup wizard.

All our themes come with unlimited free updates for the rest of your life. Future upgrades and modifications will cost you nothing.You don't have to waste any time upgrading the theme thanks to the one-click update option built into the theme.In addition to all the features above, Bacola includes basic features such as quick viewing, wishlists, and comparing components with a site-wide unlimited color selection.

Features: Bacola – Grocery Store and Food eCommerce Theme

  • Elementor Page Builderis a page builder for Elementor.
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Dokan (multi-vendor plugin)Available now.
  • Get Ready for WC Marketplace (Multi-Vendor Plugin)
  • RTL Compatibility (Right-to-Left Arabic)
  • Ready to use location filter
  • Location filters are now available as popups.
  • Ajax popup notification has been added to your cart.
  • The Product Box Quantity field is now available.
  • Ajax is ready to load more pagination.
  • Ajax ready infinite scrolling pagination
  • Quick View is now available.
  • AJAX store filters are now available.
  • AJAX Product Search is now available.
  • AJAX grouped and variable products added to cart are now available.
  • AJAX remove from cart is now available.
  • Make a wish list.
  • Recently viewed products are now available.
  • Minimum and maximum number of options can be selected.
  • Sticky Single Mobile is ready to add to cart
  • Enlarge product image
  • Videos for this product are available on YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Mobile filters are now available.
  • Product category filters are now available.
  • Product status (in stock/special offer) is complete.
  • Product color filter
  • Brand Product Filter
  • Add to cart if you want your website to be mobile friendly.
  • Order tracking is now available.
  • GDPR Compliant
  • The pop-up newsletter is now available.
  • Video tutorials are now available.
  • WOOCSHas multi-currency capabilities.
  • supporterWPML (Multilingual)
  • Polylang (multilingual support)available.
  • Powered by Loco Translate
  • Seventh Contact Form
  • Powered by Metabox
  • For quick theme caching and performance tuning, usetotal cachearchivo de configuración.
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Getting ready to start blogging
  • . POT is a multilingual domain that can be used in any language.
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Demodata installer with one-click install and XML support
  • One-click change theme
  • Parallax background images and videos are encouraged.
    • graphic design
    • Fully customizable
    • Ready for Retina Display
    • The sidebar is unlimited.
    • Backgrounds are infinite.
    • There is no limit to the number of colors you can choose from
    • Documentation is very good.
    • fully responsive
    • Updates are always free.
    • Optimized for SEO
    • fast performance
    • Documentation
    • Icone dei caratteri (1400+)
    • Google Fonts is a collection of fonts created by Google
    • Google Maps is a map service provided by Google.
    • CSS3 and HTML5
    • Based on Bootstrap framework
    • Use jQuery.
    • Parallax effect
    • Animate Library is an animation library.
    • Carousels
    • social media icons
    • Breadcrumbs
    • customer logo
    • Testimonials
    • members of the group
    • Tabs
    • Buttons
    • progress bar
    • Pagination
    • Accordions
    • Alerts
    • Counters
    • Gallery
    • media embedding
    • Columns
    • Video
    • Lists
    • Headings
    • text style
    • code block
    • Address
    • Blockquotes

Changelog: Bacola – Grocery Store and Food eCommerce Theme

-- Added: Product 360 View.
-- Added: Product Detail Image Column Option.
-- Added: Product Detail Wide Option.
-- Added: Elementor Templates for Header.
-- Added: Elementor Templates for Footer.
-- Added: Elementor Templates for Shop.
-- Added: Elementor Templates for Categories.
-- Added: Include Option for Category Widget on Elementor.
-- Added: Slide Speed Option.
-- Updated: WooCommerce plugin.
-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.
-- Updated: Footer Column Option.
-- Updated: Categories on Shop Page.

-- Added: Categories for Mobile.
-- Added: Added to Cart Ajax Popup Notice.
-- Added: Dokan Sidebar Filter for Mobile.
-- Added: Logo Size Slider.
-- Updated: WooCommerce plugin.
-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.

-- Added: Recently Viewed Products.
-- Added: Min/Max Quantity Option.
-- Added: Middle Sticky Header.
-- Added: Single Mobile Sticky Add to Cart.
-- Added: Single Social Share Options.
-- Added: Related Products by Tags.
-- Added: 3 Badge Types.
-- Added: Ajax Add to Cart for Quickview.
-- Fixed: Product Variable Quantity.
-- Updated: WooCommerce plugin.
-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.

-- Added: Popup Location.
-- Added: GDPR image option.
-- Fixed: Get_Cart issue.
-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.
-- Updated: WooCommerce.

-- Added: Ajax Shop Filters.
-- Added: Ajax Pagination.
-- Added: Ajax Single Add to Cart button.
-- Added: Hide Out of Stock items option.
-- Added: Mobile Bottom Menu settings.
-- Added: Column Options in the shop page.
-- Updated: The color options.
-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.
-- Updated: WooCommerce.
-- Fixed: Mobile Mini Cart.

-- Added: Video button for Products.
-- Added: Product Image Zoom.
-- Added: Mobile Bottom Menu Color options.
-- Added: Related Products Column Option.
-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.

-- Added: GDPR Cookie Banner.
-- Added: Popup Newsletter.
-- Added: Dokan Lite plugin.
-- Added: Stock Quantity option.
-- Added: WhatsApp share button.
-- Added: Preloader.
-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.

-- Added: Product Single Types.
-- Added: Mobile Sticky Menu.
-- Added: Advanced Header Color options.
-- Added: Advanced Footer Color options.
-- Added: Advanced Style options for the Elementor Widgets.
-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.

-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.
-- Updated: WooCommerce.
-- Updated: Checkout Page.
-- Updated: Cart Page.
-- Updated: Theme Setup Wizard.

-- Updated: Bacola Core plugin.
-- Updated: WooCommerce.
-- Updated: Theme Setup Wizard.
-- Updated: The color options.

-- Added: Theme Setup Wizard.
-- Updated: WooCommerce.