Auto Google News v1.0.7 - WordPress Google News Posts Generator Plugin

You can quickly generate WordPress posts from your Google News Feed using Google News' Automatic Posts Generator.

Demo: https://code

Features: Auto Google News – WordPress Google News Posts Generator Plugin

  • Scraper campaign and unlimited keyword auto-blogging
  • On each blog, you can create content from an unlimited number of keywords, with support for long-tail keywords.
  • Using the Google Suggestion API, you can get keyword suggestions.
  • No duplicate content. Advanced checks and validation to ensure plugins do not publish duplicate material on your website.
  • Posts based on keywords of your choice.
  • Use a cache system.
  • Schedule your posts to appear when you want.
  • WP Cron can be used to automatically inspect and execute crawler activity from the backend.
  • Available post types include posts, pages, and attachments.
  • Published, Draft, Private, and Pending are all options for post status.
  • Choose an author for your post.
  • Logs are added when crawler activity and wp cron jobs run automatically.
  • Instantly convert RSS feed items into WordPress pages, articles and custom post types (our most popular feature).
  • Automatically feed and combine an unlimited number of RSS feeds from an unlimited number of sources.
  • Bulk import and organize multiple feed sources related to the same topic.
  • Categories
  • Content that adapts to multiple platforms

Changelog: Auto Google News

Version 1.0.7 10/31/2021
* Fix - New English (India) language and location selector

Version 1.0.6 09/23/2021
* New feature - New post generate featured images from the library automatically.

Version 1.0.5 09/15/2021
* Fix - The language selector issues
* Fix - The campaigns generated post tags issues

Version 1.0.4 09/05/2021
* Update - Optimize content duplicate check features before publish new post
* Update - Optimize the functions to create campaigns automatically

Version 1.0.3 08/30/2021
* Fix - Fix the issue campaign post categories not show up correctly
* Update - Optimize News RSS Feed search functions
* Update - Optimize post with user seleted categories functions

Version 1.0.2 08/24/2021
* New Feature - New plugin dashboard page
* Update - Optimize WP Cron running functions scheduled campaigns automatically
* Update - Optimize generates campaigns automatically functions

Version 1.0.1 08/18/2021
* New Feature - RSS Feed Search and create campaigns automatically

Version 1.0.0, (2021-08-17)
* Initial release