Astra Pro Plugin v3.6.5 (Addons + Templates + Astra Theme v3.7.6)

Astra Prois a straightforwardWordPress themesAllows you to disable page headers and sidebars.

The Astra ProThemes are created with speed in mind. It is the lightest theme on the market and has the fastest performance.

Astra's codebase architecture follows SEO best practices. It even includes all the necessary Schemas. Organization mark. Astra is designed to operate with page builders such asbeaver generator, Elementor, website source,Vision composer, andCostruttore Divi, in.

Demo: https://I'm afraid of

Features Astra Pro - Fast, lightweight and customizable WordPress theme

  • no jQuery: jQuery render blocking is performed in a performance-optimized way. So Astra uses vanilla JavaScript instead.
  • menys de 50 KB: Astra is light feathered. It requires less than 50 KB of resources, while most other WordPress themes require at least 300 KB.
  • Loads in just 0.5 seconds!: With default WordPress data, Astra loads in less than half a second. It's designed for speed and fully optimized for performance.
  • Prefabricated Website
  • Customizable without code
  • super fast performance
  • colors and fonts
  • Blogs and Archives
  • ..

Changelog Astra Pro - Free extension of Astra theme with Pro plugin

- Fix: Custom Layout's meta fields not saving when editor type is Code Editor.

Version 3.6.4 December 21, 2021
Added feature to enable or disable specific Custom Layout. ( )
Added easy filtering tabs for custom layouts lists.
Moved Custom Layout existing settings into a separate Gutenberg sidebar panel.
Add Custom Layouts on pages/posts using shortcode feature.
Image field error in the CreativeWork Type.
Removed unwanted title and desc tag present for search icon.

- Improvement: Added compatibility for Elementor Pro v3.5.0 WooCommerce widgets.

- Improvement: Code refactor – Some filters, functions, hooks are deprecated and replaced with astra_addon_ prefix NamingConvention. ( )
- Fix: W3 validation - Getting duplicate H1 tag for 'site-title' in case of Sticky header.
- Fix: W3 validation - CSS parse error for search icon height.
- Fix: W3 validation - Duplicate ID: '#ast-hf-mobile-menu'.
- Fix: W3 validation - Duplicate HTML id '#site-navigation' in case of multiple menus on a single page.
- Fix: Builder - Menu - Transparent header's submenu background color not overridden by Sticky header's submenu background color.
- Fix: Builder - Search - Placeholder was not reflecting on frontend when changing from customizer in Search box style.
- Fix: Search input field border color was not changing when hovered on search icon for Slide Search style.
- Fix: Builder – Language Switcher – Element's language options overlapping on one another.
- Fix: Flyout menu reoccurs when clicked on close icon for Old Header on iPhone devices.

- New: Rollback to previous versions feature for the theme and addon.

- Improvement: Moved heading color options to Global Colors section.
- Fix: Backward compatibility for Content Background option with the theme.

- Improvement: Astra menu settings button made accessible to users with 'edit-theme-options' capability.
- Improvement: Clear asset cache of theme and addon on every new update of the addon.
- Improvement: WooCommerce & EDD cart - Introducing Cart product count color option.
- Fix: Fatal error `Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function astra_get_tablet_breakpoint()` in some cases.
- Fix: Search - Added Accessibility for Search Box style of Search Button.
- Fix: EDD - Cart count is overlapping on the submenu section.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Sticky header menu color not working.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Menu Font not working.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Deprecated responsive options for menu colors.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Login menu notice only visible when WooCommerce or Lifter LMS plugin activated.
- Fix: Sticky Header shrink option not working in new Header/Footer builder.

- Fix: Previous & Next arrow icons not appearing for product gallery in Quick View layout.
- Fix: Compatibility with WPML plugin version 4.5.
- Fix: Console error while editing in the beaver builder editor view when "CSS File Generation" is enabled with Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugin.
- Deprecated: Header Footer Widgets - Deprecated design specific sticky header options for better compatibility with WordPress 5.8. ( )

- Security Fix: Replaced AJAX post request with simple JS request for Infinite pagination from WooCommerce & Blog Pro addon.
- Fix: Builder - Submenu & sticky header colors not working if "Header Sections" addon is deactivated from old header. ( )
- Fix: Search - In 'Search Box' style search icon missing when Astra CSS icons available on site.
- Fix: Category archive title showing extra 1em space around when "Add Space Between Posts" option is disabled.
- Fix: Showing old footer copyright section on checkout page when distraction free checkout option is enabled for WooCommercce, EDD and LifterLMS.
- Fix: Stack On option for footer Social Icons not reflecting correctly as per setting in customizer.
- Fix: Search icon color is not applying to the Sticky Header Search Box style.
- Fix: Builder - WooCommerce & EDD cart - Outline cart type has transparent background. ( )
- Fix: Page Headers and Custom Layouts for specific Pages/ Posts/ Taxonomies, etc. do not work in customizer.
- Fix: Swap Section feature not working for mobile in Old Header Footer. ( )
- Deprecated: Filter 'astra_infinite_pagination_post_type' deprecated as AJAX request handled by simple JS request. ( )

- Fix: Fatal error on the widgets page when Learndash module is active.

- Fix: Customizer not working due to conflict with block editor JS.

- Improvement: Added headings font-weight support to widget-title headings. (
- Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency in Scroll To Top addon.
- Improvement: Custom Layout - Added close button for multiselect selected items for Display On field.
- Fix: Builder - Account Element - Sticky Icon Color creates color patch on sticky header active.
- Fix: Builder - WooCommerce cart - 0 Border width count removes default cart icon's border.
- Fix: WooCommerce cart - Color option not working in old header layout.
- Fix: Megamenu - Clicking on any item causes a short gray blink on the items in other columns.
- Fix: Customizer's font & color settings not reflecting in Gutenberg editor. (
- Fix: 'Page Header: Center Aligned' layout not working for new users.
- Fix: Core Web Vitals - WooCommerce add to cart plus/minus buttons increasing CLS score.
- Fix: Sticky Header - Transition effect of headers when Shrink Effect is enabled.