Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Speed Booster v1.2.0.4 – Performance WordPress Plugin

Asset Cleanup Pro(page speed booster) - Plugin for optimizing website performance.

Manage homepages, posts, pages, and custom post types (e.g.WooCommerceproduct page,Easy digital download)

Demo: https://G Abel'm afraid-asset-cleanup-pro/

Features Asset CleanUp Pro: WordPress Plugin Performance

Asset Cleanup Pro(Page Speed ​​Booster) allows you to uninstall unused CSS styles and JS scripts on other pages, such as:
  • Category pages such as default WordPress categories, tags and custom created pages such as product categories from WooCommerce.
  • Author pages (for example, a page that displays all posts by a particular author, viais_author()Características)
  • Default WordPress search page
  • WooCommerce search page (with the same settings as the actual store page detected via)is_shop()Características)
  • 404 page (Not Found): This page is as light as possible, and it is unlikely that many of the CSS and JavaScript files needed here (by detectingis_404()Características)
  • Date Archive Page: This is any page that retrieves articles filtered by date, viais_date() function

* For loaded JavaScript files, properties likedefer and asynccan be applied

There are a number of techniques that are often used to delay parsing. However, the simple and preferred technique is simplyLazy load JavaScriptuntil needed. If this technique is not suitable for use on your page, it is recommended that you use