Admin Menu Editor Pro v2.16.1 (+Addons) – WordPress Plugin

Admin Menu Editor Prois a plugin that allows you to manually edit dashboard menus. You can rearrange menus, show/hide specific items, change permissions, and more.

Admin Menu Editor Pro - Hide menu from role or user

Change menu permissions with just a few clicks. Click on a character, uncheck the menu item you want to hide, and then select the menu item you want to show. You can also change permissions for individual users.For example, you can hide menus from everyone except yourself, or give users access to specific admin pages without changing their roles.

Organize menus by dragging and dropping

Make WordPress easier to use by moving common menu items to the top. You can also move menu items from one submenu to another submenu or main menu.Want "Add New Post" or a top-level link for a specific plugin? You can do it. Do you have an unruly plugin that misplaced its admin page? Instead, move it to Settings.

Choose from over 600 menu icons

The plugin comes with a large collection of icons from Dashicons and FontAwesome icon fonts. You can upload your own PNG or GIF icon through the media library or manually enter the icon URL.You can also add icons to submenu items.

Change Menu Color - Admin Menu Editor Pro

Edit background colors, text, icons and highlights. You can apply changes to the entire admin menu or customize the colors of individual items.

Create new menu item

You can add your own link to the admin menu. You can also create a custom menu to embed the content of a post or page in the WordPress admin.Finally, non-clickable items can be created, which is useful for section headers in complex admin menus, etc.

Open menu in a new tab or iframe

Let's say you're building a website for a non-technical client, and you want to create a tutorial page or an external service that looks like part of WordPress.The "Open With: Frames" option can help you. It will display the linked page in a borderless frame. For completeness, the "new window" option ( = "_blank") Also included.

Import and export menu settings

Export your admin menu configuration to a file and import it into another site.

Hide Plugins - Admin Menu Editor Pro

Hides individual entries on the Plugins page. Like menu items, you can hide them from everyone, or only from specific roles or users.

Apply your brand

Use the branding add-on to replace the default WordPress branding with your own.You can replace the WordPress logo, customize the login page, change the admin color scheme, hide WordPress version and core update notifications, and more.

Edit admin bar

The optional Toolbar Editor plugin allows you to customize the admin bar, also known as the WordPress toolbar.You can hide toolbar items, change their order by dragging and dropping, rename items, add new links, and more.

Plugin Management Menu Editor Pro List

  • AME Branding Add-on v1.3
  • WordPress Toolbar Editor v1.4.0

Demo:https://admin menu

Changelog Admin Menu Editor Pro + Addons Nulled Free

= v2.16.1 (2021-12-09) = 
##### Fixed
* Fixed a conflict with "Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA2)" that caused the "Add ASA2 Product" page to crash with an exception. This change should also fix conflicts with other plugins that create meta boxes with invalid IDs.
* Fixed a minor issue with "Happy Elementor Addons" where the "HappyAddons News & Updates" dashboard widget didn't show up in the "Dashboard Widgets" tab.
* For submenu separators and menu headings, removed the colorful left border that would appear when you hover, click, or focus on the item. Headings will still have the colored border if the "collapsible headings" option is enabled.

##### Changed
* The option "Hide the Admin Menu Editor Pro entry on the Plugins page from other users" now also hides any installed add-ons. The option has been renamed to "Hide Admin Menu Editor Pro and its add-ons from the Plugins page for other users".
* The plugin will now show an admin notice instead of crashing with an exception if meta box settings are corrupted by a site migration plugin or a similar tool.
* Switched the JSON serialization implementation from the jQuery JSON plugin to `JSON.stringify`. While this should not affect most users in any way, those that use Internet Explorer may or may not notice some changes in the handling of Unicode characters (e.g. in menu titles).

= v2.16 (2021-10-21) =
##### Added
* Added a "Redirects" feature. You can create login redirects, logout redirects, and registration redirects. You can configure redirects for specific roles and users. You can also set up a default redirect that will apply to everyone who doesn't have a specific setting.
* Added a few utility shortcodes: `[ame-wp-admin]`, `[ame-home-url]`, `[ame-user-info field="user_login"]`. These are mainly intended to be used to create dynamic redirects, but they will also work in posts and pages.

##### Fixed
* Fixed a minor conflict where several hidden menu items created by "WP Grid Builder" would unexpectedly show up when AME is active.
* Fixed a conflict with "LoftLoader Pro", "WS Form", and probably a few other plugins that create new admin menu items that link to the theme customizer. Previously, it was impossible to hide or edit those menu items.
* Partially fixed an obscure bug where numeric role capabilities like "1" or "234" would be displayed as "0" instead.

##### Changed
* Improved the appearance of settings page tabs on small screens and in narrow browser windows.

= v2.15.1 (2021-08-25) =
##### Fixed
* Fixed the "sort" button in the submenu toolbar sorting all submenu items in all menus, not just in the currently selected submenu.
* Fixed a conflict with "PPOM for WooCommerce by N-MEDIA" version 23.0 that could cause a fatal error when both plugins were active.
* Fixed a conflict with the "Oxygen" (page builder) where the "Role" dropdown was missing the "Administrator" role when both plugins were active.
* Fixed a warning about using the deprecated filter "allowed_block_types".
* Fixed a rare conflict where clicking on a role wouldn't do anything if another plugin or theme had rewritten all links on the page.

v2.15 (2021-07-28)
* Added experimental support for three level menus. This lets you create deeply nested menus such as "Menu -> Submenu -> Nested Submenu". Due to risk of conlicts and bugs, this feature is disabled by default. To enable it, go to the "Settings" tab and set "Three level menus" to "Enabled".

= v2.14.2 (2021-05-07) =
##### Fixed
* Fixed a bug where the plugin could incorrectly identify a separator as the current menu item. In practice, separators don't link to anything and they cannot be clicked, so they should not even be considered when trying to figure out which menu item matches the current page URL.
* Fixed a couple of icon and separator rendering bugs where the hover marker that was introduced in WP 5.7 could either show up in the wrong place or show up when it's not supposed to.
* Fixed the submenu box not expanding to align with the selected parent item.
* Fixed a PHP 5 compatibility issue where the "Prevent bbPress from resetting role capabilities" setting would trigger notices and not work correctly. This bug did not affect more recent PHP versions such as PHP 7.x.

= v2.14.1 (2021-03-15) =
##### Fixed
* Fixed a bug introduced in version 2.14 where the "Embed WP page" feature would no longer display the field that let you choose the page.
* Fixed a jQuery Migrate warning about isFunction() being deprecated.

= v2.14 (2021-03-08) =
##### Added
* Added the ability to create menu headings. Headings are unclickable and can be styled separately from regular menu items. By default, their color and background don't change on hover. You can configure headings to act as collapsible sections. When you click a collapsible heading, it will show/hide all of the menu items between that heading and the next one.
* Added environment-dependent colors. In the "Tweaks" tab, you can configure the plugin to change the background color of the Toolbar (a.k.a Admin Bar) and the admin menu based on the current environment: production, development, etc. You can also display the environment type in the Toolbar. The plugin uses the environment type reported by WP core, which in turn uses the "WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE" constant.

##### Fixed
* Fixed a conflict with the "PRO Theme" plugin where "PRO Theme" would expand the wrong top level admin menu if the current submenu item had been moved from one parent menu to another.
* Fixed PHP notice "Undefined offset: 0 in /wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 70" (various line numbers).
* Fixed a conflict with "Stripe For WooCommerce" 3.2.12 where the "Stripe Gateway" menu had a wrong URL because a hidden menu item was not removed.
* Fixed a browser warning about the "ws_nmh_pending_seen_urls" cookie not using the SameSite attribute.
* Fixed a conflict with WooFunnels where changing the WooFunnels menu icon would result in both of the icons - the original one and the new one - showing up at the same time. The new icon was also misaligned.
* Fixed an unconfirmed conflict where AME could trigger a fatal error because the cached meta box settings were seemingly cleared just before they were used.
* Fixed misleading option name in the "Export" tab that made it look like it was possible to export roles. Actually, at the moment the plugin only exports the "editable roles" setting, not the roles themselves.
* Fixed admin menu not scrolling when the Toolbar/Admin Bar was hidden.
* Fixed a bug where the "Admin CSS" code editor would be rendered incorrectly - broken layout, partially invisible text, etc - if the "Admin CSS" section was closed when the user opened the "Tweaks" tab.
* Fixed an encoding related issue where the "Roles" tab would be empty or just show a "Loading..." message forever.
* Fixed an occasional bug where AME did not detect custom Gutenberg blocks created by Advanced Custom Fields Pro.

##### Changed
* Minor visual changes.
* Dashboard settings are now compressed and base64-encoded to prevent data corruption caused by database migration tools that attempt to replace file paths in the database without correctly escaping (back-)slashes.
* Tested with WordPress 5.7 and 5.8-alpha.

= v2.13 (2020-12-15) =
##### Added
* Added a "bbPress override" option that prevents bbPress from resetting all changes that are made to dynamic bbPress roles. Enabling this option allows you to edit bbPress roles with this or any other role editing plugin.

##### Fixed
* Fixed a bug where registering a custom post type in a mu-plugin could cause Admin Menu Editor Pro to trigger either a fatal error or a warning and multiple notices.
* Fixed the role editor going into infinite recursion if there was a meta capability that mapped to itself.
* Fixed a conflict that caused some hidden Simple Calendars menu items to show up when Admin Menu Editor was activated.
* Fixed a bug where menu items that had special characters like "&" and "/" in the slug could stop working if they were moved to a different submenu or to the top level.
* Fixed a bug where changing the menu icon to an external image (like a URL pointing to a PNG file) could result in the old and the new icon being displayed at once, either side by side or one below the other. This only affected menu items that had an icon set in CSS by using a `::before` pseudo-element.
* Fixed many jQuery deprecation warnings.
* Fixed a bug where some menu settings would not loaded from the database when another plugin triggered a filter that caused the menu configuration to be loaded before AME loaded its modules.
* Fixed bug that could cause an obscure conflict with plugins that change the admin URL, like "WP Hide & Security Enhancer". When a user tried to open "Dashboard -> Home", the plugin could incorrectly apply the permisssions of a another menu item to the "Home" item. If the other menu item was configured to be inaccessible, the user would get an error message when logging in (they were still successfully logged in).

##### Changed
* Improved error reporting in situations where the plugin can't parse menu data.

= v2.12.4 (2020-10-02) =
* Hotfix: Fixed a new plugin conflict introduced in version 2.12.3 that could prevent some add-on features like the "Branding" tab from being loaded on some sites.
* Fixed a bug where separator settings could be lost if another plugin or theme indirectly caused this plugin to load the menu configuration earlier than expected.
* Made custom menu icon colors apply to SVG icons. Previously, you could only change the color of those menu icons that are implemented using icon fonts like Dashicons.
* Improved error reporting in situations where the plugin can't parse menu data.