AutomateWoo v5.5.8 (+Addons) – Marketing Automation For WooCommerce

AutomateWoois a plugin to automate all marketing processes in your online store on WordPress and WooCommerce.

This plugin does all the regular and hard work for you on the website. AutomateWoo WooCommerce has the tools you need to grow your store and make money.

AutomateWoo has flexible triggers, actions, and filters, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to create any type of automated campaign to convert and retain customers.


Features AutomateWoo - Marketing Automation for WooCommerce

  • Automatically email customers who purchased a specific product and ask for a review or recommend other products they might like.
  • Customers who have left products in their carts are reminded by automated emails at set intervals.
  • Target customers who don't use automated email marketing campaigns. Includes special offers and recommendations.
  • Send SMS notifications to customers or administrators for any major AutomateWoo trigger. Integrate with Twilio.
  • Get more product reviews if the review offers a discount code. The discount limit is based on the number of reviews posted and ratings given.
  • Send email reminders of wishlists (wishlists) and be notified when desired products become available. useWooCommerce Wish List or YITH WooCommerce Wish List
  • Delight your customers with special WooCommerce birthday emails and coupons with AutomateWoo Birthday plugin.
  • Notify customers before their stored credit or debit cards expire. This reduces failed payments when selling subscriptions.
  • Create personalized coupons for your customers to increase purchase rates.
  • take action based onWooCommerce SubscriptionsStatus changes, payment failures, renewal reminders and other events.
  • Increase your word-of-mouth sales with the AutomateWoo Refer a Friend plugin
  • Reward your best customers with VIP status according to different spending requirements.

Changelog AutomateWoo - Marketing Automation for WooCommerce Free Cancel

2022-01-17 - v5.5.8
* Fix - Change `changelog.txt` header format to match woorelease
* Fix - Fix/1073 opt ins emails with apostrophes not imported
* Fix - Replace is_ajax (deprecated in 6.1) with wp_doing_ajax

2021-12-15 - version 5.5.7
* Fix - Update Test config (#1071)
* Tweak - Add WooCommerce 6.0.0 to Travis test matrix (#1077)
* Tweak - Bump "WC tested up to" to version 6.0 (#1079)

2021-11-25 - v5.5.6
* Add - Filter for custom workflow timing options.

2021-10-27 - v5.5.5
* Fix - Prevent Order Created action from running too early

2021-10-12 - v5.5.4
* Fix - Escape html in email preheader.

2021-09-21 - v5.5.3
* Fix - Prevent adding unnecessary notes to subscription when running edit actions
* Tweak - Use `Features::is_enabled` instead of deprecated `Loader::is_feature_enabled`

2021-08-04 - v5.5.0
* New - Enable abandoned cart features for new block-based checkout
* Fix - Issue where original prices in emails could have strikethroughs on new WooCommerce versions
* Fix - The user profile language setting can now be used to set the plugin's language in WP Admin
* Fix - Check workflow is still active and has conversion tracking enabled before marking an order as a conversion
* Fix - Make "Order - Subscription Payment Retry Count" rule count only failed automatic subscription payment retries

2021-06-04 - v5.4.2
* Fix - "Subscription - Remove Coupon" action did not remove the discount applied

2021-04-09 - v5.4.1
* Fix - "Subscription - Update product" action product price field always resulted in a price of zero

2021-03-25 - v5.4.0
* Updated Minimum Requirements - WooCommerce 4.8
* New - Moved all features from the "AutomateWoo Subscriptions Add-on" into "AutomateWoo core"
* New - Added "Booking Created" trigger
* New - Added booking workflow variables: `booking.persons`, `booking.start_date`, `booking.end_date`, `booking.start_time`, `booking.end_time`
* New - Added workflow variable: `shop.shop_url`
* Tweak - Improve and clarify wording of the workflow timing description column
* Fix - Duplicate cart items could appear if logging in after restoring an abandoned cart
* Fix - Certain necessary characters couldn't be used workflow variable parameters
* Fix - Removed deprecated jQuery uses
* Fix - Minor error notices when previewing emails on a fresh install for some triggers

2021-02-18 - v5.3.0
* New - Integration with WooCommerce Bookings! Requires WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.35
* New - `Booking Status Changed` trigger
* New - Bookings variables: ``, `booking.status`, `booking.cost`, `booking.resource`
* New - Improved support for new WooCommerce admin dashboard navigation
* Fix - Error when viewing or sending abandoned carts with bookable products (WooCommerce Bookings)
* Fix - Prevent storing multiple `automatewoo_cart_id` values in order meta
* Fix - `New Review Posted` no longer triggers for spam product reviews
* Fix - When sending SMS, default to full URL if bitly API request fails (e.g. rate limit, misconfiguration)
* Fix - Correct typos in missing/undefined variable error message
* Tweak - WooCommerce 5.0 compatibility
* Tweak - Removed legacy license system

2021-01-06 - v5.2.1
* Fix - Remove invalid 5.2 announcement link from changelog

2021-01-06 - v5.2.0
* Updated Minimum Requirements - WooCommerce 4.5
* New - Add support for PHP 8
* New - Add "Reply to" field to email actions
* New - Add "" variable
* New - Moved all event handling to use ActionScheduler
* New - Convert tools background processor to use ActionScheduler
* New - Add a customer filter to the carts page
* Fix - Issue where the customer win back trigger would stall due to stale customer last purchase data
* Fix - Add welcome notice for add-ons
* Fix - Move the the Membership Created trigger to run async to improve stability
* Tweak - Display warnings when using deprecated functions and classes
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Events
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Report_Events
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Background_Processes\Event_Runner
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Event
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Event_Factory
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Events_Runner_Async_Request
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Event_Query
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Action::can_be_previewed()
* Deprecated - AutomateWoo\Action::preview()

2020-11-17 - v5.1.3
* Fix - Ensure AW admin works if WooCommerce Admin is disabled via the woocommerce_admin_disabled filter
* New - Add warning notice that some features will not work if WooCommerce Admin is disabled

2020-11-10 - v5.1.2
* Fix - Issues where AW caused the WordPress footer to be hidden on all admin pages
* Fix - Misleading title of workflow preset
* Fix - Add "automatewoo/workflow/created" action when creating a workflow from a preset
* Fix - Issue where incorrect taxes could be applied to an order in some cases when the Membership Created trigger was used
* New - Notice regarding planned changes to minimum requirements: WooCommerce >= 4.5
* Fix - Issue where abandoned carts job could incorrectly throw an exception in some cases
* Announcement -
* New Minimum Requirements - WordPress 5.3 and WooCommerce 4.3
* Database Upgrade Required - Use `date-desc` sorting for existing `shop.products` variables
* New - Preset workflows. Choose from a preset workflow to quickly and easily create your own workflows
* New - Add rule: "Shop - Current Date/Time"
* New - Add "Default" sorting for the "shop.products" variable
* New - Add “Month” unit for scheduled and delayed workflows
* New - Implement the "matches regex", "is blank" and "is not blank" conditions for some manual workflows
* Tweak - Begin using ActionScheduler to run certain processes
* Tweak - Make the "Order - Customer Field" and "Subscription - Custom Field" rules quick filterable and ready for use with manual workflows
* Tweak - Removed "automatewoo-clipboard" script and use the newly added clipboard-js script in WordPress core
* Tweak - Adjustments to opt-in tracking data for AutomateWoo sent to WooCommerce:
* Workflow tab viewed event added
* Preset workflow list button clicked event added
To disable this tracking, opt out of WooCommerce tracking, see
* Fix - Subscription early renewal redirect URL is now correctly URL encoded
* Fix - AutomateWoo > Dashboard - Console errors when resizing browser window
* Dev - Deprecated the following: - AutomateWoo\Action_Subscription_Edit_Item_Abstract::get_recalculate_coupons_compatibility_text()
* Dev - Added "Query_Abstract::get_results_as_ids()" and deprecated "Query_Abstract::set_return()"