AdForest v5.0.2 – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

AdForest is one of the top and best classifieds WordPress themes with great user interface. Get a promotional post WordPress theme with different color options and powerful WP features.Google Maps is also integrated in the AdForest WordPress theme

AdForest The theme is optimized for usage and the overall user experience is in line with modern technology.If you want your business to stand out, AdForest is a one-stop solution that makes it easy to start selling products online.

Features AdForest - Classified Ads WordPress Theme

  • Ad ratings and reviews
  • add search add
  • Multi-currency user interface
  • brand new interface
  • Added many new homepages
  • Advanced Google Maps Integration
  • Added radius search
  • Added 3 types of ad search pages
  • Added new header styles
  • Added translations for famous languages
  • Added new user registration verification
  • Added reordering images
  • Added categories based on Featured Ads
  • Simple ad expiration date
  • Compatible with 100+ social media ad sharing
  • Ajax image loader and tractor
  • Bad Content Filter
  • google map location
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Safety Tips and Tricks
  • Billboards
  • Ad expiration limit
  • Free and paid plan management control
  • Auto Approval/Manuel AD
  • End-to-end currency exchange
  • AD related classification
  • WooCommerce Commerce Payment Options
  • two layouts
  • Various sidebar widgets
  • advertising space
  • way of communication
  • message system
  • hidden phone number
  • google map location
  • Contact form 7
  • Built-in themes coming soon
  • Related Ads
  • Ad sticky sidebar
  • Ad status (sold, expired, etc.)
  • Look for drag and drop ready widgets
  • Search Categories
  • Search by price
  • AD-based search. type
  • Bidding system
  • Seller's public profile
  • Seller Rating
  • Search by location
  • Featured Ad-Based Search
  • Search by title
  • sidebar widget
  • Search by category (up to 4 levels)
  • Ads in search results
  • Demo con un clic
  • WPML, PolyLangMultilingual translation
  • Redux framework
  • WPBakery Page Builderfor WordPress
  • Latest Bootstrap 3.7
  • Latest JQuery 3.1
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • real feedback
  • includes awesome fonts
  • include icons
  • clean and creative design
  • clean code
  • Easy to customize
  • The part is fully reusable
  • target ad score
  • Smart Creative Category Grid
  • various types of lists
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • multiple blogs
  • 2 kinds of advertising pages
  • Complete user control screen
  • User Profile Page
  • Login and Registration Model
  • 404 and contact us pages
  • SEO optimization
  • Advanced Search Sidebar

Changelog AdForest - Classified Ads WordPress Theme Free Cancellation

Change log / Updates: v 5.0.2 —— January 21st, 2022
1-Ad claim now user can claim on ad , admin can approve decline (with email to author , admin and claimer)
2-set column of short features on ad detail page theme option -> ad view setting -> short features column
3-hide show map and filter on search page with map theme options-> search page

fixes :
1-Search layout grid issues resolved
2-image click to ad detail fixed
3-layout not change in search pages
4-footer-1, the section titles don't get changed on the front end.
5-no follow href in header top bar and in footer social widget
6-ReCaptcha v3 issues on the user profile, while sending a message
7-Twilio verify the identity issue.
8-ad post fancy, notification issues.
9-multiple image upload in ad post fancy.
10-translation issue in the ad alerts section
11-search page, category selection issue on the category filter(loads parent category after the child selection)
12-advertisement issue on the search pages.
13-Dashboard collapse button missing.
14-Dashboard rtl collapsed.
15-Missing users and why us shortcodes.
16-Header white toggle button on iPhone and iPad.
17-Regular Price on product modern shortcode.
18- Shop now button on products sliders in mobile view.
19 - and other responsive and styling issues.

Change log / Updates: v 5.0 —— December 10th, 2021 
NOTE: Please follow this article to update theme from 4.6 to 5.0 How to AdForest update 4.6 to 5.0
Added :
1 - Paid biding from front end added with on/off option .package base(theme option > bidding settings)
2 - Address field hide req/no-req in ad post form. (theme option > ads settings > ad post settings)
3 - Ad email on ad post page if the email is not entered by the user in case of social login or OTP
4 - Ad report comments will also be sent in email.
5 - packages page link added to paid category notice
6 - on activating ad automatically bump up.
7 - Currency filter added for search pages
8 - compatible image size optimization with tinypng plugin while uploading
9 - admin can change the header on woo-commerce pages, like the product detail, shop, and product category pages (theme option > shop settings)
10- 404 page title and description added.. (theme options > general settings)
11 - login -registered page show password option added.
12 - Register page password and confirmation password option added
13 - Ad alert Feature (get info of specific category ad by mail)
14 - user name field on register user with OTP
15 - free video URL while registering user
16 - free tags while registering users
17 - simple ad days and feature ad days on the admin side
18 - default image on ad detail page if ad image not available
19 - WhatsApp number is shown to login/without login user
20- login / register with OTP in new style
21 - the author can view expiry and feature expiry detail of an ad
22 -Search category on ad post page when category grid style is selected
23 - Bootstrap 5

fixes :
1- bidding show on all cats issue----- resolved
2- font-awesome issue resolved with elementor icons ... (when elementor solid icons were placed on the page our icons were dismissed)
3- input type number in category base template, error message ---- fixed
4- image upload count issue in category base template
5- currency slider issue in rtl
6- add update mail to admin when the status is pending
7- feature ad button on expire ads
8- Allowed images issue in category base
9- required images in default form error
10- change the user name on the ad detail page after changing the ad author from the backend

v4.6 - November 18th, 2021
Compatible with WordPress 5.8.2Category base template translate in wpml
Bidding date autocomplete off in ad post-modernVendor access to backend profileFeature ad mobile grid 2 columnVendor filter hide in all vendor
Style File updatedLanguage file updatedPlugin updated to latest versions

v4.4.9 - August 5th, 2021​
Translated re-Captcha in firebase OTP.
WordPress 5.8 Block widgets with on /off option.
Plugin updated to latest version.
Password field not required when OTP enabled.
User star rating issue on public profile.
Making the user trusted from backend edit profile.
WCMP vendor unable to edit shipping zone.
Icons problem on activating WhizChat plugin.

v4.4.8 - June 28th, 2021​
User registered with phone number can add email.
Mobile 2 columns grid view fixed.
Vendor login issue.
Vendor empty detail page.
Yes/No confirmation button on bump up ads.

v4.4.7 - June 23nd, 2021
Verify phone number through firebase OTP
Register and login user with phone number with firebase otp
Elementor pro header/footer on/off option added
Woocomerce recurring payment
No more inactive ads in recent and similar ads
Expired ads with published/draft/trash option
Remeber me not working
Editor role unable to visit wp-admin / multivendor plugin activated
Send message styling issues on Ad detail page
Woocomerce template files updated
Fatal error on completing woo-comerce order status
Features ad slider on a mobile device
Ad posted date issue on some shortcodes
Breadcrumb issue in multivendor
Whatsapp button styling issues on mobile devices
Trusted user from user backend profile
Ad type value at ad detail page in WPML

V4.4.6 - April 2nd, 2021​
Multivendor Rtl version added
Required plugin updated to the latest version
Duplicate custom fields on the ad detail page
Inactive ads in recent and similar ads
Package base youtube link in default and category base template
Browser compatibility notices on mobile devices =

V4.4.4 - March 21st, 2021​
Multivendor WCMP Compatible
Email notification before ad expiry with on/off
Whatsapp chat button on ad detail with page on/off
WhizChat chat button on ad detail page
Update required plugins
Custom fields on ad detail page
Reset password in WPML return to language in which it was send
Solid element in category minimal widgets in AdForest-Elementor
Breadcrumb collapse when blog as home page
Ad feature image as social share image
Hero section map location in Elementor
Sticky logo in the transparent header
Register page Recaptcha in case of Elementor
Custom links in ad description
Ad type, condition and warranty taxonomies translation in multilingual on Ad detail page
Hero section (Elementor) all custom location problem
403 in case of social login
Rejected ad redirected to 404

= v4.4.5 - March 23rd, 2021 =
1- Small Fixes

= v4.4.2 - December 24th, 2020 =
Add new Option To Block Message Spammers in Theme Options
Compatible With WordPress 5.6
Compatible With PHP 8
Elementor Shortcodes
WPBakery Shortcodes
CSS and JS Issues

v4.4.1 - November 25th, 2020
### Fixed
- Fixes in sb_framework plugin.

v4.4.0 - November 23rd, 2020 -
### Added
Compatible With Elementor.
Ad report Email template new option (Ad report reason).
Contact Form profile Email template option (User Email in reply).
### Fixed
Styling issue in Search page.
Styling issue on single Ad view Page.
Ad edit issue from the profile in WPML.
Categories Load Style Grid issue.
Pagination issue While using AdForest users short code.
Message popup always show on .
The currency issue on the packages(users are not able to add decimal point currency 9.99->9.00) Rejected Ads show to all users.
Mobile Grid 2 columns issue on some grid style.