ARForms v5.6.2 - Wordpress Form Builder Plugin

ARForms is the most popular form builder plugin for WordPress in 2021. Create beautiful responsive WordPress forms in minutes with no coding or design experience required.WordPress popup forms are also included as a built-in feature.ARForms Not only for making WordPress contact forms; it can also generate complex forms, multi-step forms, cost estimate forms, newsletter popups, and more.

Demo: https: // code forms-WordPress-form-builder-plugin / 6023165

Features: ARForms

Stronger and better looking!

The must-have WordPress form builder plugin has been completely redesigned!ARForms is a brand new user interface designed to provide users with a real-time experience with powerful features to help you quickly create and process forms.

Resize and multi-column

ARForms includes a multi-column feature that includes the ability to resize any column by sliding the boundaries between fields. Simple, fast and adaptable.

34+ form elements for creating various forms

Tables for Material, Circle, and Standard Styles

ARForms is one of the few form builder plugins that can build true material type forms as well as circular and standard style forms. This is your WordPress form, so do it your way!

fully responsive

With clean and optimized HTML, you can create elegant, fully responsive forms in no time.

eye-catching color scheme

Pop-ups are pre-installed.

This is really good news! This sophisticated and comprehensive form builder now includes a built-in popup form feature, eliminating the need to purchase a separate wordpress popup plugin.With ARForms, your forms can fly in, stay at the bottom of the page, or pop up on page load.

Form with multiple steps

This powerful WordPress form builder plugin allows you to have complete control over the creation of forms customized to your specific requirements.You can use ARForms to build multi-step or survey-style forms with tabs/steps or progress bars so users can see where they are in the flow.

Auto save form data survey form

ARforms provides a great feature that allows you to design extended survey forms without losing data.Many visitors do not complete long surveys, but even partially completed information can be valuable to site owners.So, as soon as the user enters a value in the input field, each field value can now be saved in the database immediately.

Repeatable form fields

Repeatable form fields are one of the most dynamic features and are now accessible in ARForms. Any field or group of fields can now be repeated a limited or unlimited number of times.

Tables in the navigation menu

Now, when a visitor clicks an item in the top navigation menu, you may open a popup form for a better user experience.Therefore, no additional plugins are required to open popup forms in WordPress from the top navigation menu.

Radio and checkbox images can be customized.

The latest version of ARForms now includes this long-awaited feature. You can now customize radio buttons and checkboxes by adding your own images or icons.

Has improved conditional logic

This useful feature allows you to use conditions to show/hide, enable/disable, or prefill specified values ​​that depend on the input values ​​of other fields on the form field.This upgraded conditional logic is embedded directly into ARForms, so you don't need any technical skills to create complex forms.

logic in mathematics

You can quickly perform calculations within forms based on user input using the latest version of ARForms. You can calculate totals, averages, etc. without any coding skills.

Action to take after submitting the form

There are four main types of form submission actions in ARForms.

Submit form confirmation / summary

The long-awaited feature is finally available: users can receive a confirmation step after submitting a form, which enables them to go back and correct any errors.In rare cases, it is even necessary to display a summary of the submission.

Are you ready for email marketing?

ARForms integrates with 13 of the most important email marketing platforms, making it easier than ever to create custom forms and keep in touch with your subscribers.For more complex functionality, you can use Webforms or APIs for integration. ARforms offers smooth integration with the popular WordPress' Mailchimp as well as other email marketing services.

Notify by email

After submitting the form, send an email notification to the administrator along with any email addresses the user provides in the form itself.ARForms also includes shortcodes to extract values ​​from form fields, making your automated emails more dynamic, relevant and personalized.

Supports multiple languages ​​and RTL

WPMLFully compatible with the admin section, allowing it to be translated into any language. Your bundle contains 12 different translations that have been converted.

Ajax form

Choose from over 50 reading form templates.

ARForms now offers a variety of gorgeous pre-built form examples that you can download for free and use on your website right away. All examples are installed with just one click.

Skills of analyze

A beautiful and simple way to track all form activity using vivid, user-friendly graphs and charts, including a world map to indicate where all your submissions come from.

Other features

Changelog: ARForms

Version 5.6.1 (28 Oct 2021)
Minor Bugfix

Version 5.6 (26 Oct 2021)
Added New Field: Rich Text Editor
Added New option to enable previous page clickable for wizard style form
Added New widget for WordPress Block Editor widget
Added New options to set Animation on fields and page break
Added New option to set dynamic options in Dropdown Field.
Improve design for Image over checkbox & radio
Added Option to set width and icon for the image over checkbox & radio
Remove bootstrap dependency from Dropdown, Multi-select, Slider, Phone (input mask), Date, Time, & Auto Complete Field
Other minor bug fixes

Version 5.5.1 (06 Sep 2021)
Added HTML field (Only when running total is enabled) at form entries section
Added new facility to change labels for progress bar
Fixed RTL layout issues
Other minor bug fixes

Version 5.5 (13 Aug 2021)

Added 2 New Fields: Matrix & Spinner
Added option to select minimum options for checkbox and multi-select
Manage WordPress user session
Added facility to navigate between entries from view entry model.
Added facility to view specific entry in a model for partial form entries.
Updated Font Awesome Icons
Optimize database queries
Other minor bug fixes

Version 5.0 (17 Jun 2021)

Added new form style: Material Outlined
Added facility to crop and rotate image for file upload field. (supports only .jpg, .jpeg, and .png files)
Added new option to force users to choose strong password
Updated Materialize Library
Improve performace for loading data from CSV for preset field choices (checkbox, radio, select, multi-select, and auto-complete)
Fixed: cookie reset issue with normal submission
Other minor bug fixes

Version 4.4 (13 May 2021)
Added HTML field (Only when running total is enabled) for sending data to redirect URL using GET/POST method
Fixed notice/warnings related to PHP 8
Fixed issue regarding broken forms in Editor

Version 4.3.5 (08 March 2021)
Minor Bug fixes
Other minor bug fixes

Version 4.3.4 (08 March 2021)

Added new facility to open redirect URL in new tab or new window.
Allow HTML field to be displayed in the email message for [ARF_form_all_values] shortcode
Fixed MailChimp Webform issue
Other Important bug fixes

Version 4.3.3 (20 January 2021)
Added New Facility to Remove Junk Files (User uploaded files which are not associated with any forms)
Allow conditional email facility based on the running total
Updated AWeber oAuthentication to 2.0
Fixed site-health loopback request fail error
Other minor bug fixes

Version 4.3.3 (16 December 2020)
Added Compatibility for PHP version 8
Added Compatibility for WordPress version 5.6
Minor bug fixes

Version 4.3.1 (28 November 2020)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 4.3 (27 November 2020)
Added new email marketer – Drip
Added support for German Date Format
Added facility to limit the ‘GET/POST’ parameters while sending data through URL
Added option to hide/show uploaded files via ARForms file upload control in the WordPress media section
Added facility to use field value in the HTML field in the same form
Updated Font awesome icons to version 5.15.1
Allow ,(comma) as a decimal separator in the number field.
Add an option to show slider field tooltip on hover.
Improve model forms structure to reduce duplication of the code
Improve conditional logic – backend side
Restrict auto-complete field to accept the data that are not in the list
Other minor bug fixes

Version 4.2.1 (15 August 2020)
Added facility to display thousand separator for the running total.
Fixed issue with form in header/footer elementor template using ARForms widget.
Fixed autocomplete issue for displaying limited results
Fixed autocomplete issue with Latin characters
Other minor bug fixes

Version 4.2 (11 August 2020)
Added facility to set file upload counter to allow maximum file upload ( only for multi file uploader )
Added new field – Multi-select
Added WordPress categories, tags and WordPress product in the preset field choice ( For Checkbox, Radio, Select, Multi-select and Auto-complete field )
Updated Mailer Lite Library
Updated dataTable library
Added an option to inherit the theme fonts
WordPress 5.5 compatibility updates
Other bug fixes

Version 4.1 (14 July 2020)

Added Field tooltip position option
Added placeholder option for the “time” field
Fixed validation issue with the repeater fields.
Fixed rocket loader issue with cloudflare
Update slider library to fix issue in ipad.
Improved Repeater UI for confirmation summary and email content
Other bug fixes

Version 4.0.3 (11 February 2020)
Bug fixes

Version 4.0.1 (23 January 2020)

Bug fixes

Version 4.0 (21 January 2020)
Introducing new control: Repeater Field
Added facility to save partially filled form data to the database
Added new email marketers: Hubspot, Convertkit, and Sendinblue
Added facility to disable built-in anti-spam feature
Added facility to enable the multi-column form on widget forms
Added options for button shadow
Enable hidden field for conditional logic for ‘set value of’ action
Added new option for popup form to hide/show popup form for logged in user
Added facility to rename key for submitted fields while using ‘Send data to redirected page/post using POST or GET method’ option
Added new option to send data only in an email without storing it to database
Improved Form Editor
Improved Section Field Control
Improved add new form popup to install ARForms samples in one click
Added new Font Awesome icons
Improved Site-wide popup to display popup form once per browser session
Improved Number field validation for different language keyboard
Prevent form submission while file upload is in progress
Fixed special characters issue with import/export
Fixed spam detected message with WP-Rocket plugin
Fixed signature field issue with model forms
Fixed file upload drag & drop control issue with modal forms
Fixed site-health loopback request fail error
Other bug fixes

Version 3.7 (04 April 2019)
Introduced new field – Credit Card
Introduced Site-wide Popups. It will eliminate need of separate popup plugins at all
Added facility to install premade samples with just one click
Added in-built support for Elementor page builder
Updated MailChimp API to version 3
Updated Aweber authorization method
Added Cc and Bcc option for admin email notification
Added new shortcode for input fields for display current logged in user details
Added new argument in popup shortcode to pre-populate popup forms without passing value in URL
Added facility to make fields read-only
Added an option to round up running total
Added facility to delete uploaded file from view entry modal
Added widgets in WordPress dashboard for quick analytics and available add-ons of ARForms
Improvment in conditional logic
Other bug fixes

Version 3.6.1 (12 December, 2018)
Minor bug fixes related firefox

Version 3.6 (12 December, 2018)
Added Gutenberg Support
Added support for country flag for phone number field
Improve spam filter mechanism
Fixed PHPMailer Vulnerability
Added new shortcode for email to display the page URL where the form is placed
Fixed Elementor Plugin Conflict
Improve PHP side conditional logic
Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.5.2 (03 October, 2018)
Minor bug fixes

Version 3.5.1 (14 August, 2018)
Minor bug fixes

Version 3.5 (03 July, 2018)
Introducing new field: Switch
Added new font awesome icons
Other minor bug fixes

Version 3.4.3 (09 June, 2018)
Minor Bug Fixes
Minor bug fixes
Added support for new Opt-in tool : MailerLite
Added option to prevent storing visitor analytics data
Added an option to add GDPR privacy policy guide-line
Other Bug Fixes
Minor bug fixes
Minor bug fixes

Version 3.3 (17 April, 2018)
Added feature to change field type without losing the entry data.
Added option to change file upload path.
Added facility to send form submission data along with redirect URL.
Added facility to reset default checked radio button option from form editor.
Added some ready-made clickable regular expression validation patterns at field options.
Separate “Reply to Email” and “From Email” options at email notification.
Added image control options to change image position, height and width at mobile device.
Added styling option for placeholder opacity.
Other bug fixes