ARMember - WordPress Membership Plugin v5.0.1

ARMember is a WordPress membership plugin for 2022, a one-stop solution to sell WordPress subscriptions, user registration plugins, user profiles, and more without any advanced programming skills.

The ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin is a cutting-edge, user-friendly membership management solution that will meet all your membership website needs with a custom design created just for you.It's very simple and user friendly, you don't need any programming skills at all.

ARMember is a comprehensive package that includes secure member-only content, proper payment options, member management, and more!

Demo: HTTPS://code member-complete-WordPress-membership-system/17785056

Features: ARMember – WordPress Membership Plugin

  • All-inclusive membership plugin for simple integration: ARMember is a one-stop solution for all your membership needs, such as membership management, payment monitoring, drip content, and more, and it's so easy to set up that you'll have your own membership website up and running in minutes!On your website, you can simply track the total number of members and the ratio of active to inactive users. Payment history for various membership types can be easily tracked.
  • Easily restrict the content of your website: Protecting and restricting the content of your website is critical.We have a very simple answer to this; with a single click, you can hide your exclusive profile from certain tiers of membership and offer specific content based on selective membership categories.In summary, you can schedule the delivery of materials to members based on the subscription time and level of your choice.
  • Unique membership setup wizard: What sets our Membership Setup Wizard apart is that it provides you with a shortcode that you can use throughout the process, starting with plan selection, all the way through the sign-up or sign-up steps, and ending with payment processing.
  • Integrate sophisticated form builders: Your members need to fill out various forms from time to time, such as registration, login details, lost password, updated password, etc.We provide you with a variety of beautiful and personalized form templates from which you can pick and choose for these different purposes.Another good reason is that these forms are free of ugly captcha, thanks to ARMember's anti-spam features!
  • Drip irrigation content:ARMember, a WordPress membership plugin that includes built-in content drip functionality with all optional features.
  • Templated configuration files and directories: We offer several attractive layouts for member profiles and directory listings that can be further modified.
  • Popular payment gateways include: Members are more likely to join if they have access to popular and convenient payment methods.The ARMember Membership Plugin for WordPress contains some of the most popular payment channels including Stripe, PayPal, Bank Transfer, 2Checkout and Authorize.
  • Membership management is simple.
  • Unlimited trial plan
  • Flexibility with content restrictions
  • several payment gateways
  • recurring billing
  • Ability to drip content
  • Login/connect to social network
  • Template for member profile/directory
  • Exclusive coupon management
  • Sign Up (Email Marketers)
  • Built-in modal form support.
  • Achievements and Badges
  • Form Navigation Menu Links
  • Developer API
  • Users and settings can be imported and exported.
  • No verification code anti-spam service
  • Templated email notifications
  • Woocommerce content restrictions
  • Integration with Buddy Press
  • One-click update plugin
  • Professional assistance team
  • ready to translate

Changelog: ARMember – WordPress Membership Plugin

Version 5.0 ( 29 Dec, 2021)
A complete revamp of ARMember Admin panel UI
CSS Optimization
Other Minor bug fixes

Version 4.6.1 ( 05 Dec, 2021)
Minor bug fixes

Version 4.6 ( 09 Oct, 2021)
Added New API Module for external calls.
Added New Facility to redirect to the Referrer Page after signup.
Added New Facility to apply coupon for Pay Per Post.
Updated Stripe SCA payment method.
Added New Currencies for Bank Transfer Payment Gateway.
Improved Payment Reports and Paid Post Reports
Other minor bug fixes.

Version 4.5.1 ( 05 Oct, 2021)
Security update
Minor bug fixes

Version 4.5 ( 21 Jun, 2021)
Added New Report: Coupon Reports
Added New Facility to Debug plugin issues by adding debug log options
Other minor bug fixes.

Version 4.4 ( 05 Jun, 2021)
Added New Social Login: Tumblr.
Added New Opt-ins: Send in Blue.
Other small bug fixes.

Version 4.3.3 ( 21 May, 2021)
some general bug fixes

Version 4.3.2 ( 11 May, 2021)
Bug fixes

Version 4.3.1 ( 04 May, 2021)
Minor bug fixes

Version 4.3 ( 30 April, 2021)
Added new method to integrate WooCommerce with ARMember.
Added new facility to change user status in bulk.
Added new facility to assign membership plan in bulk.
Added new facility to allow duplicate Profile and Member Directory Template.
Code improvement of all payment gateways integrations.
Fixed: Stripe Payment Gateway issue.
Other minor bug fixes.

Version 4.2 ( 21 April, 2021)
Added Facility to rotate cover and avatar photo.
Fixed: Display actual badge title when Badge is assigned by administrator
Other minor bug fixes.

Version 4.1.4 ( 03 March, 2021)
Updated Getresponse Opt-ins version to V3
Fixed: Allowed 100% coupon discount with Stripe payment gateway
Other important bug fixes.

Version 4.1.3 ( 11 December, 2020)
Added new facility to view invoice from payment report.
Added compatibility with PHP version 8.0.
Added compatibility with WordPress version 5.6.
Minor bug fixes

Version 4.1.2 ( 24 November, 2020)
Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.1.1 ( 07 November, 2020)
Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.1 ( 04 November, 2020)
Added Facility to purchase paid post with WooCommerce Checkout
Added advanced filters in Member Directory Templates.
Added New Report “Paid Post Report” for Paid Post purchases.
Added support of new shortcodes in email notification templates : Coupon Code
Added Facility to add Login link in signup form.
Added BuddyBoss Support.
Added Facility to apply Content Restriction for Elementor Template Shortcodes too.
Added Facility to Automatic clear failed login history older than 30 days.
Updated Stripe Library.
Updated Third-party Libraries : Codemirror, Chosen, Colpick, Highcharts, iCheck, CarouFredSel, and Jeditable.
Other minor bug fixes.

Version 4.0.2( 15 Aug, 2020)
Minor bug fixes

Version 4.0.1( 09 Aug, 2020)
some bug fixes related to WordPress 5.5 and few other small fixes

Version 4.0(26 Jun, 2020)
Added new high demand feature pay per post to sell post and custom posts individually.
Added facility to set hidden fields while edit member from admin panel.
Added facility to change order of fields while add/edit members from admin panel.
Added facility to customise date format in admin side.
Fixed cancel subscription issue with PayPal.
Other bug fixes