Anywhere Elementor Pro Addon v2.22 – Global Post Layouts | Taxonomy Archive Layouts

Elementor Pro en todas partesis an add-onElementor Pro Page Builder. Layouts can be created for messages, pages, CPT, category archives, WooCommerce product pages, shop pages, product category pages, and more.

Complementos de Anywhere Elementor Prois the most flexible plugin for designing archive pages: Skin Builder - Create your own SKIN without writing any code.

Support for custom post types and custom fields, powerful query control and multiple layout modes - display posts in grids, lists, sliders, carousels and smart grids

Demo:HTTPS://woowoo.element or add or-pro/

Features Everywhere Elementor Pro Plugin

  • Single Post/CPT Layout
  • Category Archives
  • Postipe archives
  • Author Profile
  • search results
  • date file
  • 404页
  • Single product layout
  • Product Category Archives
  • shop page layout
  • post/archive title
  • Post content
  • release news
  • post image
  • post block
  • custom taxonomy
  • post author
  • Comment
  • read more button
  • Post navigation
  • search form
  • custom field

Changelog Anywhere Elementor Pro plugin cancelled for free

= v2.22 =
* New : Added support for Nested ACF Repeater fields
* Tweak : Dynamic Background Repeater Image now working in Editor Mode
* Tweak : Added compatibility for swiper js with Elementor 3.5
* Fix : Post Block Checker Board Notice handled
* Fix : Woo Description Resolve issue for Short Description
* Fix : Resolved issue with using two or more gallery in swiper gallery inside post block loop
* Fix : Accordion icons position breaking with Elementor 3.5
Few other code improvements

= v2.21.3 =
* Fixed: Before Text not working in ACF Fields after recent release.

= 2.21.1 =
* Fixed: Throwing notice when Taxonomy Block in used on Post Type Archive.
* Fixed: Issue of Relationship option is not visible in Post Blocks Adv and Post blocks to ACF Free users.
* Fixed: Duplicate Shortcode Boxes on AE Templates list.
* Fixed: Google License key was not being saved after the last release.
* And some other minor bug fixes.

= v2.21 =
* New Widget: AE Trigger
* New Skin: Term + Post Loop skin added to Taxonomy Blocks widget.
* Fixed: Issue with Nested Post Blocks
* Fixed: Issue in AE Post Blocks Advanced - Relationship when there is no post selected in the field
* And some other UI changes and minor bug fixes

= v2.20.3 =
* Fixed: Relationship Field (Post Blocks) not showing correct posts.
* Fixed: AE Custom Fields widget not showing data when used for repeater fields.

= v2.20.2 =
* Fixed: Issue with ACF Repeater widget.

= v2.20 =
* Enhancement : ACF Group Field Support Added in Dynamic Tags
* Enhancement : Dynamic Rules - Post Type and Post Term Rules Added
* Enhancement : Added option to style current term in Taxonomy Blocks
* Enhancement : ACF Gallery - Justified Grid Layout & Hover Direction Aware effect to Overlay
* Enhancement : Fallback Image Added to AE-ACF Image Skin
* Enhancement : AE-ACF Repeater - Expand All & Collapse All Button added in Accordion Layout
* Enhancement : Post Blocks Advance - Expand All & Collapse All button added in Accordion Layout
* Enhancement : Added Support For Custom Option In AE-ACF Checkbox Fields
* Fixed : Added Compatibility for Elementor 3.4

= v2.19.2 =
* Fixed: Post Content widget removing P Tags
* Fixed: Post Blocks with filters not loading posts on initial load.

= v2.19.1 =
* Tweak: Compatibility with upcoming WPML 4.5
* Fixed: Conflict with some of the themes.
* Fixed: Link not working on Post Title widget after last release.
* Fixed: Issue with Repeater widget when block layout is deleted.

= v2.19 =
* New: Added new widget for ACF Flexible Content.
* Enhancement: Added FacetWP support for all queries.
* Enhancement: Added support for Reverse query in Post Blocks Adv - ACF Relationship.
* Enhancement: Added Support for URL hashtag in Post Blocks Adv - Filter Bar.
* Enhancement: Added Woocommerce specific controls in Post Blocks Adv.
* Enhancement: Added Smart Grid skin for ACF Gallery.
* Enhancement: Added option to allow displaying term custom fields on Singular and Block Layout.
* Fixed: Issue in Post Block Adv, Infinite scroll is not working when Pagination control is disabled.
* And some other UI changes and minor bug fixes.

= v2.18.2 =
* Updated licensing logic to support Freemius.

= 2.18 =
* New: Dynamic Rules - Show/Hide Section, Columns and widget by defining smart dynamic rules.
* Enhancement: ACF Gallery - Allow dynamic captions on lightbox.
* Enhancement: ACF Gallery - Added Alt and Title attributes to html markup.
* Enhancement: Dynamic Background - Added support for dynamic background colors in Post Blocks Adv and Repeater widget.
* Enhancement: Dynamic Background - Added support for ACF Group Fields.
* Enhancement: Dynamic Contnet - Added WooCommerce support.
* Enhancement: Post Blocks Advanced - Added option to define default open state for accordion.
* Enhancement: ACF Repeater - Added option to define default open state for accordion.
* Enhancement: ACF Repeater - Added support for repeater sub fields of type Post Object and Relationship.
* Enhancement: Improved Admin UI.
* Fixed: Woo Tabs - Warning message on frontend when no tab is applicable to product.
* Fixed: Post Blocks Advanced - Multiple bugs related to filters and pagination.
* Fixed: Woo Add to Cart - Causing conflict with other plugin due to outdated filter used.

= v2.17.3 =
* Fixed: Tab Title field was missing in ACF Repeater widget.

= v2.17.2 =
* Enhancement: Added support for Dynamic background color (custom field, term custom field, option field) in AE Pro Dynamic Background
* Enhancement: Added option for default opened section in AE ACF Repeater Widget(Accordion).
* Enhancement: Added option for default opened tab in AE Post Blocks Adv(Accordion).
* Enhancement: Added URL Field to Elementor’s Dynamic Option Image.
* Fixed: Issue with ACF Select Field is selected in Dynamic Options.
* Fixed: Issue with ACF Number field is selected in Dynamic Options.
* Fixed: Issue with Swiper Autoplay Delay(duration).
* Fixed: Issue with AE - Custom Field Map.

= 2.17.1 =
* Fixed compatibility with Elementor 3.1

= 2.17.0 =
* Compatibility with Elementor 3.0
* Fixed query issues in Post Blocks widget for ACF Relationship & Related Posts.
* Fixed issue with CPT's excluded from Search not working in Preview Post.
* Improved carousel navigation in ACF Repeater widget.
* Fixed bug in AE - Pods widget.