Analytify Pro WordPress Plugin v4.1.1 + Addons

WordPress Analytify Pro Using the Google Analytics integration plugin in WordPress has never been more fun! Every day, set aside 5 minutes.

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Serious analysis is not boring.

Analytify Pro's one-click setup gets you up and running in under a minute. real! Provides you with extremely user-friendly data and visually appealing charts.Suddenly, you notice your website visitors like never before. Check out our list of notable features.

Features: Analytify Pro WordPress Plugin

social media statistics

Do you want to know the effectiveness of your social media program? In your WordPress dashboard, you'll find easy-to-understand reports.

real-time statistics

Who is online these days? What the hell are they doing? Real-time stats keep you up to date with what's going on right now.

overall follow up

Simplified management of marketing efforts (PPC? SEO?). All without leaving WordPress.

More advanced e-commerce tracking

No need to do it yourself, Analytify Pro makes setting up ecommerce tracking in WordPress a breeze.

Types of custom posts

Portfolios, galleries, testimonials, and other custom post types are available. We keep an eye on them and provide precise statistics.

Analytify Pro provides page level analysis.

Each post and page has its own set of metrics that can be sorted by post or page.

important statistics

Have you ever wondered why Google Analytics is so hard to understand? It's cleaner now, and in your WordPress dashboard, there are a lot of settings and reports.

UI report

Instead of going into the dashboard, you can even see the full analysis of each post right on the UI.

Changelog: Analytify Pro WordPress Plugin

= v4.1.1 - 2021-11-01 =
* Bug Fix: Errors in Real-time reporting dashboard.
* Bug Fix: Undefined error in APM add-on.

= v4.1.0 - 2021-06-21 =
* New Feature: Add the Global Site Tag (gtag.js) tracking compatibility.
* Enhancement: Add email and tel links reporting in Events Tracking.
* Enhancement: Update diagnostic information for additional details.
* Enhancement: Add translatable strings and sanitize date field data.
* Enhancement: Track authors by user name in Custom Dimensions module.
* Bug Fix: Errors in tracking with AMP when Custom Dimensions module is enabled.

= v2.2.1 - 2020-08-06 =
* Enhancement: Add translatable strings for graph stats.

= v2.2.0 - 2020-07-26 =
* New Feature: Shortcodes for Gutenberg editor.
* New Feature: Page path filter in shortcodes for site that use domain mapping.
* Enhancement: Update admin notices layout.

= v2.2.12 - 2019-05-02 =
Enhancement: Layout issue on Campaigns addon.
Enhancement: Confliction with Edit Flow.
Enhancement: Confliction with Huber theme.

Version 2.1.2
May 2nd, 2019
Add ‘Entrance Exits stats' on single pages/posts.