Ad Inserter Pro v2.7.8 – Advanced WordPress Ad Management Plugin

Ad Inserter Prois an all-in-one WordPress ad management plugin that includes AdSense, Ad Manager, custom header and footer code inserter, and more.It is capable of injecting any code into any supported location. AdSense, Amazon, Ad Manager DFP ads, rotating banners and any other ad types are ideal.


Features: Ad Inserter Pro – Advanced WordPress Ad Management Plugin


  • The user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • On one page you will find all options.
  • Any code can be placed anywhere on any page.
  • What you see is what you get.
  • There is no overhead and processing is fast.
  • Simple commissioning and troubleshooting

Insert any code anywhere on the page

  • Automatically insert ads using advanced technology.
  • Ads from Google AdSense, Amazon, Media. Web, Banner and Other Sources
  • Fill in the blanks with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP code.
  • Add opt-in forms, scripts to headers and footers, and analytics or tracking code.
  • On any WordPress page, before, within, or after any HTML element.
  • Supports various ad formats on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Shortcodes and Widgets
  • Use cache

AdSense Support

  • Advanced AdSense Plugin
  • Integrate your AdSense account
  • Google AdSense Code Generator
  • AdSense code preview
  • Responsive AdSense ads are supported.
  • AMP ads are supported.

restrict insertion

  • Ads can be inserted based on category, tag, taxonomy, post type, post ID or url.
  • Ads can be served based on IP addresses, URL parameters, cookies or referrers.
  • Ads should not appear on a single article or page.
  • To avoid placing near images or titles, use the gap option.
  • Do not run ads without consent.
  • Insert ad code as soon as consent is obtained.

advanced options

  • Reports in PDF format, including ad statistics
  • Track impressions and clicks
  • Country, state, regional and municipal geolocation
  • Ad Blocking Statistics and Tracking
  • Pop-ups, ad replacement, and content protection are all examples of ad blocking activities.
  • Protection against click fraud (blocking based on cookie + IP address)
  • Clickthrough rate-based ad rotation optimization
  • Layout does not change due to placement of ads (to improve CLS)
  • Support for using custom WordPress hooks do action ()WP function
  • Support for multiple WordPress sites

Advanced Advertising

  • Ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publisher) Ads on DFP
  • ad scheduling
  • Limit the number of impressions or clicks - this is called frequency capping.
  • Ads that are sticky with animations and triggers
  • Slide, Fade, Flip, Rotate, Zoom
  • Background ads (skin ads)
  • lazy loading
  • A / B testing
  • IAB TCF 2.0 Permissions API Support

Editing, debugging, customer service

  • Syntax highlighting editor
  • AdSense Code Editor
  • Advertising editor. txt file
  • Remotely manage plugins (manage Ad Inserter Pro on other websites you own)
  • Rich Media Ads and Banner Code Editor
  • Using the visual CSS editor, you can see how your code will look.
  • Debugging tools have a lot of punching holes
  • Senior Aid

Where other plugins fail, Ad Inserter Pro can deliver ads.

If you're not satisfied with the typical placement provided by other AdSense plugins and WordPress ad managers, you can use CSS selectors to automatically insert ads before, within, or after any HTML element on any page.This means you can put any code you want on your website. For more information, check out what the plugin does.

Changelog: Ad Inserter Pro – Advanced WordPress Ad Management Plugin

= v2.7.3 =
- Improved ad blocking detection
- Improved compatibility with PHP 8
- Improved check for update server accessibility (Pro only)
- Few minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes and code improvements

= v2.7.0 =
- Added support to list range of post IDs
- Added support for browser language in client lists
- Added support for client-side checks for filter hook ai_block_insertion_check
- Added support for remote plugin managenent (Pro only)
- Added support for scheduling check shortcode (Pro only)
- Added support for daily scheduling time (Pro onlyl)
- Added support for css attribute in check options (Pro only)
- Few minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes and code improvements

= v2.6.18 =
- Added support to change Dynamic blocks setting for adinserter PHP function call
- Few minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes and code improvements

= v2.6.15 =
- No ad blocking detection actions for crawlers and bots
- Fix for processing Ad Inserter shortcodes inside HTML tags
- Few minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes and code improvements

= v2.6.11 =
- Added support for IAB Transparency & Consent Framework 2.0
- Added support for taxonomy for primary category
- Added support for taxonomy for post meta data
- Added support to invert contain/do not contain text condition for paragraph counting
- Few minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes and code improvements

= v2.6.3 =
Added support for shortcodes to disable block insertion;
Added support for child taxonomy list items;
Added random parameter to Ajax requests for geolocation (Pro only);
Added options to define external tracking event category, action and label (Pro only);
Number of custom hooks increased to 20;
Fix to prevent insertion into head section when using Rank Math plugin;
Few minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes and code improvements

Ad Inserter v2.5.9 - 2019-11-19
Added support for block name class
Added support for code generator for AdSense sticky AMP ads
Fix for paragraph clearance issues
Few minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes and code improvements

Ad Inserter v2.5.8 - 2019-11-14
Added support to call function adinserter () with block name
Added support to insert header code with HEAD separator only once
Additional info for errors when saving settings
Improved support for insertion between posts on AMP pages
Implemented compatibility with other plugins using phpQuery library
Added support for shortcode to disable tracking on specific pages (Pro only)
Few minor bug fixes, cosmetic changes and code improvements