301 Redirects Pro v5.97 - Easy Redirect Manager

301 redirectis a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage and create 301, 302 and 307 redirects to improve SEO and visitor experience. 301 redirects are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface.Great for new sites, patching links after rearranging current WordPress material, or avoiding sending visitors to 404 error pages when your site's content is out of date.Use the 404 error log to locate broken links.

Redirect to 301 WP Admin - Settings - 301 redirect has a UI.

The 404 error log widget is located in the WP Admin - Dashboard section.

Demo: https://I'm afraid 301redirects.com/

What is a 301 redirect and how does it work?

Redirects are the basic method of diverting traffic from a requested URL to a different destination URL.

A 301 redirect indicates that the requested page has been permanently moved to the target URL, and it helps search engines to transmit traffic from the requested URL in a friendly manner.A 301 redirect informs search engines that the requested URL has been permanently relocated and the content is now available in the target URL.The fact that the search engine will communicate to the target URL any influence the requested URL has had on the target URL in the past is an important aspect.

When should I use a 301 redirect?

  • A new website design is being used to replace the existing website design.
  • Reorganize or overhaul your current WordPress content
  • You have material that is about to expire (or unavailable) and you want to send people elsewhere.

Features: 301 Redirects Pro

  • From the drop-down menus, select Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Archives, and Term Archives.
  • Rather set a custom destination URL!
  • Query strings should be saved across redirects.
  • Instant redirect
  • 404 page does not exist
  • Add-on to report 404 errors
  • For large scale redirect management there is an import/export tool.
  • Simple redirect statistics help you understand how often redirects are used.
  • Fully compatible with translation plugins that use the lang prefix in the URL (Weglot,TranslatePress, Gtranslate, traducción nativa).
  • URL matching using wildcards and regular expressions
  • Automatic typo correction in URL
  • 404 log and complete conversion
  • connected scanner
  • An integrated SaaS dashboard to track redirects for all sites from one location

Changelog: 301 Redirects Pro

v5.97 – 2022-01-09

LinkHero scanner bug fix

v5.96 – 2022-01-05
Minor fixes

v5.95 - 2021-12-17
Sitemap detection tweaks

v5.94 – 2021-12-02
Minor Tweaks

v5.93 – 2021-11-28
Increased timeout when generating tables
Compatibility Fixes

v5.92 – 2021-11-27
Sitemap detection update for Link Scanner

v5.91 – 2021-11-27
Improved Ignored URLs matching

v5.90 – 2021-10-27
Bug fixes

v5.88 – 2021-10-18
Link Scanner: Improved determination of sitemap location

v5.86 – 2021-10-16
Link Scanner: Added Scheduled Scans option and various tweaks
Added option to disable Link Scanner for any license key from the Dashboard

v5.84 – 2021-10-06
Compatibility fixes for older PHP versions

v5.83 – 2021-10-05
Added LinkHero Scanner

v5.75 – 2021-08-03
Rule import from CSV bug fix

v5.74 – 2021-05-26
Added “Exact match all parameters in any order & do not pass to target” option for Query parameters
Bug fixes

v5.73 – 2021-05-19
Fixed bug with permalink change redirect rules
Fixed bug with rule priority

v5.72 – 2021-04-16
Added option to show/hide 301 Redirects admin menu entry
Security fix

v5.71 – 2021-04-07
Added 404 Error Log Widget

v5.70 – 2021-03-09
Fixed Permalink Monitor notices

v5.69 – 2021-03-01
Added Anonymous Logging option to log events without tracking visitor information such as IP, Location or Browser information

v5.67 – 2021-02-25
Added support for PHP8

v5.66 – 2021-02-25
Added option to redirect on “init”

v5.65 – 2021-02-18
Bug fix

v5.64 – 2021-02-18
Bug and compatibility tweaks

v5.63 – 2021-02-01
Minor Tweaks

v5.62 – 2021-01-07
Fixed rules export bug

v5.61 – 2021-01-05
Fixed case sensitivity match bug

v5.60 – 2020-12-17
Added option to Enable/Disable Permalink Monitoring
Minor tweaks

v5.59 – 2020-12-08
WordPress 5.6 update

v5.58 – 2020-12-01
Fixed bug where for Case insensitive redirects sometimes the Redirect to URL was converted to lowercase

v5.57 – 2020-11-29
New option: Ignored URLs under Settings->Advanced
Fixed dismissal of Import redirects from free version notice
Fixed column sorting
Minor tweaks

v5.56 – 2020-11-24
Fixed user role permissions issue

v5.55 – 2020-11-13
Improved 404 Autoredirect
Minor bug fix

v5.54 – 2020-11-13
Added buttons to empty 404 and Redirect in the Settings page
MySQL 5.5 compatibility fixes

v5.53 – 2020-11-11
Fixed rule tags sometimes getting stuck
Compatibility fixes

v5.52 – 2020-11-11
Minor bug fixes

v5.51 – 2020-11-10
Improved custom 404 page handling
Added option to redirect to a custom URL on 404

v5.50 – 2020-11-09
Fixed license being invalidated under certain circumstances

v5.49 – 2020-11-07
Fixed minor activation bug

v5.48 – 2020-11-06
White label fix

v5.47 – 2020-11-06
Various tweaks and minor fixes

v5.46 – 2020-11-03
Various bug fixes

v5.45 – 2020-10-31
Minor fixes