AST Fulfillment Manager (Formerly Advanced Shipment Tracking Pro) v1.4

The most powerful fulfillment manager for WooCommerce.

AST PROComes with many useful features that allow you to simply add tracking information to WooCommerce orders, manage fulfillment procedures, and keep your customers happy and informed.

Function AST Fulfillment Manager

Orders with tracking information are more likely to be honored

When changing an order, AST allows you to easily add tracking and fulfill your order from the order page, consumers can view the tracking from the view order page (My Account)

When you ship your items in multiple shipments or from different locations, you can add tracking numbers to each item and link the tracking numbers to certain line items.

When you add a tracking number to an order, auto-detection technology will automatically discover the shipping provider based on the tracking number format, saving you time in fulfilling your order.

Fulfillment Dashboard

In one view, you can get a glimpse of your fulfillment performance and a picture of all your unfulfilled orders.

A shipping performance widget and a list of outstanding orders in your business that need your attention will be displayed on the fulfillment dashboard.Through the dashboard, you or your team can quickly fulfill orders and expedite the order fulfillment process.

There are over 300 shipping lines and carriers to choose from.

When you choose your preferred shipping provider from a list of over 300 shipping providers and carriers worldwide using predefined tracking links, your customers will receive a direct tracking link to the shipping provider's website track their orders.

White Label Shipping Providers - Create a white label shipping experience by customizing your shipping provider's name and logo.

Create your own shipping provider - You can name your custom shipping provider, add a custom tracking URL, and upload an image.

Personalized email notifications

AST has unique email templates that allow you to completely adjust the content of your email notifications, remove redundant information, and display only information relevant to your consumers.

Your shipping confirmation emails don't have to be boring anymore.Using AST's built-in WooCommerce email customizer, you can customize email notifications, remove irrelevant information and only display relevant information to your customers.

Simplify the WooCommerce fulfillment process.

Customizing your order status might help you streamline your fulfillment process.Use the partial shipping status to notify consumers that their purchase has shipped, or use the shipping status to use the completed status for your unshipped virtual orders.

Tracking Information Widget

Use a fully configurable, responsive tracking widget that looks great on any screen, sending consumers their shipment information and a way to track their items.On the Order Status Email and View Order pages, the Tracking Information widget (My Account) will appear.

Use the WordPress customizer with live preview to customize email notifications displayed in customer accounts and responsive tracking information widgets on view order pages.

Shipping Tracking API

Use the Shipping Tracking API endpoint to update tracking numbers issued by third-party services and to execute orders from external systems.You can also automate orders when tracking is updated from the API and all products have been delivered.

Delivery Provider API Name Mapping

Your shipping service may use a different shipping provider name than we used when we updated the WooCommerce API. In this example, you can map the name of the shipping company.

Integrate with the shipping service of your choice

Advanced Shipment Tracking Pro is built-in with leading shipping labeling services and dropshippers such as Ordoro, ShipStation, RoyalMail Click & Drop, WooCommerce Shipping,AliExpress, and more, allowing you to fully automate your fulfillment workflow and eliminate the need to manually add tracking numbers to orders after they are shipped.

PayPal tracking information can be exported.

Automatically export tracking numbers, shipping providers and dates to PayPal transactions using the PayPal Tracking API.Sending tracking information to PayPal may help you avoid chargebacks and process PayPal payment holds more quickly.

Track numbers from CSV entry

AST provides a quick and easy interface to bulk import multiple tracking numbers from a CSV file into an order, allowing you to eliminate the repetitive process of manually adding tracking numbers to an order.

compatibleWooCommerce pluginyour choice! Custom order number plugins, email customizers, PDF invoice plugins, shipping services plugins, SMS plugins, and more are all built into AST.

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