Aelia Currency Switcher For WooCommerce v4.12.6.210825

Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce- Currency Converter for WooCommerce allows your store to display prices and accept payments in multiple currencies.This will give your customers the opportunity to buy in their favorite currency, which increases conversions.

How Currency Switcher WooCommerce Works: When enabled, the currency converter allows you to customize the list of currencies to accept.

These currencies will then appear in a list displayed as a puzzle that your users can use to select their preferred currency.

When a customer selects a currency, the store displays the price and executes the transaction in the new currency.The price displayed in the store will be the price the customer pays at checkout.

Increased conversions due to lower credit card fees
Credit card operators often charge a conversion fee when making a payment in a currency other than the issuing currency.

This increases the cost per purchase and can scare off potential customers. Allowing visitors to pay in their own currency can help increase conversions.


Features Aelia Currency Switcher Plugin - WooCommerce Multicurrency

  • Easy to use for merchants and customers.
  • Allow customers to buy in their preferred currency.
  • Automatically update exchange rate finance via Open Exchange Rates, WebServiceX and Yahoo! (more providers coming soon).
  • Allows to set exchange rates manually instead of updating them automatically.
  • Allows entry of product and coupon prices in each currency without using exchange rates.
  • Allows setting the base currency for each product and automatically calculates prices in other currencies.
  • The country (geolocation) of the visitor is automatically detected and the currency is set accordingly.
  • Filter available payment methods based on the selected currency.
  • The visitor's preferred currency is permanent and will be automatically selected on their next visit.
  • Integration with Google Analytics multi-currency functionality.
  • Enable automatic currency selection based on the customer's billing or shipping country, rather than letting them choose it explicitly.
  • Free integration with some of the most popular WooThemes plugins, such as subscriptions, product plugins, bundles, composite products, dynamic pricing, and more.
  • Fully supported by WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin by wpweb.
  • Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce is fully supported by AdTribes.
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin

Changelog Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Cancelled for Free

Fix - Fixed rendering of the currency selector widget used on New Order page, to display the currency selection button.
Tweak - Removed Yahoo! Finance and WebServiceX from the available exchange rates providers. These services are no longer available.

= v4.12.5.210819 =
* Tweak - Modified the logic used to load the available payment gateways on the settings page. The new logic should also see "special" payment methods, such as the PayPal Credits Cards added by the WooCommerce Payments plugin.
* Feature - Added filter `wc_aelia_cs_settings_payment_gateway_available`. The filter allows 3rd parties to force a payment gateway to appear as available or unavailable in the backend, regardless of the result of the actual availability check.

Feature - Added currency selector widget with country flags.
Feature - Added currency display mode to currency selector widget. The widget now allows to choose if the currency code or the currency name should be displayed.
Fix - Fixed currency formatting logic. Due to a typo, the currenc format settings were not taken into account in the latest update.

Updated supported WooCommerce versions.
Updated supported WordPress versions.

Updated supported WooCommerce versions.

= v4.10.1.210406 =
* Updated supported WooCommerce versions.

= v4.9.10.210105 =
* Fix - Temporarily removed check on product's base currency on Edit Product page. The check could cause issues with variable products, which are going to be addressed.

= v4.9.1.201005
* Updated supported WordPress versions.

= v4.8.14.200813
* Updated supported WordPress and WooCommerce versions.

= v4.8.11.200524
* Tweak - Improved WooCommerce Admin Analytics integration. Added currency filter to Coupons report.

= v4.8.8.200428
* Updated requirement checking class.
* Updated requirements.
* Updated supported WooCommerce versions.