AliDropship Woo Plugin v1.6.38

Import items from AliExpress into your WooCommerce dropshipping store in seconds, fulfill customer orders and useAliDropship Woo Plugin.

Demo: HTTPS://Ali drop is Oh commerce-drop shipping-plugin/

Features: AliDropship Woo Plugin

  • Import and search: Use the built-in filters to select the AliExpress products you want and easily add them to your website.
  • Orders are automatically placed: Forget about ordering each item individually. Just click the "Order" button and complete your AliExpress order.
  • self-update: Automatic update technology keeps your product information up to date and in sync with the latest data from AliExpress.
  • AliDropship Google Chrome Plugin: Import one or more pieces at a time and choose from a variety of delivery destinations and methods.
  • Built-in image editor: Use the AliDropship Chrome extension to change product photos when importing items, and instantly change your product photos from your WordPress admin panel with this powerful feature: resize, add filters, stickers, erase watermarks, and more.
  • cash back program: As an added bonus to your primary source of dropshipping income, earn an 8% commission on every purchase.
  • Automatic pricing:To apply your criteria to some products or all items in your business, use a complex price tag formula.
  • Track automated orders: The plugin automatically monitors your orders to track changes and send notification emails to your customers.
  • Filter ePacket Shipping: Find items quickly and easily with ePacket shipping options, offering your customers fast and free shipping.
  • There is no limit to the number of products available: You can import any product from AliExpress, regardless of its category or specialty, into your drop shipping business.
  • Évaluation du produit: With the opportunity to integrate AliExpress reviews directly on your website, you can attract consumers and drive purchases.
  • Updates and support are always free: When you purchase the WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin, you get full after-sales support as well as free upgrades and new options and features for the rest of your life.
  • Since the AliDropship Woo plugin is compatible with WooCommerce themes, you can quickly customize the look of your dropshipping website.

Changelog: AliDropship Woo Plugin

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.38 - 29.11.2021
Improved imports for aliexpress products whose id attributes contain symbols
Made it easier to configure "Traffic Report." The analytics tag does automatically pulled to the site

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.37 - 10.11.2021
Fixed: displaying of blocks on the Dashboard page
Fixed: Manage Attributes

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.36 - 25.10.2021
Changes for checkout form to improve auto filing experience for orders from Chile

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.35 - 12.10.2021
Added "View on Aliexpress" feature for products with an additional supplier
Added import of reviews for an additional supplier
Removed the error on widgets.php
Fixed an additional supplier feature when placing an order
Fixed update settings in the admin panel of the products

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.34 - 21.09.2021
Fixed: update for the products with a new supplier
Improved product's update notifications
Minor database improvements

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.33 - 10.08.202
Compatibility with WooCommerce 5.5.1
Improvements for the database with products
Minor improvements

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.32 - 02.07.2021
Fixed update of variations for split products
Added gallery, stock, and SKU for split products

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.31 - 07.06.2021
Fixed updating of variations for additional suppliers
Update for translations
Minor improvements

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.30 - 20.05.2021
Fixed the issue with generating duplicated images of variations in the media
Fixed the display of reviews images on the mobile version
Added the logic of auto-filling in the case when a custom product is in the first place in the order
Added a continue button for bulk import of reviews

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.29 - 28.04.2021
Fixed settings for importing products from the database
Fixed notifications for reset products

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.28 - 15.04.2021
Added logic for updating product subcategories without affecting 'parent'
WooCommerce 5.2.1 compatibility
Minor improvements

AliDropship WOO ver. - 1.04.2021
Added feature for splitting variations into separate products
Removed currency due to lack of exchange rate for them: 'VEF', 'PRB', 'IRT', 'BTC', 'BYR', 'VES', 'MRU', 'STN'
Minor improvements

AliDropship WOO ver. - 15.03.2021
Fixed: daily currency rate update
Fixed: rounding by cents in the pricing formula
Fixed: the display of currencies in the 'Supplier' section of the products
Fixed: the output of the product price on a single page, using WooCommerce tax
Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
Minor improvements

AliDropship WOO ver. 1.6.26 - 25.02.2021
Database improvements
Improved: the display of currency in the pricing formula relative to the default currency of the website/WooCommerce
Corrected the values of the recommended pricing formulas
Improved: the display of supplier cost value and currency in default website/WooCommerce currency
Fixed: the import of products using different currencies with pre-editing on AliExpress