AmyMovie v3.5.2 - Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme

AmyMovie is a fully responsive movie website WordPress theme.Thanks to a different, up-to-date and professional interface and clean code, your movie website will be powerful, attractive and easy to use.Importing movie data from the IMDb and TMDb websites is simple. With the excellent showtimes feature, visitors can get movie schedules from various cinemas in seconds.

Demo: https://theme movie-movie-cinema-WordPress-theme/18936937

Features: AmyMovie – Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme

  • Vision composeris a WordPress page builder for $34.
  • Breadcrumb NavXT: Displays the visitor's journey to the current location as a breadcrumb navigation.
  • Another contact form plugin is Contact Form 7. It's simple but adaptable.
  • MailChimp for WordPress: Integrate many very effective registration options into your website.
  • After changing the thumbnail size, select Regenerate Thumbnails to regenerate all thumbnails.
  • Slider Revolution: Advanced Responsive Sliders fromSlider Revolution.

AmyTheme plugin is very powerful.

  • AmyTheme framework is a lightweight and easy-to-use WordPress options framework.
  • AmyMovie extension: Showcase movies and blog entries in a variety of formats, styles and effects.
  • Users of AmyMovie

Advanced Theme Options

AmyMovie theme options are global options that allow you to create custom websites without knowing how to code.These options will apply to every page or post on your site unless overridden by page or post settings.

  • Importers for IMDb and TMDb are integrated.
  • You have complete control over the layout of your website, including website width, content area, sidebars, and more.
  • There are 3 different header styles and 10 different footer styles to choose from when creating beautiful web pages.
  • Text, Links, Menus, WP Login or Social Lists are one of five modules that can be easily added to the top bar and copyright section.
  • Easily customize movie, cinema, actor and director connections.
  • Your blog post pages all support grid, list, and masonry layouts.
  • It's easy to modify the skin of a web page to match your design (orange is the default skin).
  • Changing the background image and color of the global page title bar is easy.
  • Supports Google Fonts and Typography.
  • For general movie pages (show reviews, allow users to view, restrict movies in search pages) and genre pages (choose sidebar, layout, movies per page, and show/hide pagination), select Global Layout and Features.
  • Integrate social media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest).
  • Making a new picture size is simple.
  • If you're passionate about coding, there's a chance to customize CSS and Javascript, but it's completely optional.

AmyMovie shortcodes that are both functional and smart

Shortcodes in AmyMovie allow you to display videos or posts in various forms. There are options to sort movies/posts by date, release date, etc.Post ID/Movie Rate the movies/posts you've watched. You can sort them by title, number of comments, or random order, and descending or ascending order.You can use AmyMovie shortcodes to provide showtime functionality for each movie, showtime page, and movie rating page.On your webpage, you can also enable filter and search modules for movies, actors, directors and movies.

  • Amy Tabs: Allows you to create tabs and manage their content. You can choose which tab will be the active tab navigation.
  • Amy's Movie Blog: Amy's Movie Blog allows you to display your blog entries in two different layouts and in any order you like.
  • Amy Movie Carousel: Unlike traditional slideshows, Amy Movie Carousel allows you to play multiple movies at once.There is only one layout, but you can customize the number of videos displayed on each slide.
  • Amy Movie Grid: The Movie Grid is designed with four different layouts and you can choose the number of columns and movies per page. Paging and filtering modules can be shown or hidden.
  • Amy Movie List: This feature allows you to display movies in a list format. You can choose the number of movies per page and whether to display the pagination and filtering modules.
  • Amy Movie Metro Gallery: Gives you access to galleries with unique looks. When you click on the image it will open in a popup.
  • Amy's Movie Rating List: Allows you to organize your movies by ratings, points, and stars. You can stream the most popular movies.
  • Amy Movie Search: Allows users to easily search for movies by title, movie, actor or director.
  • Amy Movie Showtime: Allows the user to view the movie schedule (date and time) for a specific theater.
  • Amy Movie Slideshow: Allows you to display multiple movies in one slideshow.

Easy-to-use widgets and sidebars

  • AmyTheme offers four unique widgets: Amy Movie Coming Soon, Amy Movie List and Amy Movie Comment. Amy is the subject of the movie module.
  • Allows adding ad banners, social network listings and nomar text/links to the sidebar.
  • Allows you to add a contact form and comment list to the sidebar.
  • Allows adding a list of movies/posts in the sidebar.
  • Allows adding the Coming Soon module to your sidebar.

Options for Premium Movies

  • Allow or disallow visitors to comment on movies by showing or hiding the comments section.
  • Determine the release date and time frame.
  • Enter the movie's IMDB rating, MPAA rating, and language.
  • Add multiple photos to the gallery, add multiple trailers from Youtube or Vimeo to the trailer section. On the movie details page, the number of photos and videos will be displayed.
  • Add as many theaters as possible to show this movie. You can also choose the release date and time of the movie. These details will appear in the showtimes section.
  • Custom ratings can be enabled or disabled.
  • Choose the genre, actors and director of the movie.
  • Includes movie banners and posters.
  • For movie detail pages, there are three different layouts to choose from (left sidebar, right sidebar, or full width).
  • Choosing a sidebar for a movie detail page is simple.
  • Visitors can rate or not rate movies by using the global options in the theme options.
  • Actor/Director/Genre Option for Advanced Actor/Director/Genre Option

Actor/Director/Genre Option for Advanced Actor/Director/Genre Option

  • On certain pages, you may see actors, directors, and genres.
  • Add the actor or director's name, bio, biography, avatar, and banner.
  • Add more details about their date of birth, place of birth, gender and nationality.
  • The actor's movie listing is displayed on the Actor/Director Information page. director.
  • Global options are available in the theme settings, allowing you to choose the number of movies per page on the genre page, as well as the page structure with or without a sidebar.

Options for Premium Cinema

  • Enter a short description of the movie theater.
  • Optionally include a movie banner.
  • A movie gallery can be added as an option. Galleries will be set up in a carousel.
  • Include more information (cinema address, phone number, website and email address).
  • Allows showing a Google Map of the cinema's location on the cinema's detail page.

Showtime is a great feature.

  • The Showtimes option on the movie details page allows the user to select the theater in which the movie will be played, and then displays the date and exact time for that theater.
  • The Showtimes option on the Movie List layout allows users to see when a movie is showing in theaters that day.
  • The showtimes feature in the movie grid layout allows you to display the actual time (hours and minutes) a movie is showing on the day.This means it will help visitors determine which films will be shown on a specific date.It's worth noting that only movies that were released that day will have their time indicated on the poster.
  • Visitors are allowed to select a movie on the showtimes page => select a theater, then the date and time will be displayed.

Showrate is a great feature.

  • Allows you to view a list of movies with only rate information (votes, on-demand rates, star ratings).
  • The Sort By option makes it easy to construct the top rated movies.

Advanced Blog Options

  • Three different post types (standard, image, video) are supported.
  • AmyMovie Blog Shortcodes can be used to create blog pages or create custom categories for each page.
  • The AmyMovie blog shortcode supports three layouts (Grid, List, Masonry) for global blog pages and two layouts for specific categories per page.Layouts can have a left sidebar, a right sidebar, or no sidebar at all.
  • For each post, choose a featured image.
  • Computer-created thumbnails.
  • Placing the material below or to the right of the picture is simple.
  • Pagination can be enabled or disabled on blog pages.

Page title bar for advanced users

  • Allows you to toggle page title bars on/off on a global or per-page basis.
  • Select the title position (left, right, or center) on the page title bar.
  • Background color, background image, title text color can be customized.
  • More advanced top bar/header options
  • Any widget can be added to the Smart Top Bar, including text, links, login/logout modules, and more.
  • Three different header layouts are supported (top left logo and menu, top center logo and module, top left logo and menu, top right logo and menu).
  • Full control over logo padding on top and bottom.
  • If the screen width is 992 pixels or less, include a sticky menu.
  • Allows adding a good search module to the header.

Options for advanced footers

  • Custom widgets can be added to the footer widget before and after sections.
  • Supports 1-10 columns in the footer with any widget you want in each column (add social icons, post lists, custom menus, contacts module, newsletter module, etc.).
  • The copyright bar can be enabled or disabled.
  • Text, links, custom menus, social icons, WP login copyright bar are all controls for adding modules.

great contact form

  • Contact form 7 is compatible.
  • On the movie theater's detail page, use the Google Maps form.
  • With your contacts module, use the sidebar.
  • Create a mailing list using the Mailchimp plugin.

Sidebars are unlimited.

  • Create as many sidebars as you want for various areas of your website.
  • For genre detail pages and blog post pages, enable the global sidebar.
  • Any page or post can have its own sidebar.

Changelog: AmyMovie – Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme

Version 3.5.3 – September 03, 2021

- Updated. Compatible with WordPress (v5.8).
- Fixed. Single Person don't show tvshow.
- Fixed. Minor bugs.

Version 3.5.2 – April 16, 2021

- Updated. Compatible with WordPress (v5.7).
- Updated. Latest version of Visual Composer (v6.6).
- Updated. Compatible with WooCommerce (v5.2.x).
- Fixed. Date Language don't translate.
- Fixed. Minor bugs.

Version 3.5.1 – January 11, 2021

- Updated. Compatible with WordPress (v5.6).
- Updated. Latest version of Visual Composer (v6.5).
- Updated. Compatible with WooCommerce (v4.8.x).
- Fixed. Console log error.

Version 3.5.0 – October 30, 2020

- Added. Option url in List Episodes in a season.
- Updated. Option Movie Type in shortcode movie.
- Updated. Showtime shortcode list to popup.
- Removed. Plugin Amy User from required install plugin.
- Removed. Plugin Regenerate Thumbnails from required install plugin.
- Removed. Plugin Revolution Slider from required install plugin.
- Removed. Theme option Site Logo @2x for Retina.
- Removed. Theme option Single Cinema Detail.
- Removed. Theme option tab Media.
- Removed. Option image size in list shortcode.
- Removed. Default image size, site dont create custom size
- Fixed. Filter movie in shortcode movie list.
- Fixed. Filter movie in shortcode movie grid.
- Fixed. Problem crop image.
- Fixed. Filter shortcode v2 movie list.

Version 3.4.5 – September 21, 2020

- Fixed. Fix error js when create movie in backend.

Version 3.4.4 – August 25, 2020

- Fixed. Display page single movie when have banner.

Version 3.4.3 – August 21, 2020

- Fixed. Function get banner and poster not work.

Version 3.4.2 – August 14, 2020

- Optimazed. Crop Image Size.
- Updated. Latest version of Visual Composer (v6.2).
- Updated. Compatible with WooCommerce (v4.3.x).
- Fixed. Minor bugs.